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    In spite of the dead weight we had a great run for the playoffs with four teams tied for the last two spots, unfortunately I just missed the cut, but I'll take closing out on a four game winning streak (although admittedly two of the wins were against the bottom feeders) Also, for reference next year Phil had LeVeon Bell and Delanie Walker in his lineup all season even though neither played a game and Sean only made one change to his lineup after week 7 despite having bye weeks and injured players starting, if I'm running the league next year neither will be part of it barring some extenuating circumstances, which can be explained to me by PM. Regarding the other 2 win team, Rob Urish (not sure what his user name is) he seemed to keep his team updated except for a three week stretch from weeks 10 through 12, so I'm a little more likely to be forgiving of that.