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So, I started a re-design a little bit ago, and it lost steam and interest (from members and myself alike) rather quickly. So, I decided to re-start it using a more realistic template.


Some basic rules that I will probably end up breaking...

1) I will not modify any teams' logo unless it's minor (ie- colour change)

2) I will not radically change any team with deep history in football.

3) I will take into consideration criticism and comments in order to better my mediocre at best




I began with Jacksonville...


:jags: (click emoticon for design)


It was overall well received on a different forum, however I made some modification...


:jags: (click emoticon for design)


I then moved on to Dallas...

:Cowboys: (click the emoticon for design)


With a team as storied as the Dallas Cowboys, it was difficult to change much. I tried to maintain tradition as much as possible, using their Thanksgiving game jerseys as a guide for my home and away uniforms. Of course, I altered them slightly, switiching the tv numbers and the star.


Now, the alternate. As previous stated, I didn't want to change much for teams with a deeper history, and such is the case with Dallas. However, I believe that this alternate jersey finds the balance between flash and past. The silver and blue combination has the dual stripe that is almost a trademark of the Cowboys, along with small details that pay tribute to the rich past of the Cowboys. The 5 stars seen on the back of the collar, and the side of the pants are for the Cowboys 5 Super Bowl titles, and for the amount of years it's been since they made the playoffs. (okay, one of the two is actually the reason...) The helmet, awfully exectuted as it is, is supposed to be similar to the Oregon Ducks chrome Rose Bowl lids they wore against Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl.


Of course, comment and criticism are always appreciated to help me better these.


Next up, the Detroit Lions.

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Really like the Jags uniforms, especially for the retro look they've been trying to achieve. Cowboys are good, but their alt helmet logo makes me wanna throw up. I like the idea, but it's way too bland and hard on the eye. I am digging the stars and "america's team" though.

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