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    Positional Rankings--Skill Players (by Division)

    Dion Lewis was always electric in college, even with the Eagles and Browns but he never got to show it with them in regular season because he always got hurt before he got on the field. His first chance to play in the regular season and he goes off—but then got hurt again and therein lies his problem. I wouldn't put him over McCoy, but next after talent/future age wise? Sure. Forte and Foster are on their last legs. Hell, McCoy, Forte, AND Foster are more dangerous receiving than they are rushing too, just like Lewis. I think the Jets pickup of Forte is really overrated in my opinion. Jets already taking about him splitting carries with Bilal Powell. Forte will be out there in passing downs though but how much does he have left? Same goes for Foster splitting carries with Jay Ajayi. Lewis will get more snaps than Blount when both are healthy just like he did last year, that's how talented he is.
  2. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Training Camp/Preseason Injuries 2016

    I think we can take Julius Thomas off the injury report as he never even missed one practice, and has continued making plays including this in the scrimmage guessing that ankle is just fine. even Marqise Lee is practicing again He could possibly still make it back by Week 1, but it's unlikely he'll feel like himself for atleast the first quarter of the season, possibly more. So if he does in fact play he's gonna be out there around 75% or so. Shaving off parts of your discs in your back is no joke.
  3. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    What do you think causes all these pre-season injuries?

    When you said, "you don't see this at other levels of football" this can explain why. In the NFL these guys are growing into their bodies/maturing, their better diets, and weight programs/supplementation are all more advanced leading to bigger, faster dudes but these tendons, ligaments and joints are all the same size. It's raw physics.
  4. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Positional Rankings by Division--Cornerbacks

    South Same as in the skill players thread; I'm going to project this upcoming season, so not just off the past but the past + the potential future, so talent level plays a role as well. Johnathan Joseph Vontae Davis Davon House Jason McCourty Kevin Johnson Kareem Jackson Prince Amukamara Jalen Ramsey Patrick Robinson Darius Butler Brice McCain Aaron Colvin Perrish Cox Couple things here, I expect Vontae to bounce back from allowing so many TDs (7) last year. Guys I expect to make a jump compared to the past include Davon House, Kevin Johnson, Prince Amukamara, and Jason McCourty. For House it's the added talent around him especially pass rush (CB's best friend), for Johnson it's no longer being a rookie and I like his talent/size over Kareem's, for Prince it's being under the radar/less pressure, for McCourty it's being healthy and playing off the front 7 and LeBeau's pressure schemes. I understand the Kareem argument, but I feel like Johnson will overtake him this year and being my rankings are projection based that's why it is the way it is. Other explanations: Patrick Robinson quietly had a good year in San Diego and is a better fit for the Colts than Toler, he should enjoy his new team. Darius Butler is a real solid NB, I like him to be better than McCain. Perrish Cox also allowed 7 TDs last year (career high), and will continue to be the guy teams pick on given harder defenders to throw on in McCourty and McCain. Plus the WRs in this division are really really good, so he brings up the rear. Jalen Ramsey is still raw technique wise as we all knew coming-in, but his long arms, physicality/strength, and make-up speed will all help him this year I just feel Prince is a more technically sound CB (him and A-Rob's TC battles are becoming a regular, while A-Rob tends to school Ramsey with his routes and fakes) and will continue to be this year hence why even in projection this season I still have Prince over Ramsey. Aaron Colvin is suspended for the first 4 games and Prince is balling so he might not get on the field if the trio of House/Prince/Ramsey produces that much but he was the best run stopping/blitzing NB in the league last year quietly. Led all DBs with 4 sacks. I'd have him higher if I was confident enough he'll get on the field, Prince might keep him off.
  5. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Dog Eat Dog looks like it could be fun. Pairs Cage & Defoe back up from last we saw them together in Wild at Heart. If it gets US distribution and is in theaters I'm down otherwise I'll watch it on the net. http://theplaylist.net/nicolas-cage-willem-dafoe-get-crazy-first-trailer-paul-schraders-dog-eat-dog-20160806/ trailer isn't on youtube so gotta watch it in the embeded vid in link.
  6. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Positional Rankings--Skill Players (by Division)

    South I'm going to project what I expect to see this upcoming season. So this isn't a "what have they done" ranking. More of a "what will they do?" Given that, that means I'll put in rookies who I project to place into spots ahead of vets (for instance I expect the Colts' Josh Ferguson to end up jumping Turbin in the depth chart) so while you can say yeah they haven't played in real NFL games yet; Idc Idc Idc . QB: Andrew Luck Blake Bortles Marcus Mariota Brock Osweiler Pretty self explanatory; Luck should bounce back, Bortles should improve consistency but maybe have lesser stats, Mariota might be running a lot more and Brock is... well he's Brock. RB: Lamar Miller Chris Ivory T.J. Yeldon DeMarco Murray Frank Gore Josh Ferguson Derrick Henry Alfred Blue Talk about the all-injury prone RB division, great googly moogly. Look out for Josh Ferguson. Henry seems to be struggling so far in camp so he's tamed down the list but more talent than Blue so he gets the nod. WR: DeAndre Hopkins Allen Robinson Allen Hurns Donte Moncrief T.Y. Hilton Tajae Sharpe Rashad Greene Phillip Dorsett Jaelen Strong Kendall Wright Will Fuller This group is deeper than people realize in my opinion. Robinson will make it more interesting with Hopkins this year at the top as A-Rob has looked like he's taken even "another step" this year which seems insane and Hopkins as we know is disgruntled with the Front Office. Guys you should expect to burst onto the scene: Moncrief, Sharpe, Greene, Dorsett, Strong. TE: Delanie Walker Julius Thomas Dwayne Allen Marcedes Lewis C.J. Fiedorowicz Anthony Fasano Top three are really good, rest are blocking TE vets. Didn't list Stevens because seems kind of redundant with Fasano but either of them likely places in that slot. One thing to watch is for whatever reason Marcedes Lewis is having by far his best camp/offseason by all reports and video evidence and seems to be the guy everyone leaves open as they panic to cover the Allens, and Julius so he might have an unexpected spike in TDs this year.
  7. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    The Night Of HBO mini-series, binge watched the only 4 episodes out so far as my mom was recovering from surgery and oh yeah... this is a good one. John Turturro the gawd This has the feel of The Wire, wasn't expecting that coming in for some reason but it's there.
  8. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Training Camp/Preseason Injuries 2016

