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    New & improved Peak Photography

    For those of you who don't want to read about it, check out my new site: http://www.peakphotographymt.com Still here?...well recently I got in a bit of a legal battle for my name. Well I won when I found out that I could go by my legal name of Peak Photography of Montana, which is what I now go by (although calling it Peak Photography is just fine ha). Well I planned to redo my website anyway, so I just built the new site with the new name while keeping my old site open. So here's the new one.. this is a soft release to you guys so play around with it and let me know of any changes I should make and any suggestions. http://www.peakphotographymt.com I still havent' flipped the switch on the old site, so you can still go there to compare the old vs the new. The changes aren't ridiculous But the back end for my behalf is so much better. A whole nother world. My favorite aspect of the new site is going to a specific picture like this: http://www.peakphotographymt.com/montana/landscapes/h5065002a#h5065002a Now there are tons of options to share the picture on their favorite social network site and it links back to the picture. Also all of the commenting is way better. As well as the old site just totally blocked right clicking. This site allows right clicking, but right clicking brings you to a custom menu where you are given the option to buy the picture. As far as the home page.. I'm not a huge fan. But the site gives me the option to build my own home page off site. Then basically have just the galleries hosted on it. Which I might pay someone to build me a kickass home/about page and the galleries would link to this site. Anyway, would love to get some feedback before I launch it! Love, Sweetness
  2. sweetness34

    Friday Night on ESPN2....

    Check out our game Friday night on ESPN2, it's the FCS Quarterfinals. Game starts at 6:00 Mountain time. Keep an eye out for 64!
  3. sweetness34

    Friday Night on ESPN2....

    Yeah they are on the other side, so the scenario would lead to us facing them down in Frisco for the Natty. Game is tonight! Supposed to be really f'n cold.
  4. sweetness34

    Website decision help

    Haha I told you I offer crazy prices! I'm in contact with smugmug (who has amazing customer service)... they told me it's actually pretty easy to setup a paypal cart plugin with a gallery and recommended I do that. So I'll probably just make a gallery for canvas prints. So I'll probably end up doing that.. I don't plan on making the site until i finish up finals in a few weeks. So I'll have some time to think about it.
  5. sweetness34

    Website decision help

    Hey guys.... it's been far too long, school and football have me cooped up and not posting, but we did win our third straight conference championship (yay) so I've run into a bit of a dilemma and was hoping for some advice Well I'm thinking of an overhaul on the peakphotography brand.. doing things more professional ya dig? I've got a new logo that I'm a pretty big fan of: And I'm thinking of a sleek new web set up.. here's my problem. I like where I'm at now, I pay only 3% of my profits to paypal, the rest is mine (minus the cost of prints and shipping). But I do everything on my own, something I don't overly have time for. Some prints I get through Bay Photo, so I have to create each order after they come in (they drop ship for me which is nice).. it's the same for canvas orders. Some orders I do through costco, which involves me picking up prints and shipping them myself here in town. Now comes the big daddy of photo selling, smugmug. Smugmug is an amazing site that has a billion features for selling prints. The one I like the most is when customers buy a print, smugmug sends it right to BayPhoto for me and everything is taken care of. This would be huge for when I'm traveling, the last thing I want to worry about when I'm traveling is to have to put in orders.The site also acts a huge online cloud for my photos, each photo is uploaded full resolution and in case of emergency, I can batch download any set I need. It also adds a lot of facebook integration which is nice. The ordering is so smooth and beautiful compared to mine. Alright, now here's some things I don't like, they take a 15% commission, add that on to at some point I'll be commercialy licensed by the NCAA and will have to pay another 10% royalty to the school for football pictures. It also costs between $150-300 a year to use as well. Another big thing, I love my canvas provider, they are super cheap and have an amazing quality product. But smugmug doesn't allow outside sale, so my canvas would have to be through BayPhoto as well (and theirs is ridiculously expensive). They told me I could set up a separate paypal cart on my site for canvas prints if I wanted.. but that might really confuse my client. So I may be forced to just bump prices on my shit (something I really didn't want to do).. And this is reallllllly long.. so sorry Any advice would be great Andy
  6. sweetness34

