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  1. Also.. Biden is looking at a lot of fossil fuel guys for climate change positions... for whatever reason. 

    Rep. Cedric Richmond who is expected to fill multiple roles, including liason on climate issues
    -- This guy is a representative in LA's district known as "cancer alley" for how polluted it is and he's done nothing. It's literally the most polluted congressional district in America... Gas and oil are huge donors of his.

    John Kerry as Envoy on Climate
    -- He's at least worked with climate change 'stuff" in the last few years but ... he's very right leaning on a lot of issues. Supports fracking, pollution trading schemes and loopholes, etc. Very old school and dated view on climate change. I guess the US is going to rejoin the climate accord and just give the impression they are going to care about the climate?

    Ernest Moniz as Secretary of Energy
    -- he held the same position under Obama IIRC. He isn't officially been placed yet but is on the "very short list". Yet another fossil fuel guy... Dude sits on the board of oil companies, has constantly sided with them on climate legislation and given them loopholes to do as they please with the false appearance of helping the climate. This guy is like 70 years old and his ENTIRE CAREER is built on the fossil fuel industry. His company literally wrote a paper telling California that the best way to reach their energy goals was to continue using fossil fuels lmao. This guy isn't a lock yet, but if he is... Why?

    Purely based on the people he is surrounding himself with:
    Biden on Climate: HORRIBLE
    Biden on Foreign Policy: HORRIBLE
    Biden on Stabalizing the Economy during Pandemic: HORRIBLE

    This fucking blows so far. I better get osme Andrew Yang because I can't tell if trump is even leaving office with the names Biden is putting out there.

  2. 16 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    This is just a piss poor take which sounds completely out of touch with reality. Exactly what did you want him to do? 

    Change his rhetoric more.  Wish he would've gone after the establishment candidates more than he did. He had a really good ad against Biden but I think they really only ran it once, or like.. one run through of it because the establishment and establishment voters HATED HIM for attacking Biden on his shit record. Then at the debates he was always so friendly.. " My good friend Joe Biden" . Uh no. It's bizarre how you push a certain tone and rhetoric at your rallies then when it comes to the debates and facing the people directly responsible for the issues you want to fix... Call them your friend and talk about how great they are. 

    He has no killer instinct. He talks a big game but doesn't act on it.

    EDIT: And that's just one more recent example. He literally bent the knee to Hillary in 2016 right. Fine. He lost, probably had it stolen from him.. whatever. But not only does he go around campaigning for her, but then he allows her to talk shit about him for like 4 years. He and his supporters were blamed for Hillary's poor showing, that they didn't do enough, that he wasn't part of the team, etc He says nothing about it. She comes back at him in 2020 says she can't get on board with Bernie very publicly 00 literally trying to ruin his campaign . She coincidentally decided to speak up RIGHT BEFORE voting started during the primaries. He again just let her talk. 

    He's a jelly fish. Spineless except when he isn't up against any visible threat. 

    It's disheartening, unfortunate. Sad. So what could've he done? A lot.

  3. Also, the nations biggest fears have mostly come true... at least early on. Biden's national security team has been appointed and is indeed led by some of the country's most dangerous war criminals in our history. People like Blinken and Michele Flournoy have been involved in every conflict the US has jumped into since around Clinton's administration. As well as been huge cogs in legislation that argue America must be able to constantly fight countless endless wars. 

    It's naive to think they will all of a sudden change, but we can only hope.

    Hindsight  is 20/20, but Trump may just have been better.

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  4. 6 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    Oh please. His other option was Trump.

    No it wasn't. His other option was him leading the revolution he promised. lol. Why is that not even remotely considered. This wasn't just a Biden v Trump campaign for years. Biden has only been the nominee since like.. April? Bernie's had 8 years to do something...He's been preaching about this for 8 years... lol. He's a coward, and not a leader. It doesn't  just all boil down to the most recent 6 months that you selectively want to look at.

  5. Good: Biden apparently is looking at Yang for Commerce Secretary or a new technology Secretary Role.

    Bad: Bernie threw his own name into consideration for Labor Secretary (kind of sad and pathetic after Biden's team said multiple times they don't want him lmao)

    Ugly: Hillary being considered for Ambassador to the UN.

