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  1. Shotgun

    What supplements do you take?

    I take a multivitamin, a B vitamin, fish oil, magnesium, and whey protein.
  2. Shotgun

    Favorite Alcoholic Drinks

    I don't drink much anymore but I had some go to drinks back when I was getting drunk every night. Rum + coke 90 proof Peppermint schnapps + cherry cola - tastes like an alcohol filled candy cane
  3. Shotgun

    Patriots Accused Of Deflating Footballs

    It's a good point in terms of Brady's punishment but there's been no evidence the FO knew about it so the draft pick removal and fine don't fit in my opinion. If it came out that they did lie similar to the bounty-gate situation it would be more understandable.
  4. Shotgun

    Patriots Accused Of Deflating Footballs

    This is a pretty severe punishment considering the crime and evidence found. I get the suspension of Tom Brady if they are confident he had something to do with the doctoring, but fining the team a million dollars and taking away a first round pick is a little much. Certainly considering the report shown the front office and coaches most likely did not know anything about the deflated balls. If this was another team they likely would have just received the small fine that's supposed to be given when balls are found to be doctored, but I guess this is what happens when your team has a history of cheating. I don't personally mind the doctoring of balls to an extent. A lot of QB's have explained all the different ways they changed balls since this "deflategate" started, including methods some teams used to make them stickier, so it's pretty obvious many QB's make alterations to the balls to an extent. If they're going to hand out this kind of a penalty to the Pats they better back it up by making changes to how balls are handled all around. If people are going to say a few PSI effects the integrity of the game the same should be said for other alterations done to make the balls easier to grip.
  5. Shotgun

    Update: Dante Fowler Out For Season

    The Jags gotta have some of the worst luck with their 1st round picks. If they aren't just an outright bust it seems like they usually have some sort of injury or suspension their first couple seasons. Like many have mentioned he'll definitely be called a bust by some people. I remember Gerald McCoy had to deal with that his 1st and 2nd seasons.
  6. Shotgun

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    I've never seen any of the Star Wars movies, but have wanted to in recent years and just never got around to it. Now that Episode 7 is coming out I'm going to sit down and watch all of them before it does. Problem is I'm not sure if I should watch it chronologically by episode order or in order of release, what do you guys think?
  7. Shotgun

    Laws This Country Needs

    1. All grocery stores must have at least one designated lane for people using more than 5 coupons or price matching more than 2 items. 2. Parents cannot bring their children under the age of 4 anywhere quietness is commonly expected. 3. Major fines for news agencies who can be shown to have provided false information when the actual facts were available.
  8. Shotgun

    Update: Polamalu Retired Unhappy With Steelers Brass

    I've always been a fan of Polamalu. I used to pull up the Steelers games just to watch him play. It was definitely time for him to hang it up, but still sucks to see him go. I'll probably always consider him the GOAT at the safety position.
  9. Shotgun

    Ravens Trade Haloti Ngata to Lions

    My thoughts exactly. If Suh's asking price didn't fit into their cap plans, trading for Ngata is a good route to go.
  10. Shotgun

    Saints Continue Rebuild, Trade Grubbs to Chiefs

    2015 should be an interesting season for the Saints. These mid level draft picks aren't likely going to bring in anywhere near the same talent as the guys their trading Even with a low 1st round pick they'd be lucky to get someone even close to as talented as Graham. The only thing that could ruin me from enjoying this is if the rumors around the Bucs trading for Brees ends up being true.
  11. People will argue he didn't play long enough but I'd say he more than deserves it. I might be biased because he's been one of my favorite players, but he was certainly at the top of his position for most of his relatively short career.
  12. Shotgun

    Saints Trade Jimmy Graham to Seahawks

    Looks like the Seahawks now have the one thing they were missing.
  13. I'd rather see them just lax on the rule a lot more because I'd hate to see what would have been a TD turn into a 15 yard penalty due to a PI. However, if they don't see that as an option I'm glad they're doing something about this rule. I'm up for anything that helps the defense a little more.
  14. Shotgun

    Bucs Trading Glennon to Draft Winston Is Mistake

    I've voiced my dislike for drafting a QB in the 1st round at all this year before, but for the sake of discussion I'll assume Winston and Mariota are the only options. Here's the way I see it. There's 3 general traits all great QB's have in today's game: On field physical ability, on field mental ability, and off the field dedication to the game (Which obviously aids the on-field mental ability). Every QB bust lacks at least one of those. For a few it's physical, for most it's mental due to either not having the capability to make quick and accurate decisions, or the time just isn't put in off the field to be good at those things to begin with. Obviously we aren't going to know how these guys pan out until they are in the league, but from everything I've read or heard from the different analysts that look at these guys, there's a suggestion that Mariota could possibly lack in on-field mental ability, while Winston is more likely to lack in off the field dedication. Now it stands to reason if Winston indeed would lack off the field dedication, than his on-field mental ability would also take a hit, as is the case with many before him who had great college level skill but couldn't translate to the NFL. I'd personally rather see us take a chance on Mariota based on his possible off the field dedication to the game, which as we've also seen with many QB's can result in an improved on the field mental ability.
  15. Shotgun

    Peyton noncommittal on his future

    Just trying to get into the minds of some people and find out why people think the guy who lead the team to their first Superbowl since 1998 a year ago has a 0% chance next year if healthy, yet some other option does. Your team went 14 years of mostly doing nothing so I'm sure you might have some deeper insight. I don't have great confidence in Peyton but I think he's the best option for at least another year. If you think my comments are dumb please enlighten me on why Brock Osweiler or one of the horrible free agent options would have a chance. I see a bunch of people shitting on Peyton but I've yet to see a decent reason why other options are viable.
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