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  1. DalaiLama4Ever

    Dissonants Unite

    Obviously I could be wrong because I don’t know the guy... but listening to him, to what he says, and the passion he says it with... I really don’t think his point is “ everyone should get fucked “. You don’t talk with that much energy and passion over wanting to fuck over more people. He’s talking about his sacrifice ... what he’s done to allow his child to go to school. He wants his sacrifices in time and money to be worth something — just like we all do. Under Warrens plan he suffers... his sacrifice means nothing... and he’s (rightly) annoyed by that. That’s just the Catch 22 of trying to fix the student loan issue. There’s gonna be a cutoff, there’s gonna be people who get double penetrated. On the contrary ... this guy is the trolley problem. Elizabeth Warren has decided to sacrifice him and many many other parents who have done the same and have already sacrificed so much to “fix” the issue for others. She’s choosing to pull the lever and kill the one to save five. (Idk what the actual percentage of kids who have parents pay for their college is so I’m just using the numbers from the basic trolley problem).
  2. DalaiLama4Ever

    Dissonants Unite

    Did you watch or read that tweet at all? lol. He isn't talking about himself. He's comparing his own situation where he worked shit jobs and shifts and saved money to afford sending his daughter to school to that of a friend of his who made more and didn't save who would be bailed out by Warren. I think he is a lot more of a "regular person" than his friend is. And the bubble may not have burst yet, but you are already seeing some of that. Millennials aren't buying houses is just one example.
  3. DalaiLama4Ever

    Cherry is at the Senior Bowl

    who is gonna offer you a job first? You better be talking some of these people up!
  4. DalaiLama4Ever

    Dissonants Unite

    Hillary just came out and said nobody likes Bernie and that she won’t commit to supporting him if he gets the nomination. Lmao. After he bent the knee and sucked her cock in 2016, you’d think she be a little less of a cunt lmao https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/21/politics/hillary-clinton-bernie-sanders-documentary/index.html
  5. DalaiLama4Ever

    Dissonants Unite

    Bernie apologizes for one of his people saying Biden has a corruption problem. bernie trying to please everybody is why he will never win.
  6. DalaiLama4Ever

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    Ya know... I was really worried about this show. Bob Odenkirk is a great actor and Saul was a great character in a great show. Was there going to be any way for it to live up to the expectations? I wasn't so sure. But I really like being wrong in this types of situations. All of the reviews were mostly positive... Saying the show was great and that it definitely stands alone (or away from Breaking Bad) on its own merit. That is the resounding sentiment I have after episode one. This show has the potential to be a GREAT standalone project. They established a great narrative and clear direction moving forward. And that is also why I created a new thread -- because it doesn't need to be discussed within the Breaking Bad universe anymore, in my opinion. Use it or not... Whatever. What are your thoughts on the show?! Episode 2 tomorrow!
  7. DalaiLama4Ever

    Al Riveron--Should Teams Demand His Dismissal?

    It’s not just on those deep in stride passes though. Contested deep balls where the DB just has bad positioning or got beat but is recovering and can’t quite get there. It would definitely promote more man coverage and allow teams to stack the box , too. Line up in man, let your safeties play in ... if your Corner gets beat just interfere with the receiver. Jaire Alexander for the Packers just didn’t this against the Lions. He kinda tripped coming out of his stance.. WR crossing across the field had him beat clear as day. Alexander is chasing down the WR whose turned up field ... ball is thrown... Alexander trips / tackle the WR purposefully. Gets like a 30 yard penalty but if he doesn’t do that, it’s the easiest TD ever as it was straight up man and no safety help called on that play. With that said... I’m not saying that would be all that common or even that I disagree with your POV at all. I feel a lot of people who say that it would happen way more are just being really dramatic and blowing it out of proportion. I’m just offering a different view because it was a situation that was very relevant in a 3 point victory for the Packers with pretty big playoff seeding implications in play.
  8. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    The time has come... Everyone knew there would be a point that Bernie and Warren would have to duke it out (considering they are playing to the same crowd). The time looks like now... Long Version TL:DR Version: Bernie's campaign gave talking points to their ground level volunteers to smear Warren for being a candidate for the elite and wealthy. And that she is bringing no one new to the party, just your hardcore left voters who will vote Dem no matter what. Bernie had to come out and issue a statement saying that he likes Elizabeth very much and nobody would be attacking her... yada yada yada. Warren has now released a statement of her own. In which she confirms that during a private meeting in 2018 regarding the 2020 election, that Bernie said a woman could not win. Warren's Statement The debate should fun. Kappa
  9. DalaiLama4Ever

    Pussy Packers suck

    Marshawn says he wishes he could have played with the Packers instead of all those wasted years in SEA.
  10. DalaiLama4Ever

    Al Riveron--Should Teams Demand His Dismissal?