  6. 19 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    You get rid of the virus and then jump start the economy. The economy goes nowhere as long as COVID is rampant.

    Ya, that’s what I’m worried about. Depression is up, suicides are up, domestic abuse is up, child abuse is up... how far we are going to go to “ get rid of the virus “ is going to be interesting. 

    Especially when we’ve gotten so much better at testing and treating coronavirus . During the first spike, the US had 2000 deaths a day. During this last spike we were at 800 a day. 

    The new team won’t need to implement a plan until late January though so who knows what we’re looking at by then 

    EDIT: And let me clarify. I am not saying do nothing different / extra. I would assume a nationwide mask mandate is going to be heavily considered / put in place. Only thing with that is, I think it would be mostly for show. I know Iowa is a small state, but we've been ravaged by the virus... We don't have a mask mandate, but I'd say a good 85-90% of people wear masks anyway pretty much everywhere. I am interested to see what the plan is beyond that though. The CDC has said that the two biggest places for transmission are work and small gatherings of friends & family.

    What are are gonna do? National lockdown? Tell neighbors and others to go full stasi and report people to the police? Not saying that's gonna happen,. just reiterating that I would like to know what logically comes after nationwide mask mandate.

  7. Bware, you may just your way with extremist muslims. Biden's rumored cabinet front runners are very pro war/conflict. Biden has been a lot more... firm? on engaging the enemy, regardless of who it may be. Doesn't mean anything will happen per se. I hope he's learned from backing stupid wars like going into Iraq.... But only time will tell.

    In other news. Biden  is supposed to announce his COVID team tomorrow, which... will say a lot. Supposedly Obama's surgeon general (Vivek Murphy) will be co-chairing the committee. He's promised economic recovery as one of his four pillars / priorities (with COVID response, racial disparity, and climate change). I am interested to hear how he/his team of scientists propose we both get stronger on the virus and the economy.

  8. Both sides have seen increases to their popular vote %, Biden over Clinton by roughly 2.5 I think and Trump by 1.5%. Gap between Trump/Hillary was 2% in Hillary's favor. Biden is ahead by 3%. 3rd Party presidential support very very low compared to 2016 also which is worth noting.

    So I guess I see what you're saying. I would still contend though that overall I think it will be easier for republicans to retains some of those votes compared to the democratic party. But we will see, loooong way to go. and like you, I am pretty sick and tired of polls. lol.

  9. 1 hour ago, Thanatos said:

    Just having more votes in a election with record turnout is not really a sign of anything. Was there more GOP % wise than in 2016?

    Sure its a massive difference, its because Dems are two parties working together against one party they think is a greater evil than either of their parties. The progressive wing is happy Trump is beaten, but they are not happy that it was Biden who did it. 

    Yang/Tulsi 2024 please. In either order, don't care.

    I think it's a huge sign of something. Both sides were extremely motivated to vote. And I do think it's going to be easier for the GOP to maintain some of that motivation going into 2024. I could totally be wrong, I mean... we're 4 years out, a lot can happen Ha. But people came out in droves to vote against Trump. I don't totally understand what you are asking about the GOP %, but they did have massive registration surges going into the election (as did Democrats). 

    I'm glad progressives could take a back seat to get rid of Trump, but at some point they need to fight back against the Biden's of the party. As mentioned previously, I do think Trump has moved Republicans considerably towards the middle of the political spectrum. Voter wise, I am talking. Obviously there are still super deep conservatives out there and super right politicians as well. There is a huge political shift / realignment happening from a voter level in my eyes across the board. 

    AOC just did an interview with the NY Times and was not exactly optimistic about how progressives are seen within government, so again.. I say edge Republicans until they prove they are indeed moving further right again.

    “The last two years have been pretty hostile. Externally, we’ve been winning. Externally, there’s been a ton of support, but internally, it’s been extremely hostile to anything that even smells progressive.”

