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NBA GM game

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With how crazy the NBA off season is I thought it might be fun to make a thread pitching scenarios and discussing them and stuff. I'll get the ball rolling with a couple I guess

1. Kawhi signs a 3 year max deal in Toronto with an opt in for a 4th. after 3-4 years Kawhi goes to the Lakers after LeBron is retired. By then I would think the Lakers will have a competent GM, coach and a co-star or two for Kawhi to play with. Meanwhile he can play on a Championship team with a great GM that's undoubtedly his team. He wouldn't have to deal with playing on the same team as "King" James either which is apparently no picnic.

2. Boston lets Kyrie walk, trades for Mike Conley and signs DeMarcus Cousins. I think Boston would be better off keeping their young depth and finding some good veteran pieces that won't force them to blow out their team in acquiring. Conley is the perfect PG for this team and Cousins would provide the rebounding and inside scoring that they've needed to get over the top. That's what I do if I'm Ainge

3. If I'm Brooklyn and I'm already planning on signing Kyrie Irving I'm sending DeAngelo Russell and whatever combination of picks and players it takes to get Anthony Davis. The Pelicans already have the top pick secured and if they want more draft picks they can trade Holiday too. If they get offered a player the caliber of Russell who fits the timeline of Zion, they're jumping on it.

4. If I'm GS I'm maxing Klay and letting Durant and Cousins walk. Everyone outside of Curry and Thompson is on the trading block. GS needs to re-shuffle the deck. 

5. I think a lot of teams will be scared to offer KD the max max for the number of years he'll want and in come the fucking Knicks. You can't really blame them. I think free agents will again turn them down but if they can land Durant and some their young talent can prove themselves while Durant sits then they have some trade assets. They also have the added bonus of not essentially having to waste a year playing on a bad team until Durant gets healthy to pitch to free agents next year.

6. Jimmy Butler is a Philly guy. He just shares the mentality of the Philadelphia fan base. This team without having much time to gel took the eventual champs to 7 and were ousted on a last second shot from what may be the best player in the NBA. More than anything, Jimmy Butler wants to compete for a championship more than he even wants to get paid. That doesn't mean he's taking anything less than a max deal but where is Butler going to go to get more money and a better chance at winning a title? Maybe the Clippers depending on what they can do this offseason but I think Butler is going to want to run it back. The Sixers really should offer Tobias Harris the max. They're not going to get Middleton away from the Bucks. Maybe you could argue that the Sixers could just sign role players to replace Harris but that's a big risk. Bring the team back from last year with a few new pieces and see if you can build enough chemistry over a full off season and season and make another run at coming out of the East.

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