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NCAA Team(s)

Found 2 results

  1. RazorStar

    Top 10 TE's

    Which TE's truly stand out to you? Use whatever criterion you need. 1. Vernon Davis. The only thing holding him back is a QB who doesn't read the entire field. He's a complete playmaker. 2. Robin Gronkowski. :Patriots: Availability is the best attribute a player can have, but when you're this dominant, you can almost get away with only being healthy for half a season. 3. Jason Witten. He may being get old and slowing down, but he's as reliable as it gets. 4. Greg Olsen. Being Cams first and last option, Olsen really blossomed as a reliable target. 5. Julius Thomas. Let's get this out of the way, Thomas was a terrible blocker and made it difficult for our run game to break open on his side. However he might just be the biggest, most dangerous, and explosive option in the league. 6. Charles Clay. Prepare your anuses, the Claymaker is coming. 7. Jordan Cameron. Here's where the depth at this position starts falling apart. The rest of the guys coming up have big flaws in their game, be it age, speed, hands, or just being terrible. Cameron at the very least looked good no matter who was throwing him the rock. Well, Jason Campbell doesn't count. 8. Jordan Reed. He looked good for the few games he played. I'll ride his potential. 9. Zach Miller. May have been the Seahawks best offensive lineman last year. Also, his hands don't suck. Good enough for me. 10. Heath Miller. He's getting older, slowing down some, and is actually no longer Ben's most reliable option. Still good enough though. Sir not appearing on this list: Jimmy Graham. Jimmy Graham is a wide receiver. Let's hear it.
  2. RazorStar

    Biggest Threats in the AFC?

    Well we're almost done week 3, and barring a surprise upset (it could happen, but regular season and all, Broncos are probably not losing) we're gonna have four 3-0 teams in the AFC. Aside from those, the Jets are 2-1 and have been in every game, the Texans showed resiliency against two tough opponents, but couldn't make it three. The Titans, Chargers and Bills have all played tight football and have much improved QB play, so we're looking at a real clusterfuck of a conference. And that's not even mentioning the 2-1 Ravens who haven't given up a TD since week 1 against us, or the Colts who upset the 49ers and beat them like red headed step children. Or even the Bengals who made the Aaron Rodgers throw 2 INT's for the first time in almost three years. Nearly every team in this conference has something going for them, so i have to ask you, who gets out of this hell of a conference? In order I like: 1. Denver (till we get to the postseason, we can run over anyone. unless Peyton goes down, then we're fucked. It's like being Indianapolis all over again) 2. New England (That defense is looking like the Old Patriots. Though the offenses they've faced have been lead by inexperienced or bad QB's, they've been winning gritty, and that's ideal for confidence) 3. Miami (Dirty wins are still wins, and Miami is taking charge with Tannehill stepping up into that leadership role) 4. Baltimore (Who needs offensive weapons, just win with defense, special teams and pure grit.) 5, Kansas City (3-5 were really close, but you have to admire what Alex Smith does for this team. No turnovers means the bevy of star players they have on defense can feast and make huge plays.) 6. Cincinnati (2-1 somehow, that defense is incredible, and the offense is turning it over way too much, yet when you look at the numbers, Dalton is playing just well enough to win. And they're winning.) 7. AFC South. What a clusterfuck. Jake Locker is looking Clutch with a big playmaking defense, Indianapolis' offense is looking balanced and powerful, a huge step up from last year, and the Texans are confusing as hell, and may actually be the worst of the trifecta.)