    How both parties go into 2024 is going to be very interesting to me. I don't think democrats can rely on this corporatist, almost Republican, model they beat Trump with. And if progressives ever find their spines, there will be a reckoning. The GOP on the other hand has to pick if they follow this Trumpian centrist / populist type or revert back to super hardcore right. Hardcore right is obviously the wrong choice.

    Politico has a list of Biden cabinet "frontrunners" and I am not going to lie... it scares me seeing some of those names. Lots of them LOVE war. Doesn't mean anything is going to happen, but... I am not confident. Only positive I take out of this moment is that I think Biden brings the overall fever of the country down... back into it's sanity (which is ironic, considering he is losing his). It will be nice to have a more "presidential" President. I also expect a big 100 days, but again... I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. 

  10. 54 minutes ago, SteVo said:

    Miscellaneous thoughts, in no particular order:

    • Assuming current results hold, Biden held all Clinton states from 2016 and flipped all three blue-wall states, Nebraska's 2nd C.D., Arizona, and Georgia (!). That's a very solid victory.
    • The polls were about four points off yet again. Is Trump just poll-proof? Did some Biden supporters not get out to vote because of Covid or other reasons? I look forward to statistical analysis on this in the coming months.
    • Democrats definitely underperformed in Congress. The biggest question moving forward for them is why and how to fix it. Voters across the country may have been tired of Trump, but they're not ready to embrace liberalism just yet.
    • What happens to the Republican Party now? Do they embrace Trumpism or resort to a more dignified conservatism a la McCain/Romney? Trump isn't going away. His Tweets will hold political power, for better or worse. And no, Trump running in 2024 is not out of the question.
    • #PrayForPhil

    Regardless of what anyone wants to say , Trump realigned the Republican Party and probably (in the long run) it’s for the better. Trump was hardly conservative on most issues. Way more populist / moderate on most things except COVId which definitely sunk his campaign. 

    im just afraid Democrats view beating Trump as some huge win and thus stop fighting for real change. If they go into 2024 with the same strategy , they will lose. It wasn’t a huge gain, but Trump / GOP had 5 million more votes than last time and siphoned more of the votes from people of color. Not great signs for Democrats. Especially considering there was no real blue wave like predicted. 

    This was basically 2016 all over again just with role reversal. Anti Hillary voters got Trump elected, anti Trump voters got Biden elected. Data is preliminary naturally, but I think this is supported by polling showing that roughly 2/3 of all Biden voters are saying that “ he isn’t Trump “ is their #1 reason for voting for him. You’ll get some of that just voting down party line but roughly 25% voted for Trump just because he isn’t Joe Biden. That’s a massive difference. 

    Americans are still searching for somebody who will change the game. 

  11. 10 minutes ago, Thanatos said:

    Another lie from Trump and his cronies. He didn't forget he was running for President. It was a grammatical mistake. He was listing off the things he'd run for. He said Senator, then Vice President, and then President. Here is the full clip of that part: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/election-us-2020-54531569

    And yeah he forgot Romney's name. He's old. I wish he wasn't. But he's far better than the traitor in the WH.

    Why would we give another trillion dollars to big corporations and just $1200 again to the American people, with no help for a postal service about to be deluged? It wouldn't help people in the long run at all.

    Now she absolutely should do what Trump said later, which is send him a bill just for the $1200 to the people and thats it. Absolutely do that. She's a moron for not taking that offer. Either he's serious, in which case the people win, or he's not and she calls him on it.

    Holding the American people hostage because you don't get every single thing you wan't is not an excuse. I am not saying the Mnuchin 1.8T is perfect, I am not saying it's a magic wand. But people NEED THAT RELIEF. Why give a check to the American people without money for the post office? Fuck youuuuuu. lmao.

    If this doesn't get done, which it likely won't... Trump isn't gonna do shit during lame duck because he's a loser and going to be busy whining and crying... People aren't getting relief until FEBRUARY maybe.

    Fuck that evil witch. She's a disgusting pig.

    Also, she was on CNN today and went after Wolf Blitzer for asking her the tough question. She was calling him a GOP stooge lmao. What. A. Cunt. 