    Website decision help

    Well jumping to the new site would call for a slight bump in prices, simply because they have a 15% royalty on every order. So I would lose 13% more of the profits that I'm getting now. My prices are already insanely low compared to my competitors. But I always prided myself on having some unheard of canvas prices. For a 20x30 canvas I only charge currently $140 I believe. Which for canvas is insanely cheap. Especially when I use the highest quality canvas I've ever seen. The new site would either force me to create a separate page with a paypal cart to just do canvas if I wanted to keep with my current provider. Now this isn't out of the question.. basically in the menu I would have a spot for all of my galleries, and then a menu link for "canvas". I wouldn't want to put all of my prints there.. maybe just like 30 of my favorite shots with the option to buy on canvas... and if somebody wanted a different shot on canvas.. just to email me. If I wanted to do canvas through Bay Photo my canvas prices would almost double. The cost of canvas for a 20x30 is $137 through bay. Which is what I'm selling them at now. My cost currently is $50 for a 20x30 canvas, making canvas my biggest profit maker actually. And I'm with you... most of the prints in my house are canvas.. I love it. I'd cut you a killer deal on one of my canvases if you want. The quality almost looks like a print, it's that good.
  7. Hey guys, been a while... but saw this online today and couldn't resist posting it. Make sure to watch it all the way till the end.
  8. sweetness34

    Photography: First Game/Time lapse

    Appreciate it guys, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Unfortanetly due to a slight knee injury I won't be traveling with the team this weekend.. so I'm heading down to Yellowstone to shoot for a couple days.
  9. sweetness34

    Photography: First Game/Time lapse

    Hey guys, long time no talk Sorry I've been so damn busy and haven't been around. But I wanted to share this one, it's kind of like a magic act. We had our first night game in school history and I knew I wanted to capture it. That's a little hard when I'm playing. So I hooked up my camera to take a shot every ten seconds to create a time lapse. Here are the results: Not bad for not even being there haha. Anyway, I've got a lot of other shit to post when I get the time. Love, Sweetness.
  10. sweetness34

    Photography: Night Self Portraits

    Not a big post today, but a cool one. Two seperate nights of night shooting, the first one was failry uneventful. But the second one my buddy came out with me and we did some night hiking up to a waterfall. Pretty intense and a little scary being in bear country at night. But we got there as the moon was setting, I set up my camera and let it run. The first shot exposed the moonlit falls while the last shot (after the moon set) had really nice stars. So I combined the two and it turned out pretty sweet. And the last thing I did was some self portraits, set up the whole shot and then had my buddy press the button. So this is my last regular post for the summer, I've got a week off before fall camp starts so I'm heading up to Glacier National Park for a few days of shooting. So that will be my last official post before football starts and I won't be shooting much. Comments/Critiques/Favorites/hate mail/kate upton's boobies/ect Sweetness
  11. Time for a new post. I went home this past weekend to check out this classic car car show my dad's Packard was in. Decided instead of just taking pictures of the cars, to just focus on the unique hood ornaments. And as many of you know, I'm the proud owner of a 2004 Harley Road King Custom. So I road a lot with my pops when I was home and did a few shoots with it for fun. Anyway: Harley: Can't decide whether I like the b&w version or color version better on this, thoughts? now for the cars: for all of the shots and the titles will tell you what the cars are and what year go to my site: http://www.peakphotography.org/galleries/cars-and-motorcycles/ Alright that should do it for now, make sure you check out my site for the rest. As always, comments/critiques/favorites/ect Sweetness
  12. sweetness34

    Photography: Classic Cars and Motorcycles

    agreed, Car manufacturers used to have so much pride in their cars and I think it showed in hood ornaments. I'd love to make a book some day of just classic car hood ornaments.
  13. sweetness34

    Photography: Classic Cars and Motorcycles

    Thanks for the input broseph anybody else?
  14. sweetness34

    So who watches How I Met Your Mother?

