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  1. Cameron

    Who Has the Best Lineup?

    lol my team is too good all-around for the rest of you guys. Good stuff tho, had fun drafting this up
  2. Cameron


    Welcome little man! Glad you took some advice from me/mentch/jay/sean to join the site
  3. Cameron

    How's it going guys

    Heh, I've been a Panther fan for the longest, ever since I was little enough to know about um. The bandwagoners just tryna buy Cam's steeze, nah mean?
  4. Cameron

    "Seattle or San Francisco: Who wins the NFC West?"

    Gonna go with the 49ers on this one. Don't think the Seattle D can keep up with the niners high powered offense this season.
  5. Cameron

    How's it going guys

    Wassup, was brought he by members Jay/Mentch/Sean and looking forward to talking about football. Real excited about this upcoming season. Go Panthers!
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