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  1. Alright guys. Doing some mock drafts, gaining clarity on the strategy for the most part... but when it comes to round 4 or 5 and I've gotten myself my core group of guys at WR, one super reliable RB1 and possibly a TE by this point, it now comes time to get that 2nd RB. So here we are. Round 4 or 5. The poll options are the remaining guys. I wouldn't reach for Aaron Jones or Royce Freeman, but I wanted to include them because the reliability of success of those guys greatly impacts what I do in rounds 4 & 5. If one of those guys were to be deemed "the answer" I could snag an early QB here or another stick of dynamite at WR. Ronald Jones and Royce Freeman are obviously rookies that play for offenses that aren't expected to be in the top half of the league scoring-wise, but rookie RBs are always intriguing due to how they seemingly enter the league at the top of their game. Another factor that makes me foam at the mouth is that they don't have much competition to steal their carries. Ronald usually costs a 4th rounder, Royce usually late 5th early 6th. Derrick Henry and Jay Ajayi finally got rid of the guys that steal their carries on the early downs, and both are capable of 3 downs, but the reality of it is neither of these guys have absolutely killed it scoring wise more often than a few times per season. Ajayi seems a smidge better just because he's in a much more point-friendly offense. So go ahead. Vote, discuss. The real question here is which of these guys are you HIGHLY CONFIDENT will be reliable 12 point per week RB2s, and can do so while being somewhat consistent. Notice how you can vote for multiple options. I did that because I want each viewer to endorse all that apply to that criteria. Go.