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  1. Trinatas

    NCAAF Discussion Thread

    Who's watching Army vs. Navy?
  2. Trinatas

    OFFICIAL space & astronomy thread

    Shit! I was looking for the "OFFICIAL polish my bowling ball thread." I took a wrong turn somewhere.
  3. Trinatas

    Vikings "very, very close" to stadium deal

    We're talking about more usage should it have a roof. I mean whats so hard to understand about that? Does the state or county give a shit whether or not its more macho to play a football game outdoors in December? No. Dropping millions on a new facility, you can bet they'll figure out a way to maximize usage, year-round.
  4. Trinatas

    Anyone have any "alternative" TV options?

    http://www.satellitedirect.com One time, $49.99 fee only
  5. Trinatas

    Vikings "very, very close" to stadium deal

    True dat. I am just curious as to whether or not we're looking open air or closed roof.
  6. Trinatas

    Brady On Mallet: "I want to play for 10 more years"

    I'm sure. I'd keep that day job Nancy Drew.
  7. Trinatas

    Osama Bin Ladin is dead.

    CNN is doing what major news outlets do best: Stirring the pot.
  8. Trinatas

    Osama Bin Ladin is dead.

    It's not worth the risk of pissing anyone off. Thus far, there's been very little reaction from bin Laden sympathizers and I think we need to keep it that way. But a few years down the road, when bin Laden is even more irrelevant, release the photos. Americans want to see the photos fore reasons other than "closure". People want to see what Osama's corpse looks like with a hole in the side of his head, plan and simple. This is America, we love to stare and car crashes and train wrecks.
  9. Trinatas

    No more trips on the Gus Bus

    This is good news as Gus is most likely headed to Fox.....thus trimming down on the Joe Buck calls.
  10. Trinatas

    Osama Bin Ladin is dead.

    Michael Moore brings up a lot of good points...and just about every single one can be backed with the fact that the government continues to lie to us. Pat Tillman's death, the "rescue" of Jessica Lynch....all bullshit. bin Laden might actually have been on house arrest for all we know. We won't know, I just know, I'm glad the dude is dead. I don't care how or who or how fast.....I'm just glad he's dead. Moore is entitled to his opinions though. They are often intriguing. I love how he seems to be turning on the Obama administration, especially after being such a bigger supporter around the election.
  11. Trinatas

    Brady On Mallet: "I want to play for 10 more years"

    Sneaking some purple back into ur sig. The irony.
  12. Trinatas

    Stanley Cup Predictions?

    I was just thinking how epic a Bruins-Sharks Stanley Cup would be. Joe Thornton going against his former team, what a storyline.
  13. Trinatas

    Brady On Mallet: "I want to play for 10 more years"

    Just do everyone the favor and eliminate the "Viking" from the equation. FSUPatriot, FSUFaggot, whichever you prefer. Just stop embarrassing the Viking fanbase by being such a dickhead & parading around with Tom Brady sigs and such. If sports wasn't such serious business, then you wouldn't feel the need to post at virtually every single forum on the internet. You still waiting for residual checks to end up in the mailbox or something?
  14. Trinatas

    Osama Bin Ladin is dead.

    Both Hannity & Limbaugh were being extremely sarcastic you fucking retard.
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