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Found 1 result

  1. Omerta

    Calling all Big people.

    So let me preface this with a few things. 1.) I honestly and truly mean no offense. 2.) I have never been more than 15% body fat and and am currently around 12, so I don't understand a great deal. 3.) This is something that has become a hot button topic around our house and I feel as though I'm the one who is the dick (go figure, right?) That said I don't mean to be, and I want to know more. My family has a few big people which I never really paid attention to. I've just always known them for them and their weight has never really registered. I mean I knew, and I noticed it, but outside of that I never thought about it. Most of use are between 8 and 20% body fat, and always have been. Growing up I was always taught, "Food is fuel not fun." To me steak and asparagus or cauliflower is the shit. Easily my favorite and it is not terrible for you. My household eats pretty clean, and so does most of my family....exceeeept my brother. This is a recent thing, he has gotten obese and is becoming more and more depressed about it. I have talked to him recently and it has struck me how bad it has gotten. Normally, my talks are more facts centered such as if your over 15% you're broaching that area of unhealthy and all the related diseases are going to take their toll left unchecked. Or everyday activities become harder on your body, why would you do that. Or the age ol' "It's as simple as a caloric deficit to lose it, and a balanced diet and exercise to maintain." Then my son made friends with a kid whose a chunk, but is a cool kid. He spends a lot of time at our house. Well his parents came by as they have a couple times, and they are Biiiiiiiiig people. We are talking like 3 hundy big. Great, honest, hard working, salt of the earth people. We had a barbecue and some drinks. Now I'm not an Uber heavy drinker so I was having a few beers, and it was getting late. So we sent the boys to the home theatre and they watched some shit. Me and my wife and this couple are out there talking and Jan makes a comment about my wife being able to shop anywhere for lingerie and clothes, and so on. Then it devolves into this reverse fat shaming shit where they're talking about how easy my wife and I got it. And it's all in jest, nothing personal, but then shit got weird. He divulged he is a food addict, which I didn't really know what it was. I thought we all were food addicts since we needed it. That said, he knows his shit. He knows what to eat, when, how, recipes, I mean this dude knows his stuff. And we started talking about diet and it baffled him how easy it comes for me. I told him it was just a lifetime thing. I don't miss what I've never had. From the sounds he can't not eat shit food. He has alarms on his phone reminding him and things like that. Even with reminders he can't do it. I asked him why and shit got super weird. I mean this guy talks about food like people talk about sex. Talking about how the flavors meld and how food looks on the bread, or the steam off of it and just weird shit. He has like a legitimate relationship with food. He knows how to eat but doesn't have the discipline for it. Has anyone had this problem? Did you beat it? If so, how? If not, does it matter to you?