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Greatest Team Tournie: Round 2, Day 1

Greatest Team Tournie: Round 2, Day 1  

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  1. 1. Stand Proud

    • 1984 San Francisco 49ers
    • 1992 San Francisco 49ers
  2. 2. Stand Proud

    • 2019 Kansas City Chiefs
    • 2017 Philadelphia Eagles
  3. 3. Stand Proud

    • 1986 New York Giants
    • 1971 Dallas Cowboys
  4. 4. Stand Proud

    • 1987 Washington Redskins
    • 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers

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The matches for the second round are:

1. 1984 San Fracisco 49ers
64. 1992 San Francisco 49ers

32. 2019 Kansas City Chiefs
33. 2017 Philadelphia Eagles

16. 1986 New York Giants
49. 1971 Dallas Cowboys

17. 1987 Washington Redskins
81. 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers

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My choices this time around are.

1984 49ers > 1992 49ers

Winning a super bowl is a big plus, but the 1984 squad was dominant on both sides of the ball, going 15-1 and marching their way to a super bowl victory over an incredible Dolphins squad. The 92 squad just didn't have the same intensity on the defensive side of the ball, despite similar stats.

2017 Eagles > 2019 Chiefs

This one was a really difficult decision to make. I think Patrick Mahomes is a cheat code unto himself, and pretty much equalizes any disparity there might be between squads. However I think the Eagles defense can really harass him, at least enough for their incredible offense to make serious dents on the Chiefs squad, who only got to face one threat teams in the postseason.

1971 Cowboys > 1986 Giants

The very best of the Parcells' Giants teams, they could win without a QB, which is exactly what they needed to do. Joe Morris was a workhorse, and Lawrence Taylor with the rest of that defense went off. unfortunately, the Cowboys defense was incredible too, and Roger Staubach has a higher capacity in tight games than Phil Simms ever had.

2004 Steelers > 1987 Redskins

The Redskins won this one on a strike shortened season, so there was a lot of chicanery afoot. I think they were a good squad, but the 04 Steelers were dominant on defense, and had a powerful run game to rely on, while the Redskins got by on their trench play. I think it'd be close, but give me those Steelers.

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While I love the team-culture the Eagles promoted that year, I think the Chiefs straight-up out gun them.

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