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  1. Crash3021

    Patrick Willis Plans to Retire

    If Patrick Willis is indeed retiring, it's a sad day for the NFL. He will be missed greatly by not only 49er fans but all NFL fans as well. One of my favorite players since he came into the league and he's been a consummate pro throughout his career. Played the game the right way at an all-pro level for a long time. Best of luck to whatever holds in the future for him.
  2. Crash3021

    2014-15 NHL Season Thread

    Damn impressive comeback by the Avs to put it lightly, such a resilient team. Another final-minute goal to get it to OT and a very exciting finish. Huge 2 points and clutch SO goals by Briere and Landeskog to keep them alive until Talbot netted the GW'er,
  3. Crash3021

    Been Awhile

    Welcome back BK, glad to see you're around these parts once again.
  4. Crash3021

    What was the last movie you watched?

    That scene was insanely funny just like pretty much the entirety of the film.
  5. Crash3021

    What was the last movie you watched?

    This and National Lampoon's Vacation last night.
  6. Crash3021

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Still need to watch PT&A, but a few nights ago I popped in Clue. Never get tired of watching it, really fun film. Tim Curry is awesome (especially in the final 1/2 hour) and it has such a great cast in general.
  7. Crash3021

    2014-15 NHL Season Thread

    Good, the jackass gets what he deserves and even could've been more games considering the fact that he's had so many prior incidents.
  8. Crash3021

    2014-15 NHL Season Thread

    At least the Jets have won their last 3 including the latest against a solid Hawks squad.
  9. Crash3021

    2014-15 NHL Season Thread

    Damn impressive by Perreault to say the least. Had the game on for a bit and saw when he scored back-to-back goals within a minute of each other.
  10. It's just as good as when it was made years ago before they discontinued it and the quality is pretty much the same.
  11. Crash3021

    2014-15 NHL Season Thread

    That awesome performance by Varlamov got me wondering what the record is for most saves in a non-overtime shutout. It was actually 59 by Scrivens as recent January of last year, so Varly was pretty damn close to that. Damn impressive to say the least.
  12. Crash3021

    Update: Justin Smith officially retires

    He's been a great player for a long time that's always been a joy to watch. It will be strange not seeing him on the field next season after his lengthy, successful career.
  13. Crash3021

    Merry Christmas TGP

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everybody! Hope you all are spending/were able to spend some quality time with family and enjoying the nice holiday.
  14. Crash3021

    Happy Birthday, [banned word]!

    Vin. Enjoy all your B-Day and X-Mas gifts and have an awesome Christmas!
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