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  1. Wattafan

    Draft pick dreams

    I am liking Fiedorowicz's potential also - he could eventually be another Gronk as he can really block as well. If Nix's knee is good, I see him at least as good as Dontari Poe after he learns the ropes. I am high on Su'a Filo as well - he is very athletic for a big dude and can run. Clowney will immediately benefit from having Watt on the line and could challenge the rookie sack record.
  2. Wattafan

    Who is the best defender in the NFL?

    You prolly right about the LB - Texans are horrible without Cushing. I would disagree about what you said about Watt though - his front on defense is as solid as it gets and the "Watt Factor" makes teams change their tactics.
  3. Wattafan

    Who is the best defender in the NFL?

    I am a huge fan of Watt's and follow all the news on him and the Texans and I'm telling you do not be surprised if he has an even better season next year. I don't think I have ever seen a more dedicated and hard working player and this off season he has been killing it and not just physically.
  4. Wattafan

    Top 10 TE's

    Ebron hasn't touched a ball in an NFL game. I know Owen Daniels has been hit with injury in the last few seasons but he managed to make Matt Schaub look halfway decent at times - no mean feat in itself. He has great hands.
  5. Wattafan

    When will a QB throw for 6,000 yards in a season?

    The way the game is set up at the moment the passing game is favoured. I have a feeling Andrew Luck could be the first to reach that mark. Indy has acquired some real weapons for him to throw to so after a season or two to develop that combination and understanding we could well see him get to that mark.
  6. Wattafan

    Which Team/s Hit Homers?

    Some teams have had successful drafts so far - go ahead and show why. Rams did very well with Greg Robinson, Aaron Donald, Lamarcus Joyner and Tre Mason. But, I think the Texans have pulled off a coup in the 3rd. They scored Jadeveon Clowney (best OLB), Xavier Su'a Filo (best Guard), CJ Fiedorowicz (top 4 TE) and Louis Nix!!! (best DT/NT). I have to say I am pretty excited by this draft so far. Oh, and there is one team that stuffed up pretty bad too. I'll let you figure out who that was. If Texans can snag Aaron Murray, It will be by far the best draft they have taken - already qualifies for that imho. Make your own case here. Good luck for the new season all.
  7. I think Seahawks will have a SB hangover and not make it to the big game next season. 49'ers will be the hungrier team and likely make it to the SB - biggest question will be Kaepernick though - will he rise up out of the funk he was in for most of last season and will he get better at throwing from the pocket? I am not sure he will be too excited about the contract he signed once he figures out 49'ers tactics. - especially if he turns his game around.
  8. Wattafan

    "Things You Hate" Thread

    Seriously? What about the incapacitated or elderly or those that have to commute in stop/go traffic for hours? Oh, and my Ford Ranger work truck is a stick shift.
  9. Wattafan

    "Things You Hate" Thread

    Religions that think it is fine to kill for their god. The cancer that attacks innocent children. People that beat up on women, children or old folk. People that think it is okay to just murder other people. Pedophiles that prey on innocents.
  10. Wattafan

    Quessenberry diagnosed with Lymphoma

    His prognosis is positive due to his youth, strength and fitness. It just depends on how far advanced it is now and that news could be some time before it is released.
  11. Wattafan

    My Cancer Surgery

    Hope it's all good dude. My dad has been in remission for Lung C for about 10 years and is 79. Hang in there.
  12. Wattafan

    Which Team/s Hit Homers?

    Another team that quietly have a fabulous draft was the Steelers:- Ryan Shazier Stephon Tuitt Dri Archer Martavius Bryant Shaquille Richardson Wesley Johnson Jordan Zumwalt Daniel McCullers (yeah, they got HIM) Rob Blancheflower Any one of those players would look good in my teams uni.
  13. Wattafan

