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    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    ABSOLUTELY! He was Brees-like! lol, This is Great news! You go Josh... Also read that Peyton Hillis is looking beastly, bruising and fast out there as well. Man I hope Hillis makes the roster, I know this guy can return to his old form...and if he does, we are gonna have one brutal running game.
  2. BucMad

    Two-RB packages?

    I would say Rice/Pierce as well...for now. I would love to see the Bucs bring back that power+speed RB combo, like we had with Dunn/Alstott. I think we could have had that with Martin and Blount but we all know how that went. Hopefully we can still achieve that with Martin. Right now we have Brian Leonard, Mike James and Peyton Hillis whom I like the best, and is really showing some flashes of his old form in training camp. But we'll see...
  3. I agree...bring back the skills competition. They used to have skills competitions, dont know why they stopped it? Wasnt pulling in enough interest back then? I do know the players aren't willing to risk serious injury, or their future by playing in a lackluster, meaningless game. So instead.. have them line up in individual skills challenges where as competitors they'll be motivated more IMO. Plus there's a lower risk of injury.
  4. BucMad

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    Roy Cummings ‏of TBO...tweets Bucs coach Greg Schiano says DE Adrian Clayborn's groin strain will keep him out a few days, but it's not as serious as initially thought. Adrian Clayborn injured his groin yesterday and spent the day on the stationary bike, but the Buccaneers expect he'll be fine. [sigh of relief] Per Joebucsfan
  5. BucMad

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    Welcome aboard TampaTwo...great to have ya bud! Wish I could make it, gotta work. Was there last Sat. for the night practice, had a blast! I really cant complain though, cuz I didnt make of them last year so....I'm satisfied.
  6. BucMad

    The All-IQ Team

    How about Vincent Jackson... He grew up a military brat. Described by his mom as a "math geek" He once won a national poetry contest in Germany. In 1993 his family moved outside of Colorado Springs, Colo. He played football at Widefield High. Was a straight-A student in high school, and earned a 4.3 GPA and graduated fourth in his class of almost 400. Jackson was accepted to Columbia University, and the Ivy League. Being no major schools recruited Jackson for football, he decided to attend the University of Northern Colorado instead on a partial scholarship to play both basketball and football. Eventually he ended up his getting his degree in business from Northern Colorado.
  7. BucMad

