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  1. The Burfict Storm

    Top 3 Strengths and Weaknesses

    Strengths defensive front seven, RB (Hill) Weaknesses HC (the cause for multiple weaknesses), non-threatening vanilla offense when in Dalton's hands
  2. The Burfict Storm

    What are you reading???

    Straight To Hell
  3. Bengals. Other than we really suck, I don't think fate would be that cruel to have a 5th consecutive one-and-done deal. Giggles has got to go.
  4. The Burfict Storm

    Review Your Teams' 2014 Draft

    1.24 Darqueze Dennard - not enough field time to make an accurate assessment, but from what I've seen he wouldn't be bad as a wideout or slot. 2.23 Jeremy Hill - this guy should be the cowbell workhorse, the offense should be tailored around him and not on the weak QB we have. 3.24 Will Clarke - have not seen much, if any field time, to make an accurate assessment. 4.11 Russell Bodine - doing OK for a rookie, but is definitely the weakpoint of the line. 5.24 AJ McCarron - the best thing about him is his wife. 6.36 Marquis Flowers - OK so far for a rookie 7.24 James Wright - shows flashes of talent so much that I think he may be under-utilized. 7.37 Lavelle Westbrooks - have not seen much, if any field time, to make an accurate assessment.
  5. The Burfict Storm

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The Master. It's some old chinese kung fu movie but with some titties in it.
  6. The Burfict Storm

    Update: Jason Garrett gets 5-year, $30M deal from Cowboys

    Marv Lewis beat out everyone. He's not going to get fired no matter what.
  7. The Burfict Storm

    State of your team as it stands today.

    Dude! You're only two games out from first place! You got a shot!
  8. The Burfict Storm

    How Great Is Aaron Rodgers?

  9. The Burfict Storm

    Chiefs @ Raiders

    Kansas City is red hot. But any given Thursday…..
  10. The Burfict Storm

    State of your team as it stands today.

    6-3-1 Inconsistent since after the bye week. Very hard to read. And now someone took the ball.....
  11. The Burfict Storm

    Praise Your Team/Rip Your Team

    Praise: It was an exciting and good first three weeks. Rip: Back to the same old Bungles......
  12. The Burfict Storm

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Annabelle. Don't waste your time. The true story that it was based on is more interesting.
  13. The Burfict Storm

    TGP Pick'Em Week 3

    Thursday Tampa Bay @ Atlanta 8:30 ET Sunday San Diego @ Buffalo 1:00 ET Dallas @ St. Louis 1:00 ET Washington @ Philadelphia 1:00 ET Houston @ New York Giants 1:00 ET Minnesota @ New Orleans 1:00 ET Tennessee @ Cincinnati 1:00 ET Baltimore @ Cleveland 1:00 ET Green Bay @ Detroit 1:00 ET Indianapolis @ Jacksonville 1:00 ET Oakland @ New England 1:00 ET San Francisco @ Arizona 4:05 ET Denver @ Seattle 4:25 ET Kansas City @ Miami 4;25 ET Pittsburgh @ Carolina 8:30 ET Monday Chicago @ New York Jets 8:30 ET 48
  14. The Burfict Storm

    Jaguars @ Redskins

    He should have been the starter from the beginning.
  15. The Burfict Storm

    Jets @ Packers

    Holy crap! I can't believe I had to sweat that out. Green Bay was my main pick in a suicide pool.
  16. The Burfict Storm

    Jaguars @ Redskins

    Oh man was I wrong!
  17. The Burfict Storm

    Falcons @ Bengals

    You were right. I didn't expect Gio to have a day like this.
  18. The Burfict Storm

    Dolphins @ Bills

    This looks like a Game of the Week. With what's on the line I may have to go with the Bills. But a Dolphin victor wouldn't surprise me.
  19. The Burfict Storm

    Cardinals @ Giants

    The bet-against is supposed to be a West coast team coming east to play a 1:00pm game. Not touching this.
  20. The Burfict Storm

    Patriots @ Vikings

    Zimmer gets win #2
  21. The Burfict Storm

    Cowboys @ Titans

    Tits over the Dallas imitation of the Jets
  22. The Burfict Storm

    Jaguars @ Redskins

    Go Jags! Jags don't have to do anything spectacular because Gruden is going to fuck up - again.
  23. The Burfict Storm

    Falcons @ Bengals

    Looking forward to Hue's new offensive scheme.
  24. The Burfict Storm

    Parallels between the US and Rome?

    Yes, the United States is the new Roman Empire falling under the weight of its own excesses. Scary times….
  25. The Burfict Storm

    TGP Pick'Em Week 2

    Cuz Jay sucksbigmoosecock. Oh crap. Sorry! 48
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