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    What they need to do is stop trying to put their finger on the scale and let US figure it out because at the end of the day We're the ones who will decide to come out to vote to put that person in office. I know when you say they you include us into the equation but just the way you worded it got to the heart of the issue to me. Media and party elites need to stop trying to tell us who the favorite is and pushing one candidate over the other. They need to sell their plan for the future to the American people and let them decide. Being anti-Trump, as you said is decidedly not a plan for the future. People are struggling. Yang said this in an interview I watched with him and he is 100% correct. I'm paraphrasimg but he said nobody is voting to keep the status quo or go back to Obama. People see the real problems ahead and right in front of them and how far business as usual in Washington has gotten us to addressing those problems and whether anyone on the Den side wants to admit it or not, that's a big reason why we have Trump.
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    It's insane to me. The only way Trump wins is if the DNC puts up another dumb candidate. Your slogan can't be "At least I'm not Trump." We need someone to get excited about. The only reason Im saying they need to figure it out is because we're less than a year out now and there is really no clear frontrunner.