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    Per PewterReport Top 10 Buccaneers In Training Camp After Week 1- 1. RB Doug Martin Martin is having a fantastic camp and appears ready to pick up where he left off in 2012. Whether it is juking middle linebacker Mason Foster out of his jock on a middle screen pass, or using his burst to break off a big run, Martin looks electric on the practice fields of One Buccaneer Place. The Bucs are incorporating the second-year star out of Boise State more and more into the passing game and he will be an even bigger threat in Tampa Bay’s offense in 2013. 2. WR Vincent Jackson Jackson, who was Martin’s Pro Bowl companion last year in Hawaii, is still dominating after achieving personal bests with 72 catches for 1,384 yards in 2012. Jackson has been seeing time at his familiar split end position, but is also getting plenty of plays inside as a slot receiver in Mike Sullivan’s offense. The only cornerback that has shown he can hang with the 6-foot-5, 230-pound receiver is rookie Johnthan Banks, who is 6-foot-2, 185 pounds. 3. DT Gerald McCoy The Bucs’ Pro Bowl defensive tackle looked like he was in great shape last August and that set the tone for McCoy being able to play in all 16 games for the first time in his NFL career and record a career-best five tackles. A leaner, more muscular McCoy is in even better shape this year and has had a dominant first week of training camp. It doesn’t help the Bucs offense to have Ted Larsen and Cody Wallace manning the guard positions instead of Carl Nicks and Davin Joseph because McCoy is simply owning the line of scrimmage in camp thus far. 4. RT Demar Dotson While left tackle Donald Penn and center Jeremy Zuttah have been steady, Dotson has been superb in pass protection in practice. In front of thousands at the Bucs night practice at Raymond James Stadium, he continued to stifle defensive end Da’Quan Bowers, which something he has down with regularity through the first week of training camp. Dotson is trying to fend off a charge from newcomer Gabe Carimi for the starting right tackle job, and his exceptional pass protection skills have him entrenched as the current leader. 5. LB Lavonte David The speedy David has been playing even faster this year because he has a year’s worth of experience in Bill Sheridan’s defense. Whether it’s sniffing out a failed attempt at a wide receiver pass from Mike Williams, or sacking quarterback Josh Freeman on a blitz, David has been making several big plays during the first week of training camp. Most importantly, David has been very consistent and has yet to have a bad outing through the first five days of camp. David is the fastest, most instinctive linebacker on the roster and his skills have been on display every day at One Buc Place. 6. CB Johnthan Banks Banks has been a sensational addition to the team and is picking up where he left off during the team’s OTAs (organized team activities) and the mandatory mini-camp. During the second training camp practice, Banks picked off Freeman and has broken up several passes intended for Jackson and Williams. Tampa Bay’s second-round draft pick has yet to play like a rookie and is putting himself in prime position to be a starter opposite Darrelle Revis. At the very least, the 6-foot-2, 185-pounder should be the team’s nickel cornerback on opening day in New York due to his physical playing style, his quick hands and instincts. 7. WR Mike Williams The Bucs’ starting flanker entered camp with a brand new contract extension and is earning every penny. Williams has made several acrobatic catches in practice, just as he has over his first three years in the league. While he must become more consistent on catching slant passes across the middle, Williams has opened eyes with his exceptional hands returning punts. While it’s doubtful that the Bucs would risk using him as the team’s full-time punt returner, Williams has done enough in camp to suggest that the Bucs use him strategically and situationally when the game is on the line this fall. 8. DE Adrian Clayborn While Bowers was getting most of the pre-training camp hype because he’s replacing departed starter Michael Bennett, who was Tampa Bay’s leading sacker in 2012, Clayborn is off to the better start. Looking lean and mean, Clayborn has made a full recovery from his knee injury and has fully participated in training camp. In fact, Clayborn is further ahead than either Revis or Joseph in terms of being able to participate in team drills in camp. Clayborn has been getting a stiff challenge from Penn, who is in phenomenal shape this year, on a regular basis, and wins some of those matchups. Clayborn is laser-focused on a big comeback year. 9. WR Chris Owusu While Kevin Ogletree and Tiquan Underwood are the featured competitors for the Bucs’ third receiver role, Owusu has been surprisingly thrust into the mix, too. Smooth and speedy, the former practice squad receiver has formed an unlikely rapport with Freeman and become one of his favorite targets in training camp. Owusu has been solidly entrenched with the second-string, but has gotten an occasional rep with the first team. If he can maintain his production throughout training camp, Owusu could be one of the team’s biggest surprises in August. 10. RB Brian Leonard The competition for the backup running back position behind Martin is wide open and features the likes of second-year Buccaneer Michael Smith, who has raw speed, rookie Mike James, who has some wiggle and good hands, newcomer Peyton Hillis, who has experience and power, and Leonard, who has versatility and a nice burst. Leonard had an impressive, long touchdown run in the Bucs’ night practice and has made the most of his opportunities to catch and carry the ball as he makes a charge for the No. 2 running back job. The fact that Leonard can also block and serve as a backup at fullback to Erik Lorig makes him even more valuable. GO
  8. BucMad

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    Also this went up on the side of Ray Jay on Dale Mabry Highway and was released by the Bucs on Facebook yesterday. Revis himself even fired it off on Twitter, all pumped up about leading the “No Fly Zone” to his 368,000+ followers. I can’t imagine Revis and the Bucs would engage in these kinds of fan-arousing tactics if Revis wasn’t truly ready to ball.
  9. BucMad

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    On the eve of training camp, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offensive backfield is getting a significant shot of depth. The Buccaneers announced on Tuesday afternoon the signing of running back Peyton Hillis to a one-year contract. The team reports to camp on Wednesday morning and will practice for the first time on Thursday. To make room for Hillis on the 90-man camp roster, the Buccaneers released rookie running back Matt Brown. Per Schiano’s comments to Steve Duemig on WDAE-AM 620 this evening. I have to say, I'm OK with this signing. Hillis could prove very useful on short yardage situations, and we really could use some inprovement there. Plus as I mentioned earlier he can catch.. and he's a decent blocker. The downside was his past production but then again look at who he's played for the past few years. And he also has never run behind a great line like we have here. But I'm excited about what can come out of this....Hey either he returns to his old form or he completely sucks. Still, we have nothing to lose.
  10. BucMad

    Predicting Every 2013 Game

    Great effort, though I dont see much this happening..ESP the Bucs 6-10? Falcons 7-9?
  11. BucMad

    How many games do the Panthers win in 2013?

