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  1. DavethePanther

    Carolina Panthers: State of the Franchise

    Pretty much right on the money with my prediction.
  2. DavethePanther

    Which Coach is on the hotseat?

    I am with you. The way he is handling the Josh Freeman issue is abysmal.
  3. DavethePanther

    TGP Power Rankings Week 5

    NO complaints here. Actually none whatsoever. Here are some numbers for your Cowboy fans that disagree Dallas 21 Carolina 12. No that isn't the score of the game last year. That is average points against. 31 and 0 being points against from a common opponent. 450 to 119 that would be passing yds allowed. More than justifies the logic to put Carolina ahead of Dallas.
  4. DavethePanther

    Why Carolina's Defense will Be Different in 2013

    Oh I see.. So to be on this forum you have to hate on not only everyone elses team but your own too. The initial post was about why I believe we would be better based on a very good article about how the Panthers approached last season. So posting reality is illegal. The post about the game was factual. ZERO Yards rushing in the 1st three quarters. Pretty impressive for a team that used Cover 3 (a passing down defense to assist the running game) a majority of the season. I didn't mention offense because I was staying within the idea of the initial thread. Which many of you, including you, fail to realize. All you want to do is criticize every post. Just to criticize. That's OK. if you want I can do the same. Ruin every thread just to ruin it like you do mine. All Cool I am not going to spew hatred on my team because all you guys think it Hip to knock your own team just for the sake of doing it.
  5. DavethePanther

    Why Carolina's Defense will Be Different in 2013

    Go back and read the first post. STFU... Who the hell are you to criticize everything I write. The topic was about the defense. Offense was OK. Wouldn't say poor as you put it. Alot of good things. For a GD Panther fan you sure don't see much bright things do you? Why don't you just ignore my post cause you are going to criticize everything I say. So just play with your boyfriend and leave out of your constant hate.
  6. DavethePanther

    Official preseason discussion thread

    Carolina overall did well. Had a pick six by Cam who forced a throw but the defense held Chicago to three points for most of the game. 2 Ints (one a pick 6) 7 Sacks and limited Chicago to zero yards rushing (through 3 Quarters) It is Vanilla against Vanilla. Nice to see a good pass rush and some good plays by the defensive back field. Barner looks like he might be a steal of us. Ran the ball well even between the tackles. His only flaw was he was involved in 2 fumbles. One of his own and the other a poor exchange between him and Clausen. The fumble was charged to Clausen but Barner had a hand in it as well. Pretty happy with the performance. Win or Loss it was a good showing. It will be fun to see how we fair against Philly and that fast pace offense Kelly is incorporating.
  7. DavethePanther

    Why Carolina's Defense will Be Different in 2013

    Through 3 Qtrs the Bears accummulated Zero yards rushing. Everyone is so looking at last year as your basis on this year. Two Picks, One fumble recovery and SEVEN Sacks. The front seven will make the back 4 look good. Josh Norman had two picks in Friday's game and Carolina was pressing. Once the pressing starts those gimme slants will be harder to complete.. Continue to hate. No one ever said where were going to blank N.O. and Atl. This defense was top 10 last yr and they have improved greatly. In fact they were #1 Defense in the NFCS. Wonder where ATL and NO. ranked? Obviously you didn't read the article. Made great sense and was pretty accurate on what Carolina did last year and why it will be different.
  8. DavethePanther

    Why Carolina's Defense will Be Different in 2013

    As I have stated before. The Carolina Defense will be a different and much better defense in 2013 than in the past. It is from Catscratch but provides a very good analysis of what occurred in 2012 and how things will change in 2013. This was not a bad defense in 2012 as their Top 10 would imply. Edwards, Star, Short and Cole are going to make the defensive line much better. Read for yourself. http://www.catscratchreader.com/2013/7/21/4544156/the-carolina-panthers-defense-where-its-been-and-where-it-could-be
  9. DavethePanther

    Which division is going to be the best this season?

    I think it will be hard to find a better division then the 2008 NFC South. Carolina 12-4 Atlanta 11-5 Tampa Bay 9-7 New Orleans 8-8 I don't know if there has ever been another division (since the 2002 4 division format) to have all 4 teams above .500. NFC South and NFC West could this year.
  10. DavethePanther

    Which division is going to be the best this season?

    Traditionally it is the NFC South. I give the West a slight edge because Arizona has a QB now and Rams are up and coming hard. NFC South is right there. Over the past 3 or 4 seasons. N.O. and Atlanta have been tough competitors. Carolina is going to be a surprise team this year.(Barring major injuries aka 2003). Tampa to me is the question mark. Good Players but seem to lose games they should win. AFC North. They have the defending Super Bowl champs but they lost some key players, Cincinnati to me, seems to be the new top dog. Pittsburgh has alot of grey in the beards. If Chudzinksi and Turner get their offense going Cleveland is going to suprise someone. AFC North could be as the OP wrote,Top Dawg or be a runaway for Cincinnati. Just for the record the difference in these three division is so thin that I wouldn't argue one way or the other. The above is my opinion but could be swayed easily with more info.
  11. DavethePanther

    How many games do the Panthers win in 2013?