    Game of Throws: Rookie QBs

    Agreed. He is the most NFL ready QB from the draft so his transition should be sooner than most of the others therefor he has more chances of posting better quality games and be ahead of the class. But you have to be intrigued by Manziel, Bortles and Carr. These are the main challengers to Bridgewater.
  14. I agree with Bradford, but there is one that you left off your list who I thought dropped of a bit last season and that is Colin Kaepernick. If he doesn't turn it around this year it might be uncomfortable for him in the next off season.
  15. 130 pounds trying to "pound" it in? That coach needs his head read.
  16. Wattafan

    Andre Johnson a No-Show at Texans OTAs

    You know what, these guys get paid the big bucks to go out their and PLAY football! Let them come back to the real world and they might appreciate it more. There are a lot of guys, the vast majority actually, who never even make it to the NFL. There have been some great players and coaches who never got rings - it's the name of the game. If everyone got a ring, who would care about them anymore? Hopefully this is just him voicing disappointment, but you know what, he can go out there and make this team better! After all, his performance dropped off last year too.
  17. Wattafan

    Bold Predictions for 2014 NFL Season

    Rams have a big year. Texans turn it around. Coach O'Brien vindicates Texans selecting him. Raiders have best year for some time making the playoffs. Schaub finds some redemption. Johnny Manziel gives Browns plenty of excitement on and off the field. Patriots miss out on SB appearance. Clowney wins DROY and ROY.
  18. Wattafan

    Which Team/s Hit Homers?

    Agree. Indy is quietly adding monster receivers to counter Texans pass rush. I think they have noticed.
  19. Wattafan

    The Real Draft Thread

    Can't believe we got the Irish Chocolate. Great move. Let's see if Belichek drafts Murray now. Loved the Ninja psyche with the Fiedorowicz pick too.
  20. Wattafan

    Day 2 Wishlist?

    Joel Bitonio then DQ Jones. Take Boyd in the 7th, but don't tell anyone yet.
  21. Wattafan

    Day 2 Wishlist?

    R2. - Joel Bitonio OL R3. - DQ Jones NT
  22. Wattafan

    2014 Mock Draft Challenge

    As an avid Texans fan I can say I see why you say QB is #1 for us. However, Clowney is a special talent that will be very hard to pass up no matter how much you may want him for your team. The reason I think Texans pass on QB @ #1 is that they may feel it is well worth the risk to catch a slider QB and trade back up to get him. So far, all top three QB's have been tipped to slide and in a draft this strong, it is very possible one falls all the way down to #33. I can guarantee you Clowney will not be there @ #33. They have 11 picks and Clowney may garner a trade even as far down as the Bills - depending on who is still left on the board. Worst case scenario - they get "stuck" with Clowney.
  23. Wattafan

    2014 Mock Draft Challenge

    Jadeveon Clowney DE/OLB Greg Robinson OT :jags:Khalil Mack OLB :Browns:Johnny Manziel QB :Raiders:Sammy Watkins WR :Falcons:Jake Mathews OT :Bucs:Taylor Lewan OT :Vikings:Blake Bortles QB :Bills:Anthony Barr OLB Mike Evans WR Teddy Bridgewater QB Eric Ebron TE CJ Mosely ILB Aaron Donald DT :Steelers:Justin Gilbert CB Calvin Pryor FS Zack Martin OT Odell Beckham Jr. WR Cyrus Kouandjio OT Bradley Roby CB Ryan Shazier OLB Ha Ha Clinton-Dix FS Marqis Lee WR Darqueze Dennard CB Jason Verrett CB Carlos Hyde RB Stephon Tuitt DE :panthers:Brandon Cooks WR :Patriots: Rashede Hageman DT Louis Nix III NT Demarcus Lawrence DE Kelvin Benjamin WR If you are a fan of one of these teams and one of my picks makes you say "No way - ain't gonna happen...", I won't be offended if you make a suggestion. :smilee:
  24. Wattafan

    In 3 days, Johnny Football will be a __________.

    There are something like 300,000 Aggie alums in Houston who would love to see it but I think Texans go with Clowney. Manziel likely ends up a Brown. The other possibility is Dallas.
  25. Probably the hottest potato out there at the moment. There will likely be a few more teams interested in QB's besides the obvious ones out of this class but not necessarily in the first round although I predict four to go. What say you?
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