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    A lot of pundits are panning the Texans draft, so I'm convinced this might be their best draft ever! In all seriousness, yeah it sucked to see the Iggles snipe Dillard one pick before the Texans, but supposedly the Ravens called the Texans to counter and they refused. Everyone is going to say the Texans panicked/reached on Howard, and that may be true. Who knows? People said the same in '08 when they drafted Duane Brown. At the end of the day I'm just glad they addressed their biggest needs with four of their seven picks. (OT and CB) Warring seems like an athletic freak that had to be a BPA pick in the 3rd, considering they drafted two TEs last year. When they drafted Omenihu in the 5th, my jaw dropped. I honestly thought he had already been taken on Day 2. He should push for d-line rotational snaps even in his rookie year. I understand the Gillaspia pick as well. O'Brien's old-school pound the rock offense hasn't been the same since Jay Prosch was released. Plus he'll largely contribute on STs. Seems like Bryan Braman 2.0. Long story short, I just want to see these guys on the field before I or the media condemn them. From a positional needs perspective, Gaine hit 'em all in my opinion.
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    This is exactly how I feel. I generally like Steve Keim's moves, but this whole situation was handled ridiculously unless Kyler truly is the real deal. To me, though, I think he has "bust" written all over him. He played 1 fuckin' year and had stats identical to the guy that played ahead of him in the same system...He's fuckin' tiny and frail and looks like a walking injury. The Cards were apparently worried about Rosen's outside interests, yet they drafted a dude that originally committed to baseball and whose agent insisted he wasn't going to the NFL...
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    Congrats to Cards fans - their FO did a great job and snagged some really nice draftees. I haven't looked at all the teams picks but is there a better one than what the Cards got? I know my team disappointed - at least until we see them in action. At least they got some nice UDFA's! Sucks when you are reduced to that.