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  1. 16 hours ago, seanbrock said:

    So Trump didn’t denounce white supremacy.

    You and Chris Wallace are completely lost on that one. 

    Is the KKK even still a thing? And so-called "white supremacists" seem few and far between , but then again I don't live in the south. And the ones that are rioting and burning/looting businesses are BLM/Antifa. Check out the mugshots out of Portland... trust me those people are not voting for Donald Trump lol. 

    Hilarious but not surprised that Biden is in complete denial about Antifa and BLM. 


    Dementia Joe got lost backstage, couldn't remember his speech so he played Despacito in some desperate type of pandering form lol. This is the guy that's supposed to crush Trump in November? Oh boy, you guys have some high hopes.

    no need to worry guys, Biden is up 5-10 points in the polls..all is well. #BidenLandslide2020

  3. Cute how you claim I'm a "cultist" and "no longer care about reality" while you constantly repeat the same common leftist rhetoric like a parrot. "Trump's deranged", "He's entirely responsible for the mishandling of COVID response", "Trump's a moron and he needs to go to jail", etc. It is the same exact shit that every mentally unstable leftist spews across the internet. 

    So what's next? If you get your ultimate wish of Trump losing the election, is America fixed all of a sudden now? What do you see in Joe Biden that makes you think he can improve America?  I'm all ears.  

    And another question, after Trump is eventually out of office, who'll be the next person that entitled and unhinged leftists blame for all their problems and oppression they're dealing with? Or will they still be blaming Trump years after he's gone?



  4. Miles Taylor works for Google. The House Dems denounced his hiring in November and sent a scathing letter to Google's CEO. Miles Taylor putting out a "testimonial" clip on evil orange man is nothing more than to cover him and Google's ass, and to fit in to the liberal big tech world. This guy also didn't have a Twitter account until 8 hours ago lol. 

    Of course, idiots like you that don't do any research will run with it and say "SEE GUYS!?!? EVEN TRUMP'S FORMER DHS CHIEF OF STAFF IS SAYING HOW DANGEROUS AND TERRIFYING THIS MAN IS!! ITS OVER FOR TRUMP HAHAHAHA!!!"

    We get it dude, you hate Trump. 

  5. 3BF8F8AB-F9BD-459E-8E9E-CCF3C21C73C7.jpeg.44c48aec91bb16d6d571dcb6ea1bd5c0.jpeg

    This is how sick and unhinged the left and MSM are lol. Almost every single day there is some radical leftist hashtag trending about Trump. I almost never see any negative tags towards Biden because the MSM manipulates algorithms to fit their narrative.

    It's all an illusion. Social media gives off the illusion/perception that the entire country hates Trump and that Biden seemingly will win in a landslide. Too bad social media isn't real. The silent majority is a lot stronger than dancing tiktok teenagers/"woke" influencers/gullible millennials that won't bother to vote or aren't old enough to vote. 

    Let 'em keep chirping away over the next couple months. They won't be smiling on November 3rd. 


  6. 19 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    I just really don't see it. Trump's pissed off too many people with his abject failure at handling COVID19, never mind him committing another crime for which he should be impeached by trying to prevent the USPS from getting funds in order to keep them from being able to handle mail in ballots. Dude flat out said that out loud. The GOP has gone freaking insane to still be supporting this moron. 

    If Coronavirus magically disappears overnight as Trump keeps claiming it will, then maybe he wins. Otherwise he's fucked six ways from Sunday as long as Biden doesn't do something to fuck it up- but it would take a massive fuck up at this point.

    You need to see a therapist, man. So much rage. So much delusion and denial. I'm worried about you come November. I feel as if you may completely go off the rails after Trump's victory is confirmed. I see a total, psychological meltdown forthcoming.

    I wish you well, truly. 

  7. Liberal spin: "Yeah, Biden might not be there a little bit, but he's a far better option than racist dictator Trump"

    After Trump wins in November, instead of crying about Trump for the the following four years, how about moving elsewhere? Canada? Mexico? Venezuela? Plenty of options if you hate America. 

  8. "40 minute ad for Joe Biden". lol. 

    Joe Biden can't be coherent for 2 straight minutes, let alone 40. He can't even read correctly off his teleprompter. Trump will nail him in a coffin when the debates get going. The world is going to see how lost Joe is and how his dementia/mental illness  is beating him like a drum. 

    Btw still waiting on a breakdown on why Trump is so bad for America, fellas. I'll wait. 

  9. Amazing what the left is trying to turn this country into. Sheep being fed communist bullshit to lean towards that angry mob mentality and to lash out at anyone that doesn't agree with their narrative. 