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  12. Axios posted a story today saying Biden is the least scrutinIzed and luckiest front runner in electoral history. 

    The Hill has shared similar sentiments as well, saying Biden has had to promise very very little compared to others. Very little policy and almost nothing when it comes to promises in the first 100 days

  13. On 10/9/2020 at 9:00 PM, Thanatos said:

    Wisconsin appeals court is taking away people's ability to vote during a pandemic by reversing a decision that allowed votes to be counted as long as they were postmarked by Nov. 3rd and received by the 9th. The Republicans don't care about people's right to vote, they just want more power, and disenfranchising people is how they plan to do it.

    Weaponizing a pandemic to try to hold onto a failing grasp of power is exactly what I would expect of the cult that Trump is in charge of.

    Isn't that exactly what Pelosi is also doing? Steve fuckign Mnuchin is like... the only voice of reason on stimulus talks. Proposes 1.8T deal, Nancy releases some stupid statement about how she can't push it forward. People are losing their jobs... people can't buy food. How dare you reject a very large bill that would help a lot of people. At least get us kind of through the election and then pass 10 trillion dollars worth when Kamala is president and Dems own both chambers of Congress. 

    Also... Biden said again today that he is running for Senate... and he couldn't recall Romney's name:

    “I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor”

    I really wish he would've picked a non-evil scumbag as VP. I worry for the next 4 years.

  14. 8 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    You implied it absolutely. Don't be disingenuous.

    It boils down to this: You'll get no argument from me that Biden isnt a great guy. It doesn't matter right now, to me. Biden is an idiot and a moderate, not a liberal, and not gonna help on a myriad of issues. He will help on COVID, climate change at least a bit, and possibly the SC. Trump is a threat to any progressive goals we have. He must be removed, period.


    No, I was genuinely just pointing out the irony in defending him the same exact way. I’ve spent the last 10 posts making the comparisons between the two and how they aren’t that different both personally or legislatively . So when you came in with Trumper rhetoric , I felt it fell too perfectly in place not to say something .

    I am not against defending either candidate in that way. Too often people try to be funny or be sarcastic or whatever and they go get canceled for it lol. I’m not about that life. 

    And at this point ... Biden or Trump I just hope it’s a blowout . I really don’t want to deal with all the legal challenges from either side. It’s going to be such a headache . A close race either way probably means rioting, looting, violence, etc . 

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  15. 12 minutes ago, Thanatos said:

    What a lazy argument. So since Trump defenders always claim he's joking/taken out of context, I can never legitimately point out Biden is being taken out of context or joking otherwise I'm just like them? 

    This would be valid if I never criticized Biden or said he said stupid things. Oh wait, I have. Multiple times. In this very thread. You're arguing disingenuously again.

    The guys laugh at his comment. This is clipped to show it in the worst way they can and it still comes off as a joke to the people listening. Trump's people do this all the time. How about when they clipped part of a Biden comment to claim he forgot the pledge of allegiance? Or when they literally photoshopped people out of a picture to make Biden look like he was trying to handshake thin air? Or when they did the same to a picture of Biden in his living room, making it seem like he was alone when there was 15 people in there? They do this intentionally so they can make the same argument you're making.

    "We intentionally lie and fraudently edit videos to make it seem like Biden is doing things he isn't, but you can't point that out or you're just like us when we claim Trump- entirely not taken out of context at all- is being framed."

    Fuck off.

    Like this? This is legit awful that he would say this. This makes me mad. Not some old video clipped to show something: 


    Except I didn't say that at all. You're merely setting up strawmen for you to argue against, likely because you see the irony in making the same exact excuses. lol. Which is all I was doing. Pointing out the eerily similar way Trumpers and anti-Trumpers defend their man. It's one of those things that just is what it is. I don't care that you do it, not saying not to do it.

     If you feel strongly enough to defend his comments, that's on you. Good for you for taking a stand. 

    ya, there's that one and a few of his racist comments as well. I don't feel good voting for people who just so casually say such things. Again, those comments alone.. maybe you can make excuses for. Not saying you would try. But even if so.. I look at his record... Not great for black people. So it makes him genuinely appear to believe the racist things he says. At least, in my opinion. 

