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  1. Eefluxx

    2020 Official NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    Yeh I was not expecting them to jump back in and get Stevens, heard some people say he is Taysom Hill 2.0 but the highlight video I watched of him I didn't see it. We signed Winston after the draft so I think Stevens is a practice squad player at best but I think we could have gotten him as a UDFA. Thanks for the write up Cherry
  2. Eefluxx

    2020 Official NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    Well we have no more picks but I am happy with the 3 guys we got Ruiz will start at center and we will kick McCoy out to right guard and most likely cut Warford I think Baun will be situational at first but since all of our linebackers not named Davis will visit IR at some point he should get some major playing time I heard good things about Trautmen and he can learn behind Cooks and Hill Would love to get Cherry's thoughts or anyone else's thoughts on the 3 picks since I don't study the players like some of you guys do Also I miss you guys, real life keeping me busy and even busier now since I work for an essential company but I do lurk from time to time Hope everyone is staying safe Also quick thought since every team seems to have "their" QB now or drafting them it seems to me the biggest loser's of this draft might be Cam Newton and Jamies Winston
  3. Eefluxx

    How it Happened: From a Numb Fan's Perspective

    From the other sides perspective First off for me the only play I had an issue with penalty wise was the second PI call on Crawley. To me it looked like Diggs had Crawley's hand in a vice grip locked to side for most of the route. Now I get hey keep him from getting his hand up and knocking the pass down but then at the end of the play to me IMO it looked like Diggs just took a fall when he realized he wasn't going to catch the ball. But that is just my opinion as a Saints fan. But that play wasn't the outcome of the game. All the other penalties I had no issue with, We didn't set on Ginn's TD and even if they don't call it on Ginn they could have called it on Hill. That was 7 points gone before the first half that we needed. At 17-0 Vikings I was down. It didn't look we had a chance in hell of getting back into this game. The Vikings defense was showing why it was #1 in shutting down Brees and the running game. Second half I don't know what the Vikings did differently on defense but it was working for the Saints. All of a sudden we are moving and next thing I know its 21-20 Saints. I was excited. Vikings march back down for the go ahead FG using the short crossing routes they used early in the game and for some reason got away from in the second half. Those routes were gold the Vikings. I still don't know why they went away from them for most of the second half. When Lutz hits the go ahead FG with 30 seconds left I was still nervous, I mean this is the Saints after all. At 10 seconds I was feeling like there is no way we can lose this game. I was estatic. Then I see Diggs go in the air and I am thinking just let him catch it wrap him up and fall inbounds. I saw Williams lower his head and whiff the tackle worse than a batter in baseball trying to hit a homerun. Diggs makes the catch and does an outstanding job of staying on his feet and inbounds (which Bware I had no doubt he was inbounds on that play I clearly saw his foot with nothing but green underneath it) and literally watched him run into the endzone with no time left. Head down I got up out of the chair turned on the computer and came to this site to congratulate Bware and the other Vikings fans on a well deserved win because it was well deserved. All in all it was a great game that came down to the final play and was an amazing final play. I will say it was fun watching Rhodes and Thomas and Lattimore and Thielen go at it. Congratulations again. On a completely side note, the last extra point because they had to kick it, only 8 Saints players came out there to defend it which pisses me off. We lost, at least show some respect and finish the fucking game. Plus I will give a shout out to all the Vikings fans who donated to Thomas Moresteads charity for being one of those guys who went out there to defend the XP, he is our punter and had messsed his ribs up on the first punt of the game making a TD saving tackle. Yet he went out there to defend the XP and Vikings fans noticed this sent well over 140K to his charity that he then donated right back to Minnesota, I think the Childrens Hospital there.
  4. Eefluxx

    Saints @ Vikings

    Gratz Bware and OSUViking was a great game. I hope Sendajo (sp?) and Rhodes are 100% for Philly
  5. Eefluxx

