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  1. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Fantasy Rosters 2016

    I almost always get last pick, hate it Haven't had drafts yet I'm in the Yahoo and IDP league, drafting around week before the season like it should be
  2. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    America's Drinking Culture

    I drink pretty much everyday. When I'm really hungover though I usually don't drink the next day. When I get off work I just have to have a beer because I wanted to kill people for the last 4-10 hours (depending on the day) dealing with them at work. I got issues
  3. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    BJGE's Weekly Offical Betting thread

    Some NFL Futures/Props sharp plays that look interesting... OROY Derrick Henry +1400 Michael Thomas also a darkhorse at +2000 Most Rushing Yards Lamar Miller +1200 First Coach Fired Chuck Pagano +1600 Rex Ryan +1000 Gus Bradley +1000 Team Wins Chargers Under 7 wins +140 this is a lock Ravens Under 8 wins +125 this is also a lock Final Standings Colts 3rd in AFC South +375 Ravens 4th in AFC North +400 Jags 2nd in AFC South +275
  4. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Predict How the Divisions Unfold, Playoff Seeds

  5. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Rams sign Tavon Ausin to 4-year, 42M extension

  6. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Thoughts for TC/Preseason

    Props to y'all for continuing to expose the Colts as
  7. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    2016 NCAAF Discussion Thread

    Preseason Final Four Playoff prediction I'll go with... Oklahoma Florida State Alabama Michigan
  8. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    2016 Official TGP Yahoo FFL

    My schedule Mon: 3:30-8:30 pm Tues: Off Weds: Off Thurs: 3:30-9:30 pm Fri: 10:30am-7:30 pm Sat: 3:30-10:30pm Sun: 4:30-9:30pm
  9. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Official Soccer Thread

    Doubt it's true unless the N’Koudou deal is going south. Even then, why not just stick with N'Jie instead of Zaha. Doesn't make sense so not really buying it. Sig bet for a week? (because after that going back to Jegs sig) I'm down. Your boys gonna catch that work.
  10. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Official Soccer Thread

    As long as you had the moneiz on us it's all good
  11. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Joey Bosa saga rages on

    Yeah propped Cherry's trade suggestion before Dmac reminded us the deadline has passed on August 9th... CAA responded to the Chargers just recently here: Disaster. Whew. Probably going to sit out the whole year now, what a time to be alive.
  12. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    TGP IDP 2019

    If it works with my schedule I'll do it, never had two fantasy teams/leagues before though so this would be new ground for me. I actually am done with my job in 2 weeks but that won't matter draft wise so my work schedule is: Mon: 3:30-8:30 pm Tues: Off Weds: Off Thurs: 3:30-9:30 pm Fri: 10:30am-7:30 pm Sat: 3:30-10:30pm Sun: 4:30-9:30pm
  13. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Official Soccer Thread

    Forget who it was, Brady or someone else said he sucked I was like Was obvious they only watched him miss that one shot attempt and missed all the other good shit he did
  14. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Official Soccer Thread

    Oh yeah, when your boy takes you and his former teammates soul so non-nonchalantly forcing him to literately walk off the pitch in shame for a few seconds: https://twitter.com/SpursOfficial/status/768468595785338880
  15. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    What was the last movie you watched?

    I was bored one night and started up a completely legal viewing allegedly and had to X out of it within the first 15-20 minutes because the exposition was so forced and the quick cuts were completely out of control and immediately took me out of the movie. It annoyed me that much. Then I randomly saw an article about how when test screening viewers said it was too dark or depressing they hired the bros that edited together the trailer to make it more like the trailer and it was basically a 2 hour and 10 minute trailer with added in one liner jokes to be more Marvel like Another case of too many cooks, Massive L. In other news I finally saw Mad Max: Fury Road this morning because I woke up at 5 am and had nothing to do. Some doooope visuals and cinematography. The female empowerment theme is kind of played these days since so many films since then have gone that route (my fault for seeing it so late really though) but looking past that small thing in the grand scale that was a really badass action flick. Love practical effects/real stunts and this had it in spades. Never took me out of the movie with tons of fake looking CGI like so many other action films do these days. The number of different modified vehicles and their attack/defense mechanisms were so dope. Just a really cool action film that felt unique.
  16. CampinWithaMissingPerson


    James Jean is one of my favs, he's got very wild shit. This used to be my twitter background: This one was extra dope to me because I was obsessed with drawing elephants (and goats) myself for a bit, old sharpie drawing I did here: I actually drew it on a shirt with black sharpie too but tweaked it a bit to go under the armpit but yeah back to James Jean the gawd for more just look up his name, dunno how expensive his stuff is though honestly, I found out about him through one of my other favs from back when I was young, David Choe when I was really into graffiti, who you should check out too if you didn't already know about him I'm actually gonna get back into painting myself again now that I quit my job. Already have a few pieces in mind from my tumultuous year that has been 2016.
  17. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Thoughts for TC/Preseason

    Should of just followed your boy Pax, Cherry https://twitter.com/LanceZierlein/status/768284092899086336
  18. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Predict How the Divisions Unfold, Playoff Seeds

    MY MAN
  19. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Predict How the Divisions Unfold, Playoff Seeds

    You picked the Colts to win the Super Bowl when their QB has a male camel toe, so you're automatically wrong Mr. Elliot. Is this with whom you place your faith?
  20. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Alright TGP. Let's have it.

    Damn well be after it took me a couple hours off and on with my internet dropping out Irsay made the call to comcast, I'm sure of it.
  21. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    Just finished Season 3 of BoJack So so good, and so so sad.
  22. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Thoughts for TC/Preseason

    Can't wait for Jalen to run Jordy off the field like he did Mike Evans.
  23. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Thoughts for TC/Preseason

    I was just kidding.
  24. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Rams QB Battle Rages On

  25. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Dion Lewis tears ACL

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