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  1. TampaTwo

    2016 Official TGP Yahoo FFL

    I'd like in if there's a spot, especially if I can't get into auction draft league. I have no problem with draft date of 1 Sep
  2. TampaTwo

    Manziel may be suspended for season

    I think it's pretty predictable Manziel is on a "crash & burn" course. He's very immature off the field and doesn't seem to really take football all that seriously.
  3. TampaTwo

    Training Camp

    Reading about how Eddie Lacy is next-to-impossible to tackle at Packers camp right now. He broke off a string of nice runs during a scrimmage and everyone is raving. So much for all that being out of shape stuff.
  4. TampaTwo

    Richard Sherman

    I really have zero interest in reading anymore of your novels so save it. You don't like me, I don't like Richard Sherman, tough shit...deal with it.
  5. TampaTwo

    How'd I do?

    I'd say "contender," for sure. You've got a pair of feature backs and big time WR's. The questionable guy is Bowe, who I worry may not have as big of a year, now that he's been paid. Then again, he's finally got a legit QB to throw him the ball. I like your team though.
  6. TampaTwo

    [Official] 2013 TGP Auction League

    I'm a big auction draft guy who'd love to get in on this, if there's a spot
  7. TampaTwo

    Predict Your Team's Regular Season

    That little award thingy in your postbit pretty much says it all
  8. TampaTwo

    Richard Sherman

    You are clearly the type of tool who prides himself on thinking he's smarter than everyone else on a football forum. Do you act like such a dick every time someone disagrees with you? I bet you are one sore-ass loser. Emphasis on the loser.
  9. TampaTwo

    Richard Sherman

    Yes, that's usually how it works. Unless my team goes out and signs Aaron Hernandez or Riley Cooper...I'm pretty much going to be a homer towards everyone wearing pewter. This forum does not constitute "everybody". When I mention "everybody," I'm clearly speaking about football fans in general and not the 40 or 50 people who log onto Gridiron Palace during the NFL season. I said Sherman is a good football player & I think Revis is better. I also said that Sherman's mouth gets him more attention that he'd have otherwise. That's it...and then here you come with a freaking dissertation about how much I "slob all over Revis' knob" and "have absolutely no regard for Sherman." Jesus Christ buddy, you really need to relax. Are you always this wound up, looking for an internet fight? What is this, the first time someone has ever disagreed with you?
  10. TampaTwo

    Predict Your Team's Regular Season

    Welker caught over 770 passes as a Patriot and here you are, bitching about one drop in the Super Bowl. Maybe if you clowns played defense once in a while...perhaps all your games wouldn't come down to the game's final drive. And yes, YOU are so much cooler than the rest of us because Tom Brady is better than Josh Freeman. How great is it to have a future HOF quarterback in your corner? I mean, that definitely makes it so much easier for you to troll the internet and totally "own" people like me in open forums. Stay pimpin eThug
  11. Stiff battle between NFC West & NFC South but I have to give South the slight edge. Of course I see a 10 win year from the Bucs, Atlanta is one of the best teams in the league, the Saints will be a good team, and Cam Newton is a threat on his own. Arizona and St. Louis are improved teams but I can't see either making a serious run at playoffs, meaning only 1/2 the NFC West is legit. I actually thought about the NFC East for a minute as I can't see a favorite right now. The Giants might be the easy pick but they're a streaky team and I won't be so quick to take RGIII over the World just yet.
  12. TampaTwo

    Richard Sherman

    Why would I have cared that much about Revis as a Jet? Is that so wrong? I hate the Jets but that doesn't mean I didn't see Revis as the best shutdown corner in the league. Did you read over the part where I gave Sherman credit for being a good football player? He plays in a strong secondary and imo, his mouth has garnered him more attention than anything. If Richard Sherman kept his mouth shut, he wouldn't be in the Revis conversation. Look at a guy like Brandon Flowers... Flowers is a top 5, (arguably top 3) corner in the league but he doesn't trash talk through the media so few realize how good he is.
  13. TampaTwo


    Welcome aboard
  14. TampaTwo

    Richard Sherman

    Um, no. Sherman is a great player but the only reason we're having this conversation is because Sherman has mouthed himself into a spotlight, the same season Revis went out with a knee injury.
  15. TampaTwo

    AFL Roll Call!

