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  1. Finally caught up. Best season yet. Happy birthday Stevo. You'll be able to drive soon.
  2. Love the ending. Way to callback the last installment
  3. Just so I'm clear. You don't think a person has rights unless they are bestowed by a governmental body? That's kinda against what a human right actually is. They are rights that you have just because you exist as a human. That's why the UN (regardless of how effective the organization is) goes into countries that are infringing on people's rights in a horrific manner as matter of enforcing international law. edit I think we agree that one of the highest functions of a government would be protecting the rights in question. Protecting individual rights, and ensuring they are not infringed upon by another individual or entity is one of the main reasons we give government it's power, at least ideally.
  4. My argument does not apply to your scenario as involves harm to another. Life, LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT of HAPPINESS are the inalienable rights set forth in one of our most important government documents. The use of substances if you choose to falls under both of those capitalized rights. We surrender parts of our rights but the government does not give them to you. You are born with them and we chose to surrender them in generations past. If we desire them back, as a state or nation, they are ours.
  5. I know I'm way behind, but this was fantastic.
  6. GA_Eagle

    What are you reading???

    Any good? Saw the movie, I think it was Danish? Was pretty awesome.
  7. Lol. Everyone knows women aren't human.
  8. Negative. We've surrendered our rights in the name of many things: safety, morality etc. The government does not grant rights though. They are inherent in your birth.
  9. It falls under the same inalienable right to live my life as I please.
  10. This has nothing to do with actions that may harm others though. Just as in your free speech example; if I use speech to incite a riot, I shall be punished.So too will I be punished if using any substance in a manner that would be a potential threat to someone's health or property.
  11. It's my fundamental right to act as I please barring any sort of injury to another and face the consequences in my personal life as a result. The government should not be in the business of protecting me (or anyone )from myself.
  12. How is it not a human right? If no one is being hurt but the user, it is indeed a right. We have just been denied rights in the name of morality for so long that we don't recognize them anymore.
  13. GA_Eagle

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I know I'm late to the party but I've been too busy playing Fallout 4 to comment. I never played 1 or 2 so I never got the hate for 3. I did play NV though and liked the atmosphere and the way it worked but hit a major bug and gave up on it because I couldn't finish the way I wanted to. Shoulda saved more.. Anyway, I think the game could use more options to finish quests, like Thanatos said but I'm in no way disliking the game. Its no surprise since it is really the successor to 3 and not NV, in that Bethesda did all the development for it instead of Obsidian. I'm kinda hoping Obsidian gets another crack at the universe.
  14. GA_Eagle

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    I think most of those that like it think that that was one of the drawbacks. It seems to be the biggest criticism that consistently pops up. So I would say most that like it, like it in spite of that not because of it.
  15. GA_Eagle

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    Should change the thread name to Force Awakens Discussion though. Edit: not that there are a bunch of people that would wander in not knowing though so whatever...
  16. GA_Eagle

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    I was actually having a similar thought about the nostalgia and was trying to remember how I felt after coming out of The Phantom Menace for the first time, but couldn't. That is still my favorite of the three prequels even if it is flawed. I think I will rank this one higher than all of the prequels after the come down, and probably higher than Jedi because ewoks, but time will tell.
  17. GA_Eagle

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    Agree with Osu above. Thought Driver was awesome as Ren.
  18. GA_Eagle

    Matt Ryan is overwhelmed

    McNabb too.
  19. Big hero 6? Edit: nvm not pixar
  20. GA_Eagle

    The Johnny Manziel thread

    It sounds like he's a problem alcoholic if he's going into rehab. Those people cannot drink in moderation in most (if not all) cases Chern. However, the Browns have to understand that releases happen with alcoholics and they chose to support this guy so it had to be at least a little expected.
  21. GA_Eagle

    TGP Primary Poll: Republicans

    So President Hillary Clinton is nearly a guarantee any way you slice it. Yech. There isn't a candidate in the GOP that will beat her, imo.
  22. GA_Eagle

    The Superhero Thread

    I've said this here before, but AoS is really good. Agree that the first whole season was meh at best but it turned a corner somewhere in the second season and has gotten steadily better.
  23. GA_Eagle

    Who stays unbeaten the longest?

    Yea, that was my thinking behind predicting them to be the last undefeated, Oochy. Thought that schedule lined up for them to have only easy games until the very end of the season.
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