    In a very tough Division, with a Brutal schedule. Same as last year 7-9. The offense is loaded with weapons, and have a good defensive front seven, thats getting even better..But the areas of concern IMO are... the offensive line and the secondary. Though I think CB Josh Norman has the playmaking ability to make an impact, he could very well have a breakout year.
  12. BucMad

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    Bucs Bring In Hillis, Shiancoe For Workouts... http://www.pewterreport.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=8989:&Itemid=15 I always liked Hillis, but would he help us? We have absolutely nothing to lose, he's a low risk/high reward signing if he sticks. We are kinda thin at RB and Hillis has proven that he can be a beast...WHEN HEALTHY! Where would he fit best at RB or FB? I think if he stays healthy he could be the #2 RB on our roster. Very much like Mike Alstott (maybe even a better receiver) and would really add some versatility. And Shiancoe...I just dont get this, when we already have six TE's on the roster. Shiancoe is 33 yrs old, why not just resign Dallas Clark then.
  13. BucMad

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    Yep...I think so too. And one particular area in which, I think Spence may be better over Miller is on runs to the outside. Cuz virtually all of Miller's 24 tackles a season ago came inside the guard box. But..Spence, this dude is relentless in pursuit, he had like 71-72 tackles last year for the Illini. And he's very close in size to what Sapp was, 6'1 300lbs...we can only hope he can be the same type player. Wishful thinking... And yeah, I cant see Dotson not starting. Not after the season he had last year. I guess we'll see. Hey also it looks like the Monday Nighter vs Miami is just about Sold out! Looks like I'm shit outta luck for that one....they retire Sapp's 99 into the ring that night. Dammit!
  14. BucMad

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    I agree with both of you..(RGS & BucD) What do you guys think about Akeem Spence? Would you compare him to Roy Miller? Or no? Also did you guys notice on most Bucs depth charts they have Gabe Carimi on top starting at RT? What happened to Dotson?
  15. BucMad

    Top 10 Dirtiest Names In Sports

    Yeah, Rusty Kuntz takes the cake! Pretty funny shit though. And hey how about NASCAR car driver Dick Trickle? The dude just passed away back May from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Crazy...he even called the sheriffs dept and told them where he was gonna shoot himself. In the cemetary! Talk about tragic...
  16. BucMad

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    True! I hope so too..and I love our picks in Gholston, and Means. Both should be major contributors. But, if we get no pressure from that D-line this year, its gonna be like signing a death warrant for the secondary. And that's Revis or no Revis. The man can only do so much. The defense let us down last year more than Freeman. #1 rush defense and #31 pass defense? Where was the pressure on the QB? The secondary wasn't good but the D-Line didn't help at all. If the D-line had given us more QB pressure the scores would have been less against us and we would have won those close games. I know Freeman struggled late in the season but he wasn't given any help and he still managed to set team records in passing yds and td's. I think Freeman will be OK...but our D-Line is still a work in progress. Here's hoping Bowers and Clayborn step it up big time! :beerchug:
  17. BucMad

    Connor Barth out for year

    The curse of the achilles strikes again!! Man this sucks. But best wishes to Barth…heal up soon bud! And good pick up in Tynes! He won two Super Bowls with the Giants and has a career field goal percentage of 81.5%, and hit 83.6% of his field goals over his New York Giants tenure. We'll be alright guys.....
  18. BucMad

    Jimmy Graham.

    Graham>SNUBBED! Really shocked he wasnt on the list... And I agree with Thanatos19.. 1.) Don't let players vote for teammates. 2.) If you're on offense, you should only be able to vote for defensive players, i.e. the ones you hate facing, and vice versa...defense can only vote on offensive players. Problem/BS solved.
  19. BucMad

    Bucs face huge potential liability in junk-fax lawsuit

    Businesses still use fax machines? Talk about dinosaurs...lol. Hopefully we won’t get docked $270 million, or we'll have to take another 9 year hiatus from Free Agency, again.
  20. BucMad

    Jets agree to send Darrelle Revis to Bucs pending physical

    lol...yeah read that. $50K I guess the number is worth whatever a player is willing to pay for it...or give it up for.
  21. BucMad

    Which Last Place Team Finishes First?

    Bucs! Not just bcuz I'm a Bucs fan, but out of the teams listed above I feel we have the best chance. And 4 names that will play a major role in it.....Freeman#1,Revis,Goldson and Martin.
  22. Doug Martin.... lol..just playin round, I'll go with Lacy!
  23. BucMad

    Roddy White vs. Julio Jones

    I'll take Roddy... he is the undeniable legit #1 wideout in the Falcons offense. Not putting Julio down, but Roddy just continues to produce year after year, and has yet to miss a game which speaks volumes to me. Since '07 he hasn’t posted less than 130 targets, so Matt Ryan is clearly looking for him. Roddy also finished 2012 with more targets than Julio. 2007: 83/1,202yds/6td 2008: 88/1,382yds/7td 2009: 85/1,153yds/11td 2010: 115/1,389yds/10td 2011: 100/1,296yds/8td 2012: 92/1,351yds/7td To me you really cant compete with his consistency...and those numbers# are evidence that Roddy is one of the most consistent receivers in the game.
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