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  1. Paladin

    Your opinion of the replacement refs?

    If and when the regular refs get back and if they are put under the same microscope the replacements have been under this season to date I would really question that we will see a lot of difference,with the exception of game and clock management issues. We as fans have been complaining about the refs screwing up for as long as the league has existed. We have all seen games won and lost as a result of what we have perceived as "Bad Calls" on the part of the refs regular and replacements. We have Roger Goodell and the press to thank for the goat screw that this has become. I am of the opinion that the replacements are doing the best they can and are still many weeks away from having there act together.....at least as much as they are going to be able to.
  2. Paladin

    Appeals panel overturns Saints player suspensions

    LOL..........I have not seen any proof that any of the Saints players Actually injured a player for cash if you have please post a link to the information . I don't doubt they got paid for performance in addition to there salaries and thats where the comparison comes from. If there is proof that something took place in a game to prove they did then ya got me.
  3. Paladin

    Appeals panel overturns Saints player suspensions

    I haven't seen anything to prove a dime changed hands for a carry off or knockout.Without some proof that things like that ACTUALLY happened this looks like nothing more then a pay for performance deal like what the Packers got fined for a few years ago.Just because Williams ranted and raved about it does not mean the players involved carried it out. With the amount and type of information that has been released I am all for Williams getting baned and the Saints paying a hefty fine for a pay for performance bonus system. I would go along with fines for players that contributed cash to the pot as well,but with no more hard facts/proof then what we have seen thats as far as I would be willing to go.
  4. Paladin

    NFC East Fan Roll Call

    Favorite team: New York Giants Favorite player: Way too many over the years to pick just one. Tittle Tarkington Huff Taylor Simms Fredrickson Shofner Van Pelt To name just a few.
  5. Paladin

    Eagles owner Jeff Luries message to Andy Reid

    Another brilliant ownership move to feed the media vultures bye undermining his head coach before the start of a season.
  6. Paladin

    Who are your top 5 players of all time?

    Johnny Unitas Barry Sanders Lawrence Taylor Larry Fitzgerald Otto Grahm Honorable mention: Jim Brown Fran Tarkington Dan Marino
  7. Paladin

    The "Bounty" Evidence

    Joe Vitt has volunteered to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence,will be interesting to see if Roger takes him up on his offer....personally I doubt he will. I am not a Saints fan....never have been, but this deal is shaping up to be a truck load of B.S. The evidence what little there is means nothing,Roger thinks they did it and thats all that currently matters and the players handed him the power to do so when they signed the CBA.
  8. Paladin

    Choose your Head Coach and Coordinators

    Bill Parcells as HC Don Coryell as OC Bill Belichick as DC
  9. Paladin

    General Ideas Thread

    How about a NFL/AFL history forum?
  10. Drew Stanton if he is still on the rooster. New York media will have eaten both Tebow and Sanchez bye midseason leaving Stanton the starter bye default bring to an end what will be known as "The Greatest Goat Screw On Turf".
  11. Paladin

    Well Denver is screwed

    Personally I have never seen Manning as a "Best there ever was" kind of QB one of the best yes. There is an upside to Manning for the Bronco's that being his experience,at this point in time that is the only really verifiable advantage. Been away from the game for a year going to a new team with receivers he has never worked with and he readily admits he isn't 100% to start with. Add to that the changes that will have to be made bye the rest of the Bronco offense to fit his play style and mobility issues doesn't make for a real encouraging picture for Bronco's fans ....at least for the first year. On the other side of the coin Tebow got the job done this past season but DC's around the league have had a year to come up with ways to deal with him . I wouldn't expect the same level of success for the Bronco's offense next season if Teabow was still under center and hasn't improved his passing skills dramatically. I can't begin to imagine what Tebowmania is going to be like in New York city !!!! Thats going to be a goat screw like we have never seen before.
  12. Paladin

    Manning to the Broncos

    Anybody resembling a viable back up in Denver for Manning is gone or shortly will be more then likely.I am not picking on Tebow regardless of his stats he got the job done but Tebow running an offense thats built around Manning isn't real likely. Maybe there looking to the draft for another QB as the pickings look a little slim in free agency.Broncos fans won't know what they have in Peyton until the season starts,for there sake I hope he preforms up to expectations.Good luck to the Broncos fans I hope ya get what ya need.
  13. Paladin

    Kolb to be a bust in Arizona ?

    That is one of the few intelligent comments I have read on the subject of Kevin Kolb. Kolbs trade doesn't seem that bad at all when ya consider some of those super high dollar rookie contracts that were getting handed out to players like JaMarcus Russel and others over the years.
  14. LOL...I do so love that kind of comment. It really got me to thinking back to the old days. I have been a Giants fan since 1961 and got to thinking about which QB was the biggest bust for the dollar paid in Giant history at least according to the press at the time. I can remember in 67 we all thought the Giants were going places....we had THE quarterback to take us into the post season for years to come as if one player was going to cement the deal. It did start out looking good I have to admit. Homer Jones was flying,Tucker Frederickson and the rest of the Baby Bulls were running hard and our savior was putting up good passing numbers. But it wasn't enough to get the Giants into the post season and Fran Tarkenton was traded back to the Vikings after the 71 season.....and the press had a field day. Tarkenton and the unfortunate Rocky Thompson baring the brunt of the press corps displeasure with the Giants after the 4-10 1971 season. It couldn't have been that the defense was virtually nonexistent at times nor could it have been the quality of the opposing teams during that time period.....it was Frantic Fran that failed and thats all there was to it.In fairness to the press it is true that Tarkenton only made it to the Pro Bowl 4 out of the 5 years he played in New York which as we all know is a terrible record. Now along comes Kevin Kolb, will he be successful in Arizona ? According to most of the so called analyst's at NFL.com the answer is no mostly because of his 3-4 record as a starter in Philly. So was he personally responsible for all 4 of those loses ? or is football the team game I always thought it was ? So what did the Giants pay for Fran Tarkenton ? There 1st and 2nd round picks in the 67 draft and there 1st round pick in the 68 draft plus a player whose name I can't remember at the moment and the Giants 2nd round pick in the 69 draft. Compared to that Kolb was a bargin. However at this point we cant compare the two as Fran was one of the greats and there is no way to know how close Kolb will get to that level if at all. Anyway the morale of the story is that there are numerous other potential reasons for a 3-4 record besides Kolbs play although I am sure that he contributed to some of those losses. Lets see what the Cardinals coaching staff can do with the kid before condemning him to the scrape heap before he even sets foot on the field. Regards Paladin
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