    Sorry to break it to you guys, but Donald Trump is not ruining this country. I get it, you guys absolutely hate him, that's perfectly fine, but let's get in touch with reality here. The left that is letting anarchists burn down their own cities, kill innocent people and police officers, all while keeping small businesses closed in the name of a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

    Any of you care to list any reasons why Donald Trump has made living in the US so personally insufferable? (this question will obv get dodged lol)

  10. 2 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    This man is fucking insane. Now he's spreading Qanon bs:


    The way libs obsess over Trump and his tweets are something else lol. There's some pretty big issues going on in America, but yes, let's analyze his tweets and blame all of the problems on Trump. Status quo as usual. 

    I've never seen a group of people move the goalposts as aggressively and frequently like the left does. People were getting thrown in jail for serving a customer, but thousands gathering  in riots/protests while burning down American cities is somehow cool and admired by the media. We'll arrest you if you try to open your small business, but we'll let far left groups burn it down! This whole thing has shown you what a sham the lockdown was, but I digress. And guess where the most police brutality, corruption, and homicides exist? In Democratic controlled cities. Democrats don't give a fuck about black lives. They only care about black lives when an election is nearing. But they all blame Trump for racial tension and police brutality lol. 

  11. 5F80B84E-9738-4242-BE01-ED6060047EA4.thumb.jpeg.5e02e3bea6ffdb303368caeffe2ffe28.jpeg

    The leader of twitter integrity. Definitely no bias or agenda here, guys. LMFAOOOOOOO.

    Let me guess, this guy is somewhere between 25-30? God, I hate this millennial generation so much. For the large majority of this generation, everything needs to be said in a sugar coated manner and PC to the extreme. God forbid, some hard truth is told, millennials curl up into a ball and have a meltdown. Bunch of fucking cunts that have no work ethic and want everything handed to them. No wonder why so many millennials are lockdown lovers... the outside world is dangerous when there's an additional $600 kicker in unemployment. Milk as much from the government while sitting home all day playing video games. Pussies. 


    Guessing the MSM will skip this one over since it's a major blow to the doomsday narrative. Sheep like Thanatos will counter with "bUT tHeReS A dEaDlY 2nD wAve cOmInG!!11". Great fucking job, America. Really great that millions are out of a job, now struggling to put food on the table, make rent/mortgage, and people seeing their businesses they've sacrificed their lives for possibly never recover. All to "keep us safe" from a virus that doesn't pose a serious threat basically unless you're elderly or immune compromised. In this together, guys! New normal!

    it's real fucking simple.. let the old, immune compromised, and those with underlying health issues stay home while the rest of America goes back to work. We need to carry on with our lives. This charade has played on long enough.

  13. Lol ok Thanny, now go watch the news and do as they say. Be a good, little abiding soldier for your government. 

    In other news, Phil Murphy is holding our state hostage and using first responders, healthcare workers, and citizens alike as pawns for his game (threatening there will be layoffs to key essential workers if aid isn't received) to milk as much federal aid as he can from the Trump admin. None of that aid would go to police/fire/healthcare workers, he'd just funnel it expand the state budget or to some of his other bullshit projects he has up his sleeve. This is the same cocksucker that's trying to give millions to illegal immigrants and turn NJ into a sanctuary state. 

    His rhetoric and tone these past 2 months has been nothing but nauseating. He talks down on NJ citizens as if we're all school children and that we need to bow down to him. I never hear any positivity or uplifting news, everything is fear driven with COVID confirmed cases, death toll numbers, etc. He recently just stopped doing this, but every time he would tweet out new deaths from COVID, he would add "we have now lost 13x more New Jerseyans than we did on 9/11". Because a pandemic is somehow comparable to a single day event where America was under attack from terrorists. Just another tactic to keep fear instilled in citizens. He tweeted this at noon today: "IMPORTANT: The low number of new positive cases and deaths we’re reporting today may be due to a delay in reporting over the holiday weekend." Guy can NEVER be positive, nor project any optimism. Anything to keep the doomsday narrative and his agenda going. Just wanted to let you guys know what it's like having a tyrannical Dem leader during a pandemic. 

    Meanwhile, the beloved Dr. Fauci came out saying that extended lockdowns could cause irreparable damage and a doctor from Walnut Creek, CA said they've seen a year's worth of suicide attempts in the past month. Not surprised. 
    here's what I said in this thread on March 25th:

    "Bro, I don't know what fucking bubble you're living in,  but do you realize the danger that small businesses, families, and the average American worker will be in if this quarantine/lockdown extends into another 2 months or more? People are on the verge of losing everything including their future (401k/college savings for children). The way this is going, there will be a huge influx of suicides, looting, home invasions, etc. At least where I live, it is getting dire with people losing their jobs left and right."

    It's incredible it took Fauci two months to come to the realization that a long lockdown could cause extensive devastation. Yet I, and plenty others (actual hard working Americans that aren't neurotic sheep) saw it off the rip. 

    But what the fuck do I know, I'm just a dumb, brainwashed, Trump "cultist" that has no knowledge of anything. Only the left has the answers. 