    Saints 2017

    So midseason and almost scared to type anything as last time I typed how awful we were we won 6 straight games lol That being said Somehow someway the defense had started to play, somehow someway trading away Adrian Peterson (who never fit in with what we were doing anyway) jump started the running game. So first the defense, I was skeptical about Lattimore, hamstring injury and all but dude has played lights out for us. The first lockdown corner we have ever had that could truely be a star. He has made Cam Jordan's job so much easier. But on the other side is an UDFA named Ken Crawley form Colorado, second year player who started most of last year in a trial by fire. He has improved so much this many of us were wondering why Harris was starting over him. Another rookie Marcus Williams at FS and 2nd yr man Vonn Bell at SS with Vaccaro running around playing everything. I can't remember when we have hit on so many draft picks in 2 years of drafting. They are all still young though and I temper my excitement by who we have played during this streak of 6 games. When we started off the streak with the Panthers I know Cam wasn't still 100%, then Jay Cutler (lol) Matt Stafford also wasn't 100% ( but my God if he isn't one of the toughest SOB's to play QB) and the Aaron Rodgers goes down and is out for the Green Bay game, I would say we hit a good series of luck for our part. Next few games will really tell with Bills Redskins Rams Jets (playing better than expected) and then of course we have Panthers and Bucs again and the Falcons twice still. Offensively Brees is still not the 5k yards he used to be, but he doesn't have to be as long as we continue to run the ball. Kamara has been a godsend showing he can run and catch. Ted Ginn Jr I didn't expect to do much but has shown he can catch the ball more reliably and Michael Thomas is just playing his role at WR. Coby Fleener has been more consistent. Now the pick of Ramchyk (sp) has been a blessing playing every game and at both LT and RT and was a pick I understood at the time (Strief isn't getting any younger after all) and somehow the rest of the OL has been pretty much fill in the blank from game to game and somehow has worked. I still think we need to find a future after Brees at some point but I can honestly say I haven't been this excited about the defense in a long time. Anyways I will eat my plate of crow for the team I said after 2 games should clean house and so far has proved me wrong, but we do still have a tough ways to go before we can claim the South again. Any Given Sunday afterall. Eefluxx Who Dat for life
  6. Eefluxx

    Saints 2017

    I am early for this......and I don't care I was browsing around on a saints fan site and 2 comments caught my eye that really sum up my beloved Saints. First comment was after the Vikings loss "I know it's the first game of the season but it looked like the 49th game of the same" Second comment was today "The sky isn't falling" but it's the response that struck home "The sky fell years ago and we are the only ones who haven't realized it yet" As much as I love Drew Brees this team doesn't deserve him. I was hoping he would break the yards and completion records with us next year but I think it is time to move on. Time to trade away what you can for draft picks and go into a full rebuild mode next year. I look at the schedule and the only 2 winnable games I see are the Bears and Jets. This defense or this defensive scheme hasn't worked for 5 years now but we keep coming out there with the same thing. Injuries? Yes injuries have hurt us the past few years but there does come a time when you have to realize it's the same people getting hurt and key people like CB and LT. We drafted Ram to be Striefs replacement and yet we have to play him at LT because Armstead is hurt again. Now Strief is injured and we have no depth on the line. Bad drafts and bad decisions (Peterson, Spiller, Browner, Laurinitas, Byrd, etc.) People have said we would be crazy to let Sean Payton go but he has been at the center of these decisions and maybe it's time to move on. Maybe he can resurrect his career somewhere else like Reid did or even like Bill B did many years ago. If we do go full rebuild I have no clue who to bring in for what or who I would even want. Right now I am tired of watching the same thing and watching my team try to fit square pegs into round holes. Anyways rant over Saintsfan for life Who Dat
  7. Eefluxx

    Pats @ Saints

    Just feel like making a prediction for this Brady gets replaced by Garapolo at halftime, each throws for over 2,000 yards and 10 TD's Meanwhile late in the 4th quarter Brees finally gets something going after the Patriots have gone home Patriots: Infinity Saints: 24
  8. Eefluxx

    The Saints

    Wow a thread about the Saints I didn't start So just a few things, I know the Saints have gotten rid of some of the defensive staff and special teams staff, I know Dennis Allen was retained as DC and Mike Nolan brought in to be LB coach and I think Asst. HC. Those are some changes defensive wise that have been made. As some have said Saints have missed on defensive draft picks a lot since the Payton/Loomis era started. When they brought in Jeff Ireland as head scout those picks have gotten somewhat better but still not good enough. I read every post in this thread so far, and I tried to understand what JD was saying but I do want to ask when you were saying he throws more to his RB's (which in case I think if any QB had a Reggie Bush or Darren Sproles to throw to they would), but how many times were those RB's actually split out wide as a wide receiver? The Saints are notorious for splitting both TE's and RB's out wide. Yes he does throw a lot of screens as well but I know both Sproles and Bush lined up at WR a lot for the Saints. Hell Graham wanted WR money because he lined up more at receiver than TE. As for air yards and 700 passes in a season, again, go back to the defense, when you are constantly behind you throw more to try to get back in the game. During their super bowl year Brees didn't have his (as now) customary 5000 yards in a season because they rarely had to play catch up. They had a complimentary defense and a balanced offense because of it. And as for dumping off passes, Brees does have more 20+ yard completions as well 40+ yard completions than both Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. and Aaron Rodgers in a career. (according to NFL.com stats anyway) Would I put him best QB ever? no, I think Tom pretty much solidified that last night. Would I put him ahead of Montana or Manning? No unless he wins the next 3 super bowls then yes. Ahead of Favre? Well within the next 2 years earliest he might break his records. Anyways that is my two cents on it. I know I am more defensive on the subject since I am a Saints fan and Brees is my QB.
  9. Eefluxx

    Who wins the NFC South?

