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  1. Warhorse

    How Many Games Will The Eagles Win?

    Wow....was trying to be funny...apparently a fail. Not very good at sarcasm so I leave it to those more qualified.
  2. Warhorse

    The Colts offensive line

  3. Warhorse

    How Many Games Will The Eagles Win?

  4. Warhorse

    The Colts offensive line

    Haeg and Clark might be the right side, but I want to see a full season of serviceable play with full availablity.
  5. Warhorse

    The Colts offensive line

    I have been watching the Colts line for years...the best being that run with Peyton under center that had the "dancing bear" from cal at LT, Tarik Glenn. The selection of Glenn and Adam Meadows in the 97 draft (19th and 48th respectively) the year before PM was drafted was very fortunate timing. This current o-line has had a lack of talent, an inability to stay healthy, a offensive system that features slow developing plays, and a QB who has a hard time giving up on a play and living to play another down. However, the last third of last season brought a glimpse of what could be. Luck HAS to stop being the warrior and throw the ball away. PM used to do it every drive. Luck hardly ever does. The line got much better at pass pro and should continue to improve this season. Our WR have to get better at blocking for screens. Good news is the run blocking is already getting there. PFF has a stat (I can't post it because I am not an elite member), but it basically says that the Colts were one of the 3 highest teams in relation to producing yards on the ground before contact. They were The Bills, Colts, and the Titans. With the selection of Marlon Mack in the draft, we might see a changing run game. Time will tell. At the very least, the future looks to be on the uptick.
  6. Warhorse

    Who comes out on top? AFC South Edition

    Hmm...the Colts became relevant after the move from the east coast with Jones to Carr, Captain Comeback, and then with Peyton....and this is a result of league interest? I remember us sucking big time. We were the spot where old vets came to die.
  7. Warhorse

    Who comes out on top? AFC South Edition

    If Luck's frayed Labrum is not serious, I see the Colts regaining some muscle in the division. It's still a paper tiger, but the defense looks to have some upside. It can't get worse...can it? Titans are very solid. It really is about MM's ability to make that next leap. Texans? Let's see what Watt brings back and what they have at the QB. I still am not sure about the Jags. I do think it is going to be a really bitter competition in this division. I am counting on at least one "drop the sticks and swing" moment in each division game. Ooops, that hockey.
  8. Warhorse

    Bitter cunts check in

    I love being happy with myself.
  9. Warhorse


    Wow...that was awesome....I spent 15 minutes crafting a fkg response and all that posted was one word.
  10. Warhorse

    Four Major Rule Changes Pass

    Perhaps not everyone..... I really appreciate you as a poster...and no offense, but I try and refrain from speaking for others. A common example is..."We all know this defense sucks", or "No one wants this QB under center". All good, but I personally find celebrating to be a display of selfish, look at me behavior. I find celebrations to be distracting from the game. But I dont feel that my way of thinking is the right way...just my way. As all things in life, it isn't in the average person that rules are stretched until something has to be changed...it is in the 5%. I may be wrong, but this may get out of hand...not by the majority, but by the 5%, and they might need to scale it back soon enough. Hope to hell I am wrong.....
  11. Warhorse

    Predict the Season 2017

    Truthfully, I see the Titans future as extremely bright. Hopefully it doesn't start next season
  12. Warhorse

    Predict the Season 2017

    Colts Vs Titans since 2008...... 17-1 It would be something if they swept us next year. Both teams got better in the offseason.
  13. Warhorse

    Are There Fates Worse Than Death To You ?

    There were sci fi movies back in the day....where one person was the last human alive on Earth. That would be worse than death....to never hear another voice, or have a conversation. To literally be completely alone in regards to humans.
  14. Warhorse

    Grover Stewart, Albany State

    This kid is really well built for 347#. Check his 3 cone comparisons to past NT's..... Grover Stewart: 347 lbs, 7.71 3-cone Dontari Poe: 346 lbs, 7.90 3-cone B.J. Raji: 337 lbs, 7.90 3-cone Haloti Ngata: 338 lbs, 7.97 3-cone Brandon Williams: 335 lbs, 8.09 3-cone
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