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  1. BwareDWare94

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    No democratic candidates have come out against this as far as I know. It sets a dangerous precedent for our media, and our potential President, to do nothing to combat such nonsense. Also, this just makes me support Sanders over Warren even more than I already did.
  2. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    And the transcript shows nothing impeachable, and yet the democratic news networks are running with it like it's some bombshell 🤣
  3. BwareDWare94

    TGP Pickem week 4

    Eagles at Packers Sunday Sept 29 Titans at Falcons Patriots at Bills Chiefs at Lions Raiders at Colts Chargers at Dolphins Redskins at Giants Browns at Ravens Panthers at Texans Buccaneers at Rams Seahawks at Cardinals Vikings at Bears Jags at Broncos Cowboys at Saints Monday night Bengals at Steelers point total= 31
  4. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    I don't see an impeachment actually happening. If there was anything to worry about, Trump would be in full meltdown. Just another swing and a miss for Democrats. That's my gut feeling, anyway
  5. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    Truck drivers? Regulation is more of a threat to drivers than automation. There are drivers in this country who can't make money for a variety of reasons. In some cases it's how they're contracted, others it's they can only work 40 hours. I mean, I completely agree with making sure these guys aren't exhausting themselves to the point of falling asleep behind the wheel of a big rig, but for fuck's sake, we're over-regulating them in some cases. You want to regulate semi drivers? Give them 3 strikes and lose their license for 10 years with speeding, take their license away for 5 years if you catch them blowing a stop sign, etc. The crazy fucks are more dangerous than the long hour guys.
  6. As many of you know, I was staunchly liberal in my college years. Obviously, that's no longer the case, but the switch isn't as drastic as it appears to the reactionary eye. In an effort to not go TL;DR on you folks, and because I'm on mobile, I'll just pose a general question and we can expand into specifics if this thread gains steam. How do you make the separation between what's real and what isn't in regard to how radical liberalism/leftism approaches hot button topics like racism, sexism, oppression, LGBTQ issues. Those are just general examples. Feel free to dig on. And obviously we're not talking about whether these things are real as a whole. They exist, but the left blows them out of proportion, and the right minimizea them. Where, in the middle of those partisan tactics, do you find reality to be?
  7. Sadly, the only kinds of data on those issues are partisan, leaning whichever direction depending on the source.
  8. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    "Less than one percent of rape claims are made falsely" Dude, that's not even remotely accurate. There are no facts that back up or even suggest that statistic. Come on.
  9. BwareDWare94

    TGP Pickem week 3

    Thursday, September 19 Titans Sunday, September 22 Bills Cowboys Packers Falcons Chiefs Vikings Patriots Eagles Panthers Bucs Chargers 49ers Seahawks Rams Monday, September 23 Redskins and total of Monday night game is= 41
  10. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    That's what should happen to rapists but it's just too hard to prove with 100% certainty. I wish it were simpler. Based on the available evidence, he's innocent.
  11. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    I don't give even the slightest shit what a person says in high school or college. And what are we referring to as perjuring himself?
  12. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    There is literally no corroborating evidence for even Blasey-Ford's accusation. You're making an obvious stretch, there. And what exactly makes him a sleazeball? Is it that he hired an all female staff after being named to the SC? Is it the fact he hired more women on average throughout his career?
  13. BwareDWare94

    Trump Regime thread.

    If we want to know why Donald Trump will be re-elected (and probably quite easily, at that), it'll be because of things like the NYT running with a clearly false new accusation against Brett Kavanaugh. As a matter of fact, he probably made onto SCOTUS because of all the silly, clearly fake secondary accusations that surfaced after Blasey-Ford's accusation, but she was the only one with an even slightly believable accusation, though it held very little water. People get irritated by shit like this. Shit like this swings moderate voters. Might as well expect 8 years of the Orange Man, at this point.
  14. BwareDWare94

    Week 2

    I guess we're going to agree to disagree. There are 5-8 RBs I'd take before McCaffrey. Other observations: 1. Minnesota can't have a kicker, I guess. Aside from one or two years of good Walsh, we haven't had a good kicker since Ryan Longwell. But let's call a spade a spade--the Vikings gave up on Daniel Carlson way too soon. 2. Carson Wentz has to get the Eagles offense into the red zone in the first quarter, moving forward. They can't keep having these slow starts. 3. Time to start fearing Dallas, imo. Yes, it's 2 games against two bad teams, but I think this might be the scariest offense seen in Dallas since the season of the catch. 4. All the analysts will blame Pittsburgh's 6-10 season on injuries. Hint: they weren't a good team even when healthy 5. I think Jacoby Brissett will be fine in Luck's place. The Colts will have to play a different style, though.
  15. BwareDWare94

    Week 2

    David Johnson is essentially a big CMC. He's better if he stays healthy. Barkley, Zeke, Gurley, Kamara--they're all better. If Bell is the same, he's better. And yes, if Dalvin Cook stays healthy moving forward, he too will be better.
  16. BwareDWare94

    Week 2

    Christian McCaffrey is not a top 3 running back. I'm sorry man but you're just wrong, there.
  17. BwareDWare94

    Week 2

    Questions after last night: 1. Does Cam Newton scare anyone anymore? 2. How good is Christian McCaffrey, really? If I have a good defense with LBs that can cover, he's pretty much neutralized. 3. Is a controlled, patient Jameis Winston good enough to win more games like this or do the Bucs need a balance between last night's game manager and a gunslinger? 4. What's the ceiling of this Bucs defense?
  18. BwareDWare94

    Week 2

    You do you, Phil
  19. BwareDWare94

    NFL Distribution Maps (Week 2)

  20. BwareDWare94

    Week 1

    38 run, 10 pass. We must have whipped somebody's ass yesterday Cook and Mattison? Niiiiice. Now, don't get me wrong, Atlanta is a soft finesse defense and therefore not a good litmus test for Minnesota's running game, but it was nice to see some great runs on the highlight reel (harvest--can only listen to games on the radio).
  21. BwareDWare94


    happy with this
  22. BwareDWare94

    Gun Control Poll

    The loudest voices are usually paired with the least accurate information.
  23. BwareDWare94

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 1

    Bears tonight. I will edit my post with my remaining picks before Sunday's games Whoops lol. Give me all losses for Sunday or something below the mean score. Whatever is fair. Saints Broncos
  24. BwareDWare94

    Gun Control Poll

    Dan Crenshaw is wrong in this particular moment but the dude is awesome. He's the right kind of conservative. Check out the Joe Rogan podcast with him
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