  16. I would also like him to post such a list. I think it was a good idea when Trump did it, and I think Biden should do so as well. People would prefer a Biden judge because Trump is going to appoint someone who is will try to take out Roe and the ACA. 

    Again. what evidence is there of this? All indicators say it's going to be Amy Coney Barrett, staunch pro lifer... who is also quoted as saying that abortion is a womans right. Roe isn't being overturned regardless of what the propaganda says. And the ACA is massively flawed. We need something better. Plus, Trump also promised to repeal the ACA like 4 years ago. Not convinced this is happening either but I would give it a better chance than Roe.

    The guy has one assault allegation against him that was pretty thoroughly investigated and found to be nothing. Trump has 26. 

    Calling Harris evil is way off the mark. Sure she's fucked up a lot and she wouldn't have been my pick, but acting like she's evil is way over the line. Trump is evil. Harris is a politician.

    None of that really matters. Again, our democracy is at stake. Biden is not my first or second or third choice. He's still the only choice right now. There will nothing left to fix if you give Trump and the GOP four more years.

    Trump is gross. Again, we're not going to disagree on too much if you just want to bash Trump. lol. It doesn't excuse Biden's creepiness. Just because Trump is more of a creep, doesn't mean Joe gets a pass. It's actually kind of gross to me that it's shrugged off so easily. 

    Harris is 100% evil. She deliberately withheld evidence that would free an innocent man because it would make her look bad. That's pure fucking evil and not just politics. She threatened parents of truant kids with prison. LMAO. Fuck her. I want her nowhere near the White House or in on any decision making when it comes to criminal justice. She is corrupt, she has no moral character worth defending. She is a disgusting human being. 

    I'd love proof that the Dems rigged the primaries. I suppose I have less confidence in the Dem base than you do, because I absolutely believe they voted for Biden. The Green Party is a threat to the Dems, because they draw 2-3% of voters that would vote otherwise. We need a fundamental change of the system to have more parties.

    I posted the video of Democratic voter suppression earlier. Feel free to watch. And you are right, we do need more parties, which is exactly why Democrats fighting so hard to suppress those voters is one of the most anti-democratic things that can be done. It's very similar to how hard the GOP fights Libertarians. It's disgusting. Stop rigging fucking elections. 

    He's absolutely nothing like Trump, that is downright ridiculous. Biden, at the very least, takes COVID seriously and will listen to the science. Trump actively denies science and mocks people for wearing masks.

    Biden is OK with science that agrees with him and his motives. I haven't heard him tell people to go outside or take Vitamin D, both of which have gone under clinical studies to show that A) sunlight inactivates the virus and B) Having sufficient levels of Vitamin D can both significantly hinder getting the virus and significantly increase your chance of not going to the ICU after contracting it. Again, what science is convenient? Plus, let's not forget that Biden is using it as a political ploy to win an election. Proof of this? After saying he would shut down the economy if scientists agreed it was the right move, he said a week later that there would be no need to shut down the economy... why? Because saying he would shut it all down hurt him in the polls. It isn't science driving his positions, it's peoples opinions of them. Which again, is completely the same as Trump . 

    Trump's policies have results in hundreds of thousands of avoidable deaths. He's actively removing protections from the environment. He's undermining Congressional authority and moving it to the White House. 

    I agree he should've acted sooner. And he will pay for those poor decisions in the poll no doubt. With that said, it's hard for me to imagine Biden doing anything drastically differently. Mostly evident from above stated references of him just flip flopping on COVID issues to suit his political need.  Biden is TERRIBLE on the environment. lol. Look at his fli flopping on fracking after his corporate puppet masters went after him after saying he would ban it. Look at his environmental policy when he launched his campaign. TERRIBLE lmao. It's pretty much do nothing, carry on with the status quo. He did adopt a few things once all the progressives dropped out as a lame peace offering but nothing very substantial. 

    Groups in charge of pushing the Green New Deal said Biden's environmental plan was a " death sentence " . lol. Is he a little better than Trump... I guess. lol. 