    https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/760916527541424128 They'll probably have to shut him down for the entire preseason if they don't want it to linger. Alfred Morris reportedly looked more decisive early on in camp, so he'll have to carry the load with Dunbar until Zeke gets back and McFadden's elbow finally heals up.
  9. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Training Camp/Preseason Injuries 2016

    Julius Thomas was able to walk afterwards just like T.J. Yeldon who had a sprained ankle. Yeldon missed 2 days. Expect something similar with Thomas not weeks. The real news is not really news because today was the 4th straight practice Marqise Lee has been out with a hamstring EDIT: Julius Thomas isn't even missing a day, he's practicing the very next day Told ya. Also, Lee still out because it's Marqise Lee. https://twitter.com/ryanohalloran/status/760826903888551936 Also: Backup QB Kellen Moore just broke his leg. Done-so and RapSheet and others already saying, "Paging Nick Foles" whew.
  10. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Football is Back (in Four More Days fuck guys)

    Enter James Jones!
  11. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    That article Cherry posted awhile back says the same, they pretty much nail his tactics and why so many people were confused by him and still are: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jon-deutsch/the-trump-diagnostic_b_9643176.html
  12. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    DeAndre Hopkins holding out

  13. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    The Return of the Randomness Thread....

  14. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    I'm not registered to vote still, and this year sure as hell ain't gonna make me take the leap (also I'm pretty sure I can't this late in the process) but I think Trump is going to win. Hillary is a dead candidate IMO. I just don't see where she goes up from here unless she just absolutely dominates Trump in debates (which I don't see happening, even if shes known as a good debater, Donald has proven to be as well so far) or Trump does/says something to change things but as we've seen and Phil says people like Trump even when he talks out of pocket because it appeals to his non-PC politician image.
  15. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Predict How the Divisions Unfold, Playoff Seeds

    Ah, you're right about Thana, missed that. But Razor never predicted playoffs Also, DeAndre Hopkins holding out and Texans don't negotiate. Texans 5-11 confirmed
  16. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Predict How the Divisions Unfold, Playoff Seeds

    *oochy proceeds to list playoff predictions too because he's an overachiever * East: 13-3 9-7 7-9 2-14 West: 10-6 10-6 8-8 7-9 North: 11-5 10-6 7-9 2-14 South: 9-7 7-9 6-10 5-11 East: 11-5 7-9 7-9 6-10 West: 13-3 13-3 7-9 1-15 North: 13-3 13-3 7-9 4-12 South: 11-5 10-6 6-10 4-12 Playoff Seeds: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Playoff Seeds: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  17. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Titans sign Andre Johnson

  18. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    What song are you listening to atm???

  19. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    Yeah that's why I propped Bware's post too, him getting the GOP to cheer for gay rights was the most bizarre thing I've ever seen, never thought I'd see that either Then he even said he was proud of them for cheering. Plus he kept throwing the ills of former GOP policies in their face. It was kind of impressive for all the other dumb shit he's done/said.
  20. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Presidential Election Thread

    If you're really interested in this Russian angle, it goes really fucking deep including Snowden, Wikileaks, Assange etc. From a former NSA and Cold War American spy who Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has tried to destroy before (since he started exposing Assange and Wikileaks as a Russian front) by exposing him sending a dick pic to a girl on twitter because he was no longer having sex with his wife but failed to completely destroy him so he kept pounding the desk and now it seems most people are aligning with his thoughts finally: http://observer.com/2016/07/wikileaks-dismantling-of-dnc-is-clear-attack-by-putin-on-clinton/ And no he's not a democrat.
  21. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Official Soccer Thread

    Hugo BAWSE only keeper to be nominated twice for save of the year. https://streamable.com/08r6? https://streamable.com/fu4z? they should of included this one for the fuck of it too https://streamable.com/1uiz?
  22. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    What song are you listening to atm???

  23. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Boldin signing with Lions

    He'll cut into Ebron and Riddick's targets more than anyone else IMO.
  24. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    You're in a dark alley, with no weapon in hand

    No ones presence is touching James Harrison's presence I'm sorry. Don't care how big or buff dudes are, some people just have that fire inside and people know it and don't dare put their hand near it. He has it.
  25. CampinWithaMissingPerson

    Where are you today?

    as an architecture nerd that stadium is fire emojis, can't wait to watch games from there.
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