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  1. Smell My Face

    Biggest Douche in the NFL

  2. Smell My Face

    *** TEAM SKINS ***

    Where can I view all of these? (yes I am an idiot)
  3. Smell My Face

    Greg Jennings critcizes Aaron Rodgers

    I think quite a bit of these comments are blown out of proportion and taken out of context by the media. Either way Jennings should focus on football and shut his mouth.
  4. Smell My Face

    Ryan Longwell Retires As A Packer

    Not very surprising he retired as a Packer. He was probably the best kicker in the NFL during his years with them.
  5. Smell My Face

    NFC North All Star Squad

    Rudolph is on the verge of becoming an elite TE. The consistency of the QB play in Minnesota has kind of held him back so far. Look at what he did in the probowl with a better QB behind center (5 catches, 122 yards, 1 TD, won MVP). Even with inconsistent QB play he has caught 20 of 23 passes in the redzone. Which comes out to a 87 percent red zone catch rate. The next highest catch rate is Rob Gronkowski who caught 65 percent. Rudy has also become a very solid blocker since coming out of college. I may be looking through some purple tinted glasses but I would choose him over Finley and Pettigrew in a heart beat.
  6. Smell My Face

    *** TEAM SKINS ***

    Adrian Peterson and Chad Greenway
  7. Smell My Face

    Mikael Akerfeldt (Lead Vocalist/Creator of Opeth)

    You're definitely at the top of your game bro! This is pretty sick. :allhail:
  8. Smell My Face

    Xavier Rhodes

    Nice work BK! I personally like V2 best. Rhodes is going to be a beast!
  9. Smell My Face

    Jimmy Graham

    I like version one the best. Graham might just be hands down the best TE going into the season with Gronk being hurt and Hernandez in prison.
  10. Smell My Face

    Bon Scott Sig

    One of my all time favorite singers! Liking the text best on number two. Great work!
  11. Smell My Face

    Reggie White (MOD)

    I am liking the original. Great work as usual BK!
  12. Smell My Face

    Larry Sanders

    The rust is getting knocked off fast BK! You do know Larry went to VCU.
  13. Smell My Face

    Sig request thread

    That's freaking sweet Dmac! Would there be anyway to change the color of the text to gold or another school color (colors are black, white and gold)? If not, thats cool. Really digging it! Thanks!
  14. Smell My Face

    Scrolling Userbars

    Really digging the GNR one! Great band and great userbar buddy.
  15. Smell My Face

    Scrolling Userbars

    You can do it!
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