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  1. Taking Woodstock. Typical Ang Lee fare, by that I mean a gay coming of age story, centered around the months leading up to Woodstock. Not bad, but wish it was a little more soundtrack heavy.
  2. GA_Eagle

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Anyone else playing (played) The Outer Worlds? I started it a bit ago and it’s pretty damn good. Also, hi.
  3. GA_Eagle

    How Many Games Will The Eagles Win?

    This thread is fun to read from the beginning.
  4. GA_Eagle

    How many games does your team win this year?

    Yea. Im in unfamiliar territory. I realize your post is tongue in cheek but it is weird feeling this optimistic before the season. Usually Im really cautious about expectations as a defense mechanism. I just dont give a shit at this point. Eagles win all the games! 82-0! Prestige World-wide!!! Old Jokes!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!
  5. GA_Eagle

    The Superhero Thread

    Idk what the fuck is happening half the time but I enjoy every second of it.
  6. GA_Eagle

    The Superhero Thread

    Legion is one of my favorite shows right now.
  7. GA_Eagle

    Your Favorite Vocalist

    Not sure exactly, I have a range of people I like for different reasons. Ill shout out to Bill Withers for a male and Allison Krause for a female vocalist
  8. GA_Eagle

    Trump Regime thread.

    I dont think more armed people/teachers necessarily would change the target location. Mass shooters are usually not planning on survival so the presence of armed people on scene just changes the type of planning. Targeting schools is popular because of the headlines created and many of these attackers have personal ties to the school. Older shooters tend to pick different locales, it seems. More guns in schools is a bad idea. Their will be inadvertent or accidental shootings. At some point, a student will gain access to a gun in a state of agitation. There are a lot of potential issues I could see with just a little thought.
  9. GA_Eagle

    "Things You Hate" Thread

    Thats a thing?
  10. GA_Eagle

    Vikings @ Eagles

    Meh. Not sure if saying someone sounds snowflakey is the same as getting offended. Then again, could missed a SB conversation. I think the media likes to play up the obnoxious Eagles fan stereotype while ignoring in other fanbases, but Id be hard pressed to say there isnt a greater contingent of... people that lack control/ asshats etc than in most fanbases. Still think its the minority of the fan base though, as it is for most fanbases.
  11. GA_Eagle

    How it Happened: From a Numb Fan's Perspective

    I really dislike Payton. I WAS kinda bad rooting for them though so we could play a team I actively dislike. This Vikings team is likeable and feels like a team of destiny. That finish was amazing
  12. GA_Eagle

    Favorite announcers?

    Romo is awesome, gonna miss Gruden. Collinsworth bugs me to no end.
  13. GA_Eagle

    Podcast Suggestions?

    I like revisionist history with Malcom Gladwell. Hes often got a very liberal stance on topics but the way he presents his info is pretty cool. I like the McDonalds fries episode a lot.
  14. GA_Eagle

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    True. He did die though. Wicket lives to make two made for TV movies.
  15. GA_Eagle

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    Return of the Jedi is ridiculous in a bunch of parts. There are decent parts but the moon of Endor stuff is terrible. Leias story arc kinda sucks. Shes a bad ass and ends up lovestruck and mooning through the woods with living teddy bears. Those teddy bears somehow beat the imperials with sticks and rocks. Han kinda becomes a side note too. The good stuff... it starts good. I like the Jabbas palace scene a lot. Lukes story is pretty good. Idk, Its a watchable movie and not the worst by any means but nostalgia amps it up for most people, IMO. Edit: forgot about Tarzan yelling Chewie.
  16. GA_Eagle

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    Youve seen Return of the Jedi as an adult and think it holds up?
  17. GA_Eagle

    Raiders @ Eagles

    Its kinda like dumb and dumber. So Youre saying theres a chance and all that. Its tough to separate the fan from the fanatic. I dont think they have a win in them against any nfc playoff teams but I hope hope for the best
  18. GA_Eagle

    Raiders @ Eagles

    Frauds? Dont troll little guy. We all know this isnt the same team that won the first 11. No need to rub it in. The season is a success regardless of any result from here as they passed all my (and everyones) expectations going into it. Too bad (for you) the same cannot be said for the very disappointing Raiders.
  19. GA_Eagle

    Hey Lack Of Feel

    Happy Birthday
  20. GA_Eagle

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    Revenge of the Sith and Attack of the clones make me cringe far worse than Phantom Menace. Outside of some cool individual scenes they are both god awful. Clones is so convoluted and there is a Tom and Jerry conveyor belt scene. It also basically looks like video game for 1/3rd if the movie. Sith is fan servicey, completely botched the Vader reveal, and outside of the Obi Wan and Anakin fight is nonsense from start to finish Padme goes from kind of okay to terrible over the three movies. Phantom Menace is the best of them but that doesnt mean its awesome either. Its hokey and fan servicey too, and introduces force baby Anakin and the medichlorians, which is kind of stupid too. Jar jar sucks, everyone gets that but he was obviously for the kids and it wasnt that out of character for Lucas, or Star Wars it was just kicked up a notch. It did treat most of its characters with respect. It had no one named Dooku in it and the plot was told in as comprehensible a way as possible. Btw I cant really watch any of them so I think theyre all really bad. Its like arguing about the best kick in the nuts youve ever had was.
  21. GA_Eagle

    Week 12 Reaction

    I am a bit older and have been burned maybe a little bit more than most of the other Eagles fans here, so I may tend to be a bit more cautious, but this team is like nothing I can remember seeing. They are ridiculously consistent. Im starting to buy the hype. I do think the road trip coming up is the best chance for a loss in the remaining schedule but if I was forced to bet, I would take the Eagles in each of the games. There a few teams playing really good football in the NFC and I think another team thats going to add to the glut is the Falcons. If they put it all together they will be very very good. They are starting to get comfortable with their new OC and are producing again.
  22. GA_Eagle

    Eagles @ Cowboys

    Not sure. This officiating team has been overly forgiving on a lot of calls tonight, it seems. This is the same team from the Carolina game that caused an uproar. This game escalated really quickly.
  23. GA_Eagle

    Trump Regime thread.

    I mean, why is it ok to say anything?
  24. GA_Eagle

    Pour a forty out for our homie

    Im sorry, Zack. Hope Blue is on the mend.
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