    Saints finish 16-0 Panthers Falcons and Bucs finish 0-16 *takes off black and gold glasses* Realistically speaking........ I think the Panthers finish at best 13-3 or 12-4 at worst 11-5 Bucs finish at best 10-6 worst 8-8 Falcons finish at best 10-6 worst 7-9 with tiebreaker going to Bucs Saints finish at best 9-7 at worst 5-11 I don't see the Panthers being as dominate as last year but I don't see them falling off a cliff as well Bucs depends on Winston, if he progresses they can be good, if he regresses........ Falcons could surprise if Matt Ryan has time and settles down in the redzone...however I haven't really had time to watch them much in the preseason but all the Falcons fans at work are talking about redzone mistakes from Ryan Saints offensive line which used to be a strength hasn't shown anything in preseason, could be a long year for us, I think the defense is better than last year though. Just my worthless 2 cents
  10. Eefluxx

    2015 TGP Pickem Week 13

    Thursday: Green Bay @ Detroit 8:30 ET Sunday: Jets @ Giants 1:00 ET Arizona @ St. Louis 1:00 ET Atlanta @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET Seattle @ Minnesota 1:00 ET San Francisco @ Chicago 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ Tennessee 1:00 ET Houston @ Buffalo 1:00 ET Baltimore @ Miami 1:00 ET Cincinnati @ Cleveland 1:00 ET Kansas City @ Oakland 4:00 ET Denver @ San Diego 4:00 ET Philadelphia @ New England 4:30 ET Carolina @ New Orleans 4:30 ET Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh 8:30 ET Monday: Dallas @ Washington 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?28
  11. Eefluxx

    2015 TGP Pickem Week 12

    Thursday: Philadelphia @ Detroit 12:30 ET Carolina @ Dallas 4:30 ET Chicago @ Green Bay 8:30 ET Sunday: New Orleans @ Houston 1:00 ET St. Louis @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET Minnesota @ Atlanta 1:00 ET New York Giants @ Washington 1:00 ET Tampa Bay @ Indianapolis 1:00 ET Buffalo @ Kansas City 1:00 ET Oakland @ Tennessee 1:00 ET San Diego @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET Miami @ New York Jets 1:00 ET Arizona @ San Francisco 4:00 ET Pittsburgh @ Seattle 4:30 ET New England @ Denver 8:30 ET Monday: Baltimore @ Cleveland 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on MNF?18
  12. Eefluxx

    2015 TGP Pickem Week 11

    Thursday: Tennessee @ Jacksonville 8:30 ET Sunday: Oakland @ Detroit 1:00 ET Indianapolis @ Atlanta 1:00 ET St. Louis @ Baltimore 1:00 ET Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET Denver @ Chicago 1:00 ET New York Jets @ Houston 1:00 ET Washington @ Carolina 1:00 ET Dallas @ Miami 1:00 ET Kansas City @ San Diego 4:00 ET Green Bay @ Minnesota 4:30 ET San Francisco @ Seattle 4:30 ET Cincinnati @ Arizona 8:30 ET Monday: Buffalo @ New England 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on MNF?45
  13. Eefluxx

    How Does Rob Ryan Still Have A Job?

    If Dennis Allen is taking over the defensive playcalling it means we will still suck so no bigge there. But something does have to be done overall defensivly. We have some young talent on the defense and some veteran FA's who aren't worth the money they are being paid. There are also several rumors of Payton being gone after the season as well. *roasts marshmellows on the dumpster fire of my team*
  14. Eefluxx

    2015 TGP Pickem Week 10

    Thursday: Buffalo @ New York Jets 8:30 ET Sunday: Detroit @ Green Bay 1:00 ET Dallas @ Tampa Bay 1:00 ET Carolina @ Tennessee 1:00 ET Chicago @ St. Louis 1:00 ET New Orleans @ Washington 1:00 ET Miami @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET Cleveland @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ Baltimore 1:00 ET Minnesota @ Oakland 4:00 ET New England @ New York Giants 4:30 ET Kansas City @ Denver 4:30 ET Arizona @ Seattle 8:30 ET Monday: Houston @ Cincinnati 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?54 I had meant to pick Philly last week but noticed after the games neither was bolded, you just counted it as a loss right? My own dumb mistake.
  15. Eefluxx

    2015 TGP Pickem Week 9

    Thursday: Cleveland @ Cincinnati 8:30 ET Sunday: Green Bay @ Carolina 1:00 ET Washington @ New England 1:00 ET Tennessee @ New Orleans 1:00 ET Miami @ Buffalo 1:00 ET St. Louis @ Minnesota 1:00 ET Jacksonville @ New York Jets 1:00 ET Oakland @ Pittsburgh 1:00 ET New York Giants @ Tampa 4:00 ET Atlanta @ San Francisco 4:00 ET Denver @ Indianapolis 4:30 ET Philadelphia @ Dallas 8:30 ET Monday: Chicago @ San Diego 8:30 ET Tiebreaker: How many points will be scored on Monday Night?64
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