    I love How I Met Your Mother, and like you, it's right up there with Scrubs for me. But if don't judge it by watching a few episodes here and there, you HAVE to start with season 1. Because I watched the show on occasion, but if you watch it from season 1 you'll get hooked on the storyline. It's not like big bang theory where there's a bit of a storyline, it's got a pretty good storyline that builds. But I do love big bang theory.
  15. sweetness34

    Last Days on Earth?

    A plague could easily wipe us out, doctors prescribe way too many antibiotics and have already created superbugs resistant to everything we have now. I took a infectious disease class and we are long overdo for something that could wipe out a LOT of people. Yessir... I live next to it, the supervolcano in Yellowstone could easily wipe out the the general population. Things like those are survivable by people who move underground(as long as they don't live next to the volcano like me). So my vote would be something like a black hole to wipe out the entire population.
  16. sweetness34

    Aurora shooting

    Ya there's no way he'll get insanity plea... to get insanity plea they have to go through panels of psychologist that look for any sign he isn't insane. Also to get the insanity plea it has to be a case where they didn't understand what they were doing pretty much. So the fact that so much planning went into this kills his insanity plea. We talked about it a lot in my abnormal psych class. This guy is just like Ted Bundy and other serial killers, and they don't get off with insanity plea.. they are insane, but in a different way.
  17. sweetness34

    Penn State sanctions - Is it enough or too much?

    I'm going to come at this from my perspective, a player playing D1 and two championship rings... I'd be pissed. I agree with what the NCAA did other than taking away all of the wins. Someday I'd like to come back to the stadium and see all of the signs that have the championship years listed and be able to point to the 2010 and 2011 years and say I was on that team. By taking away those wins you take away all of that pride. The players had nothing to do with this, it would be one thing if we found out that PSU had been cheating for the past ten years. But this is by one fucked up individual and the cover up by other coaches. Even the penalties of future aren't nearly as big as doing that to past players. Because they're giving players an out and future players are just going to steer clear of going there for a few years. They'll still have the option to go win some games and play under other teams.
  18. sweetness34


    I've wanted to get one for about 4 years now, but nothing in the past 4 years has really popped out at me as something I want to stick with for the rest of my life. But the other day my buddy who has a lot of tattoos actually had a good idea for me, mountains. I've always been an adventurer and feel most at home in the mountains. But I would want a sick ass design, maybe a mountain range on my inner bicep or something.
  19. sweetness34

    The Mystery of Barack Obama

    Every article is written with the same intent, it has nothing to do with whether I like the articles. But the whole site is based off of making Obama look bad. Provide me with REAL sources, not this website, and I'll look into it.... that's all I'm saying. You're not reading what I'm saying at all. That website is terrible. You quoting an article from that website would be like me posting a topic saying "God hates America" then citing the Westboro Baptist Church's website. Anybody can make up statistics and facts, it's not that hard. But give me a legitimate source. That's all I'm saying, I'm not telling you you're wrong, just to give me a legit source.
  20. sweetness34

    The Mystery of Barack Obama

    I was just referencing the site, where every article on that site is something negative about Obama. Show me legitimate sources for all of your information and then I will gladly read into it.
  21. sweetness34

    The Mystery of Barack Obama

    I never said it was wrong, I'm just saying I refuse to take anything off a site like that as truth. Any sites that have an article called "What do Hitler and Obama have in common?" I won't take seriously. The whole site is just a slander site against Obama and democrats, not exactly reliable.
  22. sweetness34

    The Mystery of Barack Obama

    I refuse to take anything on that website seriously, especially after looking at the home page http://www.westernjournalism.com/ almost every single article on that site is trying to claim that Obama isn't a U.S. citizen.
  23. sweetness34

    A commercial I was in

    I have to keep turning down Abercrombie on modeling gigs, just not enough time.. you know how it is Razor
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