    Fav Team: Orlando Predators Fav Player: Aaron Garcia I live in Orlando and hardly watch tho. The Preds are an old team but tickets are still way too expensive for Arena Football. I've been to games when tickets come my way for free. I do like Aaron Garcia tho as I remember watching him play for the NY/NJ Red Dogs back in the late-90's. I was younger then and used to watch more games on TV back then.
  16. TampaTwo

    Predict Your Team's Regular Season

    lol Worship the guys when they're in NE and now they're not, none is suddenly any good. You should probably do a better job defending your team instead of looking for ways to bash mine instead.
  17. TampaTwo

    Biggest Douche in the NFL

    Sherman would win the "Just STFU" competition, Suh is the dirtiest player in the game, and guys like Cooper and Pouncey are just straight up dumbasses. But when you think about the term "douche," everything about Jay Cutler encompasses it. His nonchalant, expressionless attitude is extremely douchey.
  18. TampaTwo

    Training Camp

    Word out of Mankato is both Ponder and Cassel look pretty bad, specifically Ponder's accuracy. McLeod Bethel-Thompson is their sharpest-looking QB right now.
  19. TampaTwo

    *** TEAM SKINS ***

    ^ What he said
  20. TampaTwo

    Predict Your Team's Regular Season

    That's great my man. You guys only look even more retarded up & on the pedestal when you aren't winning Super Bowls anymore. The AFC will soon not be as weak of a conference as it is right now and Mr. Bundchen cannot live forever. I had no idea Amendola could replace all those receptions that are in now Denver/PUP List/Prison. We'll revisit this convo once the window slams shut. There's a first for everything. Maybe Kaep can hit the beach in a Bucs cap next time and that'll chance. Then again, the Bucs color scheme is awfully close to the Niners so if it comes down to his cap having to match his sneakers, I'm sure he'd opt for the right logo.
  21. TampaTwo

    Predict Your Team's Regular Season

    It's so great to see New England fans get so bent out of shape when they're predicted to lose. I caught the same arrogant attitude last season when I said they'd be spanked by Baltimore.
  22. TampaTwo

    Predict Your Team's Regular Season

    @ NY Jets - W (1-0): Easy win over one of the most dysfunctional teams in all of the NFL vs New Orleans - L (1-1): The Saints are overrated but I feel we lose a close game while Revis is getting back onto the field slowly and our much improved secondary is still trying to sync. This is a very important loss for the team, one to learn from and motivate with. @ New England - W (2-1): Yes, another "upset". I think the Patriots are on their way to their worst season under Belichick to-date. They've won with mediocre personnel in the past but let's consider they'll have no Gronk, no Herndandez, and no Welker. Amendola and Tebow can only do so much. vs Arizona - W (3-1): I like the Cardinals this season but they don't really have a ground game all we need to do is put Revis on Fitz and keep a Goldson over the top. BYE vs Philadelphia - W (4-1): It's at home and the Eagles are another dysfunctional team. I have no idea who their QB will be to open the season but I foresee Week 4 being the week Chip makes a change. @ Atlanta - L (4-2): On the road and the Falcons are the most complete team in the division. I believe Steven Jackson is going to be tough to stop this year. vs Carolina - W (5-2): Keep Cam contained and you win the game, simple as that. Not sure what's different for the Panthers this season compared to last. @ Seattle - L (5-3): I'll keep us honest and predict the worse game of the season thus far. Lengthy road trip, Wilson is a tough QB to figure out and the 'Hawks are a stingy defense. vs Miami - W (6-3): I'll see your Mike Wallace and raise you Revis Island. Doug Martin runs wild in this game and Tanneyhill is beat up. One of the worst O-Lines in the league on the exterior. vs Atlanta - L (6-4): I hate this but I'd be lying if I thought we could match up well against Atlanta. @ Detroit - L (6-5): There's gotta be an upset in here somewhere and this is s strictly a hunch @ Carolina - W (7-5): This one is tougher while on the road but we find a way to win. I'm even thinking OT. vs Buffalo - W (8-5): Much improved Bills team, I thought about this game being that "upset" but it's at home and this Bucs team is hungry to stay in the playoff hunt. vs San Francisco - L (8-6): Another West Coast roadie that goes horribly wrong. I really hope I'm wrong about this as I cannot stand the 49ers and Kaepernick. @ St. Louis - W (9-6): Finally take one from the NFC West. Good Rams' team but they're still a year and a few skill positions players away. @ New Orleans - W (10-6): We'll get New Orleans in this game and clinch a Wild Card birth. I'm pretty sure the Saints play out a 9-7 season too. This is a contract year for Freeman and if that doesn't motivate him then the giraffe (Glennon) should. Freeman has looked excellent in camp and you have to love what Doug Martin, Mike Williams, and Vinny Jackson can do on any given Sunday. Defensively, Gerald McCoy is healthy and our secondary just got a whole lot better. Revis will regain his full stride by Week 5 and will begin paying off in a division that includes Roddy, Colston, and Steve Smith. This may see too optimistic but I don't think so. Our season hinges on Josh Freeman playing like a polished veteran and not a rookie, which I think he can and will do. It's a Bucs Life baby.
  23. TampaTwo

    Training Camp

    I have a theory the Bills have been leaving wet rubber mats in front of Kolb's path since the minute they draft EJ. lol
  24. TampaTwo

    Official 2013-2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Thread

    Some of the photos we took yesterday:
  25. TampaTwo


    Bucs fan for life, live in Central Florida, found you as an affiliate to Sports Insomnia What's good?
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