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    Trump Regime thread.

    There are other ways that legal gun ownership contributes to the problem. Namely, the legal purchase of a firearm and then the illegal resale of said firearm. 60% of guns recovered in Chicago came from a state that is not Illinois, and many of those that came from IL came from outside of city limits. 21% of guns used in Chicago come from Indiana alone.
  2. WindyCitySports

    Trump Regime thread.

    Unfortunately, our representatives in Congress are some of the few that cannot agree on it. Nothing has been passed.
  3. WindyCitySports

    Pick 6 New Playoff Teams for 2018

    It would require a great deal of leadership from a very young Trubisky. I'm not writing that off, but we haven't seen it yet (nor did we expect to).
  4. WindyCitySports

    Trump Regime thread.

    Polling consistently shows that the public overwhelmingly supports tightening regulations on background checks for firearm sales (always over 80% and often over 90), yet congress continues to sit on its hands.
  5. WindyCitySports

    Trump Regime thread.

    Because they've purchased enough of our representatives to ensure that American policies on the topic do not follow public opinion. When the voters go to vote on those representatives that are ignoring public opinion, the NRA and Co (AFP, Heritage, etc) run ads unrelated to the issue in an attempt to keep the rep in office. If they aren't successful, they just buy the next guy. This is not the case with Planned Parenthood, where public opinion is indeed on PP's side.
  6. WindyCitySports

    Trump Regime thread.

    The NRA Says It’s in Deep Financial Trouble, May Be ‘Unable to Exist’ https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/nra-financial-trouble-706371/ We could only be so lucky.
  7. WindyCitySports

    What song are you listening to atm???

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duAW90K47tc Schneider is lesser known but I am a huge fan.
  8. WindyCitySports

    2018 Baseball Thread

    Cubs are a frustrating team to watch, but hanging in nonetheless. Hopefully they can snap the inconsistency by September.
  9. WindyCitySports

    Pick 6 New Playoff Teams for 2018

    Livin on a prayer
  10. WindyCitySports

    What are you reading???

    Now that summer is back and I am working at the beach again, I like to read during my breaks. Right now I am reading "Flags of Our Fathers.".
  11. WindyCitySports

    Bears @ Packers

    Packer tears are ever sweet
  12. WindyCitySports

    2014-15 NHL Season Thread

    Can't wait for the Winter Classic tomorrow. Wish it was at RFK, though. Should be a fun one nonetheless.
  13. WindyCitySports

    What song are you listening to atm???

  14. WindyCitySports

    Playoff Selection Committee

    TCU just blew out a team that beat Alabama and Texas A&M. Meanwhile, OSU is lauded for blowing out a team that lost to Northwestern. OSU apologists ought to be eating their words.
  15. While I sympathize with Syria and want to stop what is happening over there, military intervention is not the way to do it. It will only breed more hatred toward us and whoever we end up putting in power will end up turning on us. All after thousands of American deaths and more Syrian deaths. We ought to exercise diplomatic options while providing relief to refugees.
  16. WindyCitySports

    What song are you listening to atm???

    Something about this one that I really like. Almost like some sort of fusion of Dylan, Creedence, and The Band. Good stuff.
  17. WindyCitySports

    All these scandals

    No threads on IRS/AP/Benghazi developments? My thoughts: IRS and AP are absurd and need to be dealt with very swiftly. Benghazi is very serious but is being used by the GOP to make political gains, which angers me.
  18. I wanted to bring this here to ask some of the libertarians (and others) what they thought. I have considered myself a libertarian for a couple of years now. I have been pro-small government, went hard for Ron Paul in 2012, and have been touting the libertarian narrative. I have come to the realization that either 1) I have only been a fiscal conservative and social liberal, and am just using libertarianism because that is closest to me OR 2) the last couple of months I have seen some huge changes in my political views. Regardless, I don't like the realization because there is really no place for non-libertarian fiscal conservatives/social liberals. What do you think of this? Are you also moreso just fiscally conservative and socially liberal and identify with libertarianism because it is closest to you or are you actually a full-on minimal government libertarian? If the former is true, do we stick with the libertarians or be moderate Republicans, or...what? This has been on my mind recently so I wanted to share.
  19. WindyCitySports

    2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    U N B E L I E V E A B L E
  20. WindyCitySports

    All these scandals

    This NSA scandal is bullshit. First of all, conservatives attacking the administration on it aren't fooling anyone -- they supported this garbage when their party held the executive. Liberals making excuses should be ashamed of themselves -- where are their civil liberty principles? The actions of the NSA were totally out of line and a clear encroachment on the 4th Amendment, and that a court would even allow this is disgusting. And then right after the fact two Senators - one Republican and one Democrat - come out in defense of the actions and vow to find the whistleblower rather than reforming policies to fit within constitutional bounds. Bullshit. /rant
  21. WindyCitySports

    2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Hawks in 6. Let's get it!
  22. He's allowed his opinion, but I do not agree with it. Also the state he plays for legalized it just a couple of weeks ago, so this is awkward timing, but I guess he was asked it out of nowhere. He handled it fine and although I wish he'd have a different opinion, it is different than the morons who jumped on the Collins story. They were being assholes, he was just responding honestly and respectfully to a question. That said, my state House is likely to vote on marriage equality tomorrow. Fingers crossed my state does the right thing and leads the way like we have done so often in the past on social issues.
  23. WindyCitySports

    2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    WWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Hawks march on, and Detroit STILL sucks!
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