    I am done with this conversation. I am going to take the high road here. I didn't start the attacks but I am going to end them. Those of you that I offended. I am sorry.
  12. DavethePanther

    How many games do the Panthers win in 2013?

    Name one outragous claim other than the fact that most fans of other teams know very little about another team outside of their favorite. And it is a fact. Hell most people that get paid to write articles about a sport know very little about a team unless they are paid to cover them and then some of them suck. So if you know more about the Panthers than a fan like myself, then you have way to much time on your hands. Most cannot tell me who our picks were, who our UDFA were (at least the top 3) Who was injured last season, what changes occurred. 95% of their information (or lack of information) comes from what we did last year and walk all the God Damn talking heads say about us. Don't get your panties in a wad because I say you don't know shit about our team. I make very few statements about other teams because I know very little about them. N.O. had the worst defense in NFL history. They are converting to a 3-4 under a NEW DC. Common sense should tell you they are going to struggle with a new scheme and don't have a full roster of the correct types of players. Altanta, Pass rush issues. LB issues? Or so I have heard but you haven't never heard me say they sucked. And I have never come out saying anything outrageous about Atlanta other than I think we talent wise are better. Tampa Bay NO PASS RUSH pretty much sums it up. This comes from their own people so I don't even make the claim. Other teams. don't have a clue and don't have the time to find out. I KNOW ABOUT THE PANTHERS. I know what I see, I what I read and what I hear. This isn't 2012 it is a new season. I choose to be very optimistic about this team because 2013 is going to be a special year. All you clowns rant and rave about tough schedule. Anytime you belong to a quality division you are going to have a tough schedule. We have 27 wins against us before we ever leave the division. Of course we are going to have a tough schedule. The toughness of the schedule is BASED on LAST SEASON Records. Go back and see who insulted who first? Not angry, not childish. Go back to the original post that started all this. It was the morons here call ME names because I believe Kuechly is better than AND WILL BE BETTER Than WILLIS. IT isn't an OUTRAGOUS CLAIM. It is a well thought out claim that these clowns don't agree with. The rest of you just jumped on the band wagon. I defend myself and will continue to defend myself no matter what you say. My thoughts are insightful and accurate. Now go ahead and say I was outrageous. I find it funny that none and I mean NONE of my points in my rants did you address. NOT ONE.. All you scream is your whiney little bitchy comments about me not agreeing with you.
  13. DavethePanther

    How many games do the Panthers win in 2013?

    I believe my first post to yours was very civil. I gave you my assessment of the Panthers. You flew back calling me an idiot and a homer because my opinion on our linebackers and Kuechly specifically. I didn't say one thing derogatory to you or anyone else. Go back and look who started this little fucking war. It wasn't me. Go back and look at how many games we shot ourselves in the foot on poor execution or stupid play calling. Had we not played so stupidly we could have swept the division instead of 3-3. We have improved greatly. You call it homerism I say that we'll win the division based on our talent. You can question our receiving corp however we still nearly had 4k yds in the passing game. YOU NEVER HEARD ME SAY WE WOULD WALK TO THE SUPERBOWL. NOT ONCE. NEVER CLAIMED undefeated or even a sweep of the division. You never heard me say that our offense was going to score a touchdown every time we touched the ball. My point was we are MORE than capable of winning every game we play if we don't shoot ourselves in the foot. Just so I clarify for you, not that I have to a clarify anything to a sperm gurgler like yourself. This team IS as talent as any in our division, conference and league. I have been critical about this team many times in the past. Because I see a great picture ahead of us and you don't. Rosy glasses maybe but at least I don't have blinders on and I see what the full potential is. Your so god damn stuck on last season, You don't want to see the whole picture. You don't want to accept that the pieces that were added will make a HUGE difference. That's ok. You'll learn. Gettleman added the right pieces, I see it. Obviously you don't. Since you were 6 or 7 huh? Wow I am impressed. And therefore you know more about them then me. You weren't even old enough to know WTF was going on when the bidding process started. I have no doubt that you love the Panthers when they win. Could the Panthers fall flat on their face. Maybe, highly doubt it. Talent level is very high. Don't come here later beating your chest about anything you claim is a weakness now. Panther fan or not I will call you out on every single one.
  14. DavethePanther

    How many games do the Panthers win in 2013?

    Don't count on it. And unless you plan on flying overseas your idle threats don't scare me. Secondly I wasn't talking to you. So go climb back in your mommy's arms and mind your own fucking business.
  15. DavethePanther

    How many games do the Panthers win in 2013?

    We'll see when the season is over. Who's right and who's wrong. Carolina will be Top 5 offensively and defensively. As far as your opinion on my post.. I DON'T CARE. You act like your posts are spot on and that everything you say is gospel. Because I make a bold statement you totally disagree with I am stupid. Fuck you, fuck your opinion and go whine to your mamma about a mean old man. This mean old man would wear your punk ass out. I guarantee your punk ass wouldn't say it to my face. GUARANTEE Your no different then the wanna be faithful that pretend to know anything about football. Your poor attempt to discredit me mean nothing. I don't care whether you and all your butt buddies get in a fucking cirlce and have at it with each other. Falcons Top to Bottom better. NOT EVEN CLOSE. Better offense maybe defense not a fucking chance. You sound like you write for ESPN. Drivel and uninformed. We are on....
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