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    Saints Season Preview

    Doing these for all 32 teams - the Saints are the first from the NFC South. http://cappers.forumotion.com/t240-no-preview Feedback and critique welcome.

    Giants Season Preview

    Doing these for all 32 teams. Giants are the first from the NFC East. http://cappers.forumotion.com/t244-nyg-preview Feedback and critique welcome.

    Jaguars Season Preview

    Doing these for all 32 teams - the Jaguars are the first from the AFC South. http://cappers.forumotion.com/t239-jax-preview Feedback and critique welcome.

    Packers Season Preview

    My link Feedback welcomed.

    Raiders Season Preview

    Doing these for all 32 teams - Oakland is the fist out of the AFC West. http://cappers.forumotion.com/t241-oak-preview Feedback and critique welcome.

    Packers Season Preview

    A little explanation on the RB/WR grades. I gave them 4 at RB because they have a bunch of average guys but the ceiling is high because of the 2 talented rookies. And while they do have 3 very talented WRs, Jones incredibly overreached his talent last year - he was barely top 40 in anything but his 1st ranked TDs - and Nelson isn't exactly a #1 either (more like a very solid #2). Cobb is their best threat but he isn't an outside guy. I called Nelson and Jones 4 star guys and Cobb a 5 star in the slot. That's pretty good, but absolutely no depth means they're one Nelson/Jones injury away from being forced to start Boykin. The ceiling for WR is 4 stars (in my opinion) as Jones and Nelson aren't dominant WRs and there's no depth, while RB is 3 stars with the potential to be higher if the rookies develop quickly. So... as it stands there is more starting talent at WR yes, but by the end of the year it could shake out because of an injury or a rookie RB developing that RB is the stronger position. Thanks for the response though.

    Miami Season Preview

    Doing these for all 32 teams - Miami is the first from the AFC East. http://cappers.forumotion.com/t243-mia-preview Feedback and critique welcome.

    Jaguars Season Preview

    I love this gif: Was pissed y'all took him right before we did (5 picks I think it was?). Hope Shawn Williams pans out instead.

    Saints Season Preview

    The Saints won 7 games in 2012 with the worst defense in the league and no head coach simply because of their offense. Now they have their coach back and they appear to have made some modest improvements to a defense that should regress them nearer toward average. They lost to the Panthers by a combined 13 points while their defense gave up 77. If you think that 38-44 loss at home to the Panthers in week 17 is at all representative of what you'll see out of the Saints in 2013, it's been WAY too long since you saw the 2011 Saints (13-3, 5-1 in the NFCS).

    Jaguars Season Preview

    You can't argue that Gabbert has been a good QB. They have to realize that at some point. But he is better than Henne, so until they draft another guy in the 1st round they need to stick to Gabbert and try to build for their future.

    Saints Season Preview

    Abraham was a top 10 pass rusher. Osi was outside the top 20 while playing across from a great pass rusher. Abraham did it alone. Babineaux is a great all-around guy, but he is a better pass rusher while Walker was their run stuffer. Grimes has been in the top 10 in coverage his last two full years (2010 and 2011). Samuel was outside the top 25 each of his least 2 years (including outside the top 50 in 2012). You cannot tell me Samuel is just as good as Grimes. Grimes is a solid cover guy, Samuel is a risk taker that gets torched frequently. It doesn't matter how much he wanted, Grimes was still the better corner. 1 great LB and 2 below average guys does not equal fine. I said there was no depth at safety. The starting duo is great. Heaven forbid they have an injury because they have no one behind them though.

    Cardinals Season Preview

    Doing these for all 32 teams - the Cardinals are the first from the NFC West. http://cappers.forumotion.com/t237-arz-preview Feedback and critique welcome.

    Vikings Season Preview

    Doing these for all 32 teams - the Vikings are the first from the NFC North. http://cappers.forumotion.com/t238-min-preview Feedback and critique welcome.

    Saints Season Preview

    They lost their best pass rusher and replaced him with Osi, who is not nearly the same quality. They lost their best run stuffing DT and replaced him with no one. They lost their top 2 CBs and replaced them with rookies. They have an injury prone safety and no depth. They have 1 quality LB. This is all from a team that ranked 27th against the run and middle of the road pressuring the QB and in coverage. I see nowhere that they improved and several places where they are worse off. Thanks for the opinion though.

    Bengals Season Preview

    Doing these for all 32 teams - Bengals are the first out of the AFC North. http://cappers.forumotion.com/t242-cin-preview Feedback and critique are welcome.

    How did you find out about TGP?

    Greetings. From Tennessee here. Received an invite from the Bengals.com forums.
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