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  1. PURP

    How many games do the Vikings win in 2013?

    With adding Patterson, Jennings, and Rudolph likely taking the next step, and AP at RB, i'm sure Ponder can be solid for us.
  2. PURP

    How many games do the Vikings win in 2013?

    I see your a Seahawks fan, so it makes sense, but how do you figure? Greg Jennings is no slouch, and than we added Cordarrelle Patterson in the draft. Expecting a huge year from Rudolph as well. Far from getting worse in the passing game.
  3. PURP


    Welcome to TGP!
  4. PURP

    Xavier Rhodes

    Looks amazing! Much appreciated BK.
  5. PURP

    NFC North All Star Squad

    Thanks. Yeah. I was very happy when we got him. vikings had a hell of a draft with Rhodes, Sharrif, and Patterson. Pretty excited to see what happens this year.
  6. PURP

    NFC North All Star Squad

    Pretty solid list I would say. Hope Cook/Rhodes take over at one of those CB slots come next year though lol.
  7. PURP

    Hardest position to play in the NFL besides QB?

    Offensive Tackle and Cornerback is definitely up there on the list.
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