    I like that DBs are allowed to play more physically. The PI challenge stuff was / is a mess, but I think that can be fixed. What's so egregious in your mind?
  11. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    The DNC will screw him again. That’s a given lol
  12. DalaiLama4Ever

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    Brees, with those stats is also 1 - 5 in the playoffs on the road. His only win coming against the Nick Foles / Chip Kelly Eagles.. Brees sucked major ass that day and Saints kicked a FG as time expired.
  13. DalaiLama4Ever

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    How do you win in that situation as JJ tho. You’re complaining about him undoing a lot of 8, which is true... but a good number of people despised 8. I wasn’t one of them, but JJ was getting slaughtered either way.
  14. DalaiLama4Ever

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

    Ravens & Saints Ravens are entering the playoffs as the best team in the league and I don't think it's very close. The Saints on the other hand are a dangerous team with a pretty easy road.. Vikings in the dome, Packers and then a familiar opponent with the Niners who they should have and just about beat already.
  15. DalaiLama4Ever

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    It felt rushed because it was. They changed directors extremely late. JJ even said there was literally no way to fix everything that needed changed under the time table he had. I wouldn’t have minded just delaying it but they chose not to do that. And what does fan service have to do with it? You didn’t enjoy Chewie getting Hans medal? Or Wedge coming back... or Luke raising Red 5 after never being able to do it while he was alive ... a true culmination and end to his journey in that exact moment. Someone needs to spark that cold dead heart of yours, my friend lol. It’s the intent and hatred for him that he wanted her to kill him with so that the rule of two could officially be fulfilled. Like he said... all sith live within him. The master of the sith was formerly the apprentice. All the knowledge and power stops with the master. That seems to be why sith would want to take on apprentices knowing they would eventually fall to them. He was hoping to sway her with power and greed.. it obviously didn’t work loL. She’s already committed to achieving balance . Him just sitting there at that point just... kills him and doesn’t transfer jack diddly . Chewie “dying” in the movie was stupid. They shouldn’t have done it. The lesson there wasn’t so much about killing chewy though, it was about Rey and showing what she is capable of and that she does indeed have those dark side powers at her disposal . Just foreshadowing her lineage and the struggle inside of her for 3 movies. Chewies death wasn’t about chewie. If they would have killed him off there actually this movie would’ve been awful. I definitely see where the disconnect is. You’re quoting a RT score of critics. Under 500 individual people who watch movies because they get paid to. Obviously there are some fans in that group ... but if you look on RT , the audience approval is over 80%. I went into the movie as a fan of the series and ready for it to come to an end. You (seemingly) went into it looking at it more like a critic. That isn’t bad mind you, but it does highlight why we each feel so differently about it. And yes and no. While Rey was a Palpatine, her parents were nobodies. Do they even have names? They were junk traders just like Kylo said. They weren’t individually significant in any way. Regardless of their (more the son) name, they chose a different path. Just like Rey does. Some things are stronger than blood.
  16. DalaiLama4Ever

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    You can not like it... But prequel level bad? Even with the level of fan service they gave? Dude..... lmao. SERIOUSLY? Nothing in the SW universe will ever be "prequels bad". Never.
  17. DalaiLama4Ever

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    TLJ did some great things though. What you really need is to go back and come up with a uniform story to tell throughout the trilogy before they get it going. Instead they let JJ do 7... then he washed his hands of it. Rian took over for 8 and totally did his own thing ... then whatever his name is came in and ducked with it even more before JJ came in super late and jerked off us fans in 9. As Stevo was saying... there’s no cohesion whatsoever between these movies and that’s what really sucks ass. and ya there are some weird things going on in Rise — but if you didn’t enjoy that movie as a fan, you suck. Lol Chewie dropping to his knees in agony after he finds out Leia is dead had me a hot mess. As I told Vin after I saw it on opening day, the movie gave me chills / goosebumps 4 or 5 times. Insane . I need to see it again actually
  18. DalaiLama4Ever

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    Henry Cavill plays no emotion very well. Comes naturally to him.
  19. DalaiLama4Ever

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    Agreed,. Looking at the trilogy as a whole, you can (pretty obviously) tell that this thing changed hands every time. And ya, I realize JJ came back.. But even he admits it was very very late into the process and he couldn't save everything. Really unfortunate.. Hindsight is 20/20 but man how weird was it to pick a different director for each movie in a trilogy. Bizarre. I think they've learned though. I'm hoping Favreau gets a movie
  20. DalaiLama4Ever

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    AMAZING. Overall my feelings on it are similar-ish to Last Jedi. There's a few things here and there I was like.. WTF... but the rest was amazing. I loved it. As I mentione din the discord, the only serious 'complaint' i have is that it's just so fast... they have so much to cram into 2.5 hours and the hits just don't stop after the scroll. No chance to catch your breath. The final scene though was damn near perfect.
  21. DalaiLama4Ever

    TGP IDP 2019

    Just trimmed my roster of all the fat and picked up 4 linebackers... lol. Gonna start some uncanny guys for the finale. Really low projections, but really good performances the last 2-3 weeks. This will either backfire terribly or propel me to victory. Best of luck Zack.
  22. DalaiLama4Ever

    Theoretical AFC Championship scenario

    Yeah I’d say it comes down to seeding . I like the Ravens the most. They are undisputed number 1 until proven otherwise. I think the Chiefs could give em a little trouble but I think the Pats would be ready for a Chiefs rematch.
  23. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    I’d rather not hear about either of them. Talk about a waste of time and energy.
  24. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    If the enemy is applying the same basic rule -- doesn't that just lead to an infinite cycle of escalation and conflict?
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