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    Make me orange. :'(

    What is this even?
  2. Didn't even read his predictions yet, but Prisco is a cock guzzling thundercunt. Did I read that he's predicting the Bengals beat the Falcons in the Super Bowl?
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  5. NaTaS

    Never trust a fart...

    So I've heard this before and never really heeded it's advice, but never had an issue with it before. Yesterday before work I was at the gym and doing my normal workout. I had a little gastrointestinal stuff going on, but it wasn't major. Just a sick sort of feeling in my stomach. The day was new and I was really feeling the workout. I approach the squat rack and start doing my warm-up reps, increase the load after every set. I feel a little rumble in my stomach as I get into my 2nd full set and I feel a fart approaching. There are people around and it's not abnormal for you to hear some mud trumpets from people lifting so I figure, what the fuck and I let it rip as I rise up. What came out was not air, but pure liquid with a gurgling sound and I immediately feel it running down my leg. I know there are people on equipment behind me and around me and here I am with white compression shorts that go down to almost my knee and grey shorts over them with butt gravy running down my leg. I'm sure someone had to notice as there were people waiting to work in and I had a full load on the bar and couldn't really assess the damage. I rack the weights and turn around to make sure there is nothing on the floor and see a nice brown stain on the visible part of the compression shorts and a nice streak on the back of my leg. I try to wipe my leg real quick with my hand towel and make my way through the gym to the mens locker room. From the free weights to the locker rooms is about 1000ft and down a flight of steps, through the cardio equipment (where all the chicks are) and past the front desk. This walk of shame was the most humiliating experience I've been through. I think I'm going to find another gym for awhile.
  6. NaTaS

    Browns plan 300 carries for Trent Richardson

    I'd say let's see how this year goes before we label him as an injury issue guy.
  7. NaTaS

    Never trust a fart...

    This certainly did happen to me. Love to see this scenario represented in a joke on the internet. Sure, sharting has happened to many people - this was my experience.
  8. I named my son Sebastian. Really liked that name since I was a teenager.
  9. NaTaS

    What Car Do You Drive?

    Mav your avatar threw me off. Jeez.
  10. NaTaS

    What Car Do You Drive?

    hahah, no. It looks like a moose, so it was a Canadian reference. I don't know how he drives in 5ft (1.5m) of snow everyday. I expect the ride in that gif is a little more appropriate .
  11. If she did hit him, you can add assault to that as well. I agree, she'll probably get nothing. To top it off, her dad is supposedly a police officer in a suburb of C-bus.
  12. Agreed. He took preventative action in case something blew up. I have no problem with that, it was just a suspension. It's not like they revoked his scholarship or banned him. It was level headed. Now if this woman's assault claim really does turn out to be false, to hell with her. She needs to be jailed.
  13. Eh, depends on your temperament. If you're facing away from someone and you get punched in the head some people's first reaction would be to turn to strike. Factor in drinking - no idea if he was, and if he was, how much he had - but alcohol has a way of swinging those emotions around. You're right, sounds like he did the right thing. Just a minor correction: He wasn't kicked off the team, he was suspended. As far as the original question, we were speaking hypothetically. You said: "So punishing a player for assaulting someone is a bad thing?" My point is that if the team doesn't have all the information, punishing a player preemptively is overboard in most cases. But yes, so far no real impact except maybe a hit to his pride.
  14. Best division in the league is going to be top heavy. The AFCN looks good with the defending SB Champs (Yuck), the up and coming Bengals and the always solid Steelers. The NFCW looks good because of the ridiculous talent the Seahawks and 9ers have and the Rams look like they will make some noise. That said, I think, as Rz mentioned, the NFCS may very well be the most well rounded division. I think the Saints will be back in contention with SP back, the elite level Falcons are very talented on both sides of the ball, the Panthers have a good shot at winning record and Tampa if their offense plays like they did at the end of last year, and if their defense steps up figures to be right in the thick of things with the rest of the division.
  15. BE will contribute if he's healthy. He doesn't have great hands (read bricks), but he runs good routes and can get open. Depending on who is throwing him the ball, I can see him having a --relatively-- ok season - 50 receptions, 600 yards and 5 TDs.
  16. NaTaS

    Tom Brady's Best Friend

    http://www.funnyordi...y-s-best-friend "I call him Tommy" "Shady Brady" "Tom-a-to" "Tommy Salami"
  17. NaTaS

    Elite Member Voting

    You have a superb football IQ and bring a lot of great stuff to the board. I've been here since '07 and you're definitely one of my favorite TGP posters to read. Keep it up, you'll have your day .
  18. NaTaS

    What Car Do You Drive?

    I thought it would be more like this
  19. Punishing a player before having all the facts would be. Certainly if the player is guilty of assault he should be punished, I don't think anyone would argue that. Woman punches him in the head and if he showed restraint, that is pretty cool. It would be difficult to be drinking, get punched, and not react out of defense.
  20. NaTaS

    Will Aaron Rogers Pony Up?

    Damn right we need more real news. Training camp starts soon! FWIW, it looks like the author of the article is wrong. Here is the tweet A-Rod supposedly deleted. https://twitter.com/...814847518572544
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