  17. 14 minutes ago, Thanatos said:

    As per usual, DJT posts more lies like the cult follower he is.  A) This is from 2016 and B) he's making a joke about appointing the head of the academy which none of them liked, thus the laughter from the soldiers. I thought the right didnt like being people being offended on someone else's behalf?

    Ironically, you know you just sound like a Trumpster right? Anytime Trump says something really stupid or awful, they just rush to his defense and say he was "joking" or "taken out of context". Like, ehhhh. Lol. Do as I say, not as I do though -- right?

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  18. 3 hours ago, DJT20 said:

    MSM won't cover this, but they'll of course come out with a hit piece where Trump supposedly said he hates the troops (which gets eaten up by hardcore leftists such as Thanatos). Can you imagine the absolute chaotic outrage that would happen if Trump said this? Lol

    I can’t believe anyone wants to vote for this guy. Lol. Debate should be good. I’m still wondering if Joe will be surprisingly decent or a total train wreck 

  19. Right. We agree on that then. 

    How do you define liberal per se? Most Democrats, centrists, and even center right voters aren’t exactly in favor of policies that Biden has supported throughout his career. I would very much like him to post a short list of who he thinks would fill that seat if her were president. If you’re just talking about your typical Democrat who is gonna vote strictly based on party , then ya... obviously they would prefer a Biden judge because they don’t really care about policy. They just want their team to win, like their counterparts in the GOP. 

    What evidence is there that Biden is anyone other than who he has been his entire life ? Biden has been in politics for 20% of the lifespan of the United States — I don’t understand the faith in him to be radically different than who he has been over the last 50 years. Guy has assault allegations levied against him, makes racist comments, openly mocks the progressive wing of his own party... picked an evil woman who agrees with him on major policies he has supported in his life like mass incarceration, long jail sentences for low level offenses, further destroying and keeping down poor people which disproportionately impacts people of color. 

    Look at his campaign ... he’s banking on somewhat well to do suburban white people to win this election. Lol. And it’ll probably work just because of COVID and anti Trump people like yourself. Yes, you get a victory for getting rid of Trump. However you get to take the Big fat L when Democrats roll with the “cater to uppity white folks even more” platform that they likely adopt going forward just because they want to win elections. 

    Trumps pretty shitty. We all agree with that, except Phil and maybe Bware . But what is this “he will destroy America” stuff that is quite literally taken right from the DNC talking points ? Not saying his policies are even good but what specifically moves you to feel like America is literally going to be destroyed by Trump beyond what any other President has done ? 

    And as I’ve previously stated why not rail against Democrats for rigging their primaries ? Why not rail against them for telling many of their incumbents to not debate their challengers because it would likely hurt their chances? Why not rail against them for suing to eliminate the Green Party because the DNC views the Green Party as a threat to establishment corporatist business as usual politics ? 

    And to be clear, I only focus on the DNC’s corruption and literal destroying of our democracy because none of us would disagree that the GOP is doing the same thing. 

    And that’s really the whole crux of this discussion , at least from my side. I don’t personally feel like being an anti-Trump vote is constructive at all. I get and accept people hate Trump.  Nothing wrong with that....But I just can’t get my head around being anti-Trump just to vote for a party and a candidate who represents (largely but not wholly) the same exact things you’re voting against Trump for.

    That doesn’t quite click for me and I’ve had a couple similar discussions with friends and none of them offer anything genuinely concrete. It’s like I’m talking to a CNN headline randomizer. Lol 

    I do agree though that the AOC wing of the party as you dubbed them can and will make a difference at some point. Don’t think it’s going to be under Biden though. AOC herself (IIRC, maybe it was a staffer) that Biden / his team has had very little contact with her about much of anything. 

    Assuming Biden wins and lives hopefully she primaries him if he runs for re-election (doubtful probably, but I could see the DNC wheeling out Biden’s brain in a jar on the campaign trail so who knows). Or at least challenges Kamala heavily in the primaries because as VP she’d probably be the favorite going into the next cycle. 

    I have hope , but very little for the next 4 years. 

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