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  1. Conshy

    New here

    Mentch is a good dude. Welcome to the board. I hope you don't hate Philadelphia as much as he does. I reside in the Chat and hardly ever post, so you probably won't see me around ever again.
  2. Conshy

    Post a pic of yourself...

  3. Conshy

    ATTN: Jerry Jones

    Dear Jerruh Jones, How does my dick taste?
  4. Conshy

    Make me orange. :'(

    Fuck yo' couches. All of them. But, also, :heartbreak: <_<
  5. Conshy

    Make me orange. :'(

    Fuck it. I just got put in my place.
  6. Conshy

    Make me orange. :'(

    All I want from this forum is to be an elite member. I don't post enough, but I want it more than all of you. ;_; Vote for me next time, and I will love you for the rest of our lives.
  7. Conshy

    Should Vin make a Facebook?

    BLUE and his cronies are trying to spoil my plan.
  8. Conshy

    Should Vin make a Facebook?

    I might almost be drunk.
  9. Conshy

    American Culture Night

    To give all the foreigners a taste of 'murica.
  10. Conshy

    American Culture Night

    What should it include? I am in charge of putting on an American Culture Night at an international conference my school is hosting the last two weeks of this month. Sadly, there can't be a lot of beer, as I will be one of the few students there old enough to drink in the states. My plan was just to buy a bunch of lager and throw some dogs on the grill. I was told by those above me that I wasn't allowed to do that. <_<
  11. Conshy

    Elite Nominations

    Conshy Conshy Conshy Bay Conshy Conshy
  12. I'm still bitter at Microsoft. I don't know how people can just forget what they were willing to do. <_<
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