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  1. To be fair. .. he is the premier open field blocking TE in football... an underrated facet of team success from the TE position. Not saying id take him over some of the others... id say hes ideally best #2/3 TE in NFL. hell wind up with da bears... watch
  2. the Lions fan

    The growing importance of nickel defense/defender

    11 safeties? lets just skip all the bullshit.
  3. the Lions fan

    nfl apps?

    Firstly, unsure if this is sideline or general topic... felt more general. Ive been content with nfl.coms app for years but the conversion to nflnow is horrible. I dont like apps that use unnecessary amounts of data, makes me wonder. Needs to know my location to watch video? Bullshit. Needs it for marketing algorithm and god knows what other kinds of info theyre privy too... anyways, i can always trust you guys for good nfl related advice. What nfl apps do you guys use? ty
  4. the Lions fan

    Veteran Preseason Cut Candidates?

    Damn attyla, kudos on the commentary, start a blog please.
  5. the Lions fan

    Impact Tackles among LBs

    I feel if they kept track of defensive contact wed get a better idea. Vs. Run vs. Pass vs. Gimmick vs. 3/4th down & anytime they made any contact with the ball carrier would give us a much better idea of lb effectiveness.
  6. the Lions fan

    Update: Marshawn Lynch to hold out of training camp

    Word is skittles is sure hell be hurt this year... wants a more frontloaded contract than it already is. And this is coming from people involved in biopic. Call it a sugar induced vision.
  7. the Lions fan

    Vikings Give Rudolph Mega Extension

    Smart. I watch Rudolph a lot. Im a fan... add some Norv and its smart to pay him before monster year...
  8. the Lions fan

    Where does Andre Johnson land?

    They trade him to detroit for peanuts because racecar.
  9. the Lions fan

    Who Does Your Team Play Out of Position?

    Bush should be used less in the conventional running back role. Not entirely, just less... id always have him in motion. Hes one of those guys that forces defenses to tip their hand a bit. And thus far... very little pre snap motion from him.
  10. the Lions fan

    Update: Marshawn Lynch to hold out of training camp

    Everyone arguing in his favor is missing a key factor. Hes already being paid... i wouldnt consider him a top 5 back. Top 5 power or two down back... maybe... but hes already getting paid. He better learn to rush the passer if he wants a raise or hes gonna watch Michael and Robert make the twelfth man forget all about skittles . And Bc, he wants more money. Hes apparently concerned he will be injured this season. Hes on a high horse cause hes making a biopic. His egos all inflated. Unfortunately for him SEA is one of the best run organizations. Is already paying him and already has contingency plan ready...
  11. the Lions fan

    Lions Look to Pound the Rock

    Gets worse with volume? More like increase in volume is due to increase in desperation plays. Matt can and does make all the throws. Caldwell has to win me over. He made indi a worse team every year he was there. And his m.o. remains the same. Beef up whatever the prior coach was successful at to buy him a few more seasons to get lucky, and to hide his coaching shortcomings... i.e. lions pass for 5.5k yards a season... do we really need to beef up the passing game? Ebrons a douche who wasnt even in my top 100 players for the draft. A bad TE year inflated his stock... kid cant block and has no willingness to play in the trenches. Hes a fat WR. caldpoor (see what i did there...) really has to win me over... id have traded up for Mack or drafted Pryor with first rd. He lost me there... we'll see i guess... i can see why Schwarz had to go... but they should of ensured theyd be upgrading when they let him go. Anyways... det. has an underrated OL and can hopefully pound the rock better this year. Bells a stud... but im prepared for a lot of Bush league misdirection antics this season resulting in TOs. boo caldpoor
  12. the Lions fan

    Who is the best defender in the NFL?

    2 words. Watt
  13. the Lions fan

    Titus Young arrested twice in 15 hours

    Fuck this kid. If he couldnt catch a football hed probably be dead. Hes squandered his gifts and more importantly, reached his goal in life of making the NFL. In my opinion you cant pity people for getting what they want, and then fucking it up. I feel bad for those who helped him get to where he was... you cant ask people to support you in a goal then support your dismantling of said goal... i wish hed stay out of the news, and i hope he stays out of the obituaties, and does something productive with his life.... and tbh he wasnt even that good. Little diva with flashes of talent, a good cut step and bad hands... i wish someone else drafted him...
  14. Schaubs better than espns memory... theres a reason, not too long ago he was deserving of his contract. Hope it works out for both sides.
  15. Youd think hed play it more... safely.
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