  14. 26 minutes ago, Thanatos said:

    Apparently he's looking hard at Amy Klobuchar. Aka female Tim Kaine. If the economy is still in the shitter in November, Trump loses in a landslide.If not, none of the leftists are going to vote for that ticket, so Trump probably wins.

    Actually no, a lot people are now waking the fuck up and seeing how tyrannical and power hungry that Dems are and being responsible for contributing to ruining the economy. Things are going to get real ugly for Democratic leaders in the elections forthcoming. Expect a lot of people to be flipping from blue to red. 

    Gotta love the Libs... they want to keep the country shut down for months on end, but it'll be Trump's fault for the economic despair? Gotta have someone explain this one to me. Can you break it down for me since you have all the answers, Thanny? 

    and there's not a single circumstance where Joe Biden, a pedophile with dementia whom can't complete a full sentence, even wins the election by a smidge, let alone by a "landslide" LOL. 

  15. 15 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    Dude the GOP votes by mail in Florida all the time. They're the ones who set it up there. Even Trump cast his vote by mail. There is zero evidence of widespread voter fraud. The only way by mail would rig the election is because there are less republicans now than there were 4 years ago. If more people vote, the GOP loses and they know it. Don't act like this is about anything else.

    Yeah opening a salon in direct defiance to orders to shut down gets you thrown in jail for contempt. You're free to exercise civil disobedience, you just also get the consequences. 

    Also lol @ you literally sharing a facebook meme. Half a dozen natural cancer cures? That's a flat out lie. You sound like an moron anti-vaxxer now.

    A nationwide mail-in vote seems ripe to be manipulated, bud. Why is Pelosi and the left so hell bent on pushing for it? We can't enforce social distancing guidelines at the polls? Are people more likely to contract the virus there than anywhere else? Asking for a friend. 

    Lol @ "direct defiance". How about people need to put fucking food on the table? It's really comforting that a small business owner can get thrown in jail for violating a "lockdown" while absolute scum such as pedophiles are being released. Makes sense. 

    Do you realize how much the pharmaceutical industry is worth? Cures aren't wanted, they want people to stay sick. Guess why? Because money talks. They don't give a fuck about your life, they give a fuck about your money. 

    Thanatos, do you truly believe that the government cares about your health and keeping you safe? Seriously, do you genuinely believe that? 

  16. On 5/13/2020 at 2:37 PM, Thanatos said:

    Agreed. We do need to set up mail in ballots at some point, I dont want a mass crowd going to the polls either.

    Yeah, totally, so we can rig the election for Biden! There's already mass crowds at wholesale stores and your local Walmart, but going to the polls? Oh no, way too dangerous.  Are "mass crowds" even a thing at polling locations? I was in and out like a robbery when I voted in '08 and '16 (sat out '12 because fuck that Mormon loser) . I love how the left is already strongly pushing for mail-in ballots when we're 6 months out from the election. That's cute. 

    I cannot believe the amount of tyranny and power tripping control still being displayed by these Dems, including our (NJ) governor Phil Murphy. Americans are now being conditioned to think that wanting freedom is SELFISH and that work is a privilege and not a right. We are now living in a country where sex offenders/pedophiles are being released for their own safety while a hair salon owner can get thrown in jail and fined $7k for serving a customer. But, but, but the government is looking out for our health and well-being REEEEEEEEEE!!!




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  17. 17 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    We will sink economically when Trump's insistence on re-opening early kills another 100k people. His own admin's numbers are projecting 3k deaths a day by June. The economy is not being stopped by a lockdown, it's being stopped by a pandemic. Second wave hits in September after it fades a bit during summer- assuming it acts like the flu here, which is admittedly a large assumption at this point- Trump loses any momentum he had going for him, the economy gets even worse- which is literally the only argument Trump has for anyone not a part of his cult- and thus, he loses.

    His own admin numbers? Sure about that, bud? Dude, I can't with you lol. You are such a liberal puppet and the scary thing is you don't even realize it. You take almost everything the MSM says/portrays to heart. You're also taking all these projections and COVID-19 death numbers to heart as well. If you don't think the numbers are being drastically inflated, then I have a bridge to sell you. I bet you also believe the numbers out of China that only 4000 people died in a country that has a pop of 1.3b LMFAO. You've probably eaten up the left fueled narrative that China thrived with their COVID response and Trump failed the US miserably. Correct? 

    The economy and the American worker are being sunk by leftist politicians. You don't realize it since you've been throughly brain washed through the MSM, and all your thinking is warped from hysteria, projections, death toll numbers, etc. But fuck the working man, working families, people that have built businesses from the ground up, people that need to put food on the table for their family... fuck them yeah? The longer this continues the more disastrous the fallout will be. There'll be suicides, people dying from starvation, people losing their homes, small businesses never to recover again... of course Thanatos and the Left will say "But we FLATTENED THE CURVE!!!! We SAVED LIVES by staying home!!!! Our government and politicians are just looking out for our safety!!!


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