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Looking for Global-Moderator(s) applicants

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There have been some changes in the staff and we thank everyone who has served on the staff and for their contributions to TGP. Your efforts have been greatly appreciated.

We are now currently looking to fill those vacancies. The staff position we are currently looking for is Global Moderator [1-3]. This is the criteria we are looking for in regards to the G-mod position:

- Global moderators are going to be central cogs in our new staff structure.

- Beyond being a great poster, G-Mods are going to be expected to be facilitators as well.

- More than posting news stories, G-Mods need to be the types to go into those news threads, reply, and spurn even more debate or conversation on the topic.

- G-Mods are likely to have a wealth of knowledge on many sports related and non-sports related topics. An emphasis on sports related, and more specifically the NFL, of course.

- G-Mods are more likely to be hosting site wide activities such as a fantasy league, Pick Em', fantasy drafts, Sim Leagues (such as The Vindicators), and anything else that may come to mind.

- We require at least a moderate amount of general activity as well as participation in staff matters while keeping staff matters strictly staff matters.

- Using your best judgement to moderate The Gridiron Palace, its members, and its contents.

- And lastly, being a good communicator and having TGP's best interest at heart.

We encourage all members (regardless of tenure) who believe they can have a positive impact on TGP and moderate with a sound mind to apply. We will not simply fill the vacancies just for the sake of it and will carefully review the applications to pick person we believe to be the best candidate for the job.

We will be using a new method for the application process. Applicants are to use the "Contact us" feature to put in their application.

The application template format is:

Your name: _________

Your email: _________

Message subject: G-mod Application

And the information we want you to provide/answer in the "enter your message" box is:

Your expected activity level -

What makes you the best choice for this position -

What do you feel are your best attributes -

Add whatever you like (optional) -

We look forward to hearing from you soon and thanks for your time. Good luck to all!

~TGP Staff*

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For those of you still interested in applying, now would be a good time to do so, as applications submitted after tomorrow will not be considered.

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