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  1. Armageddon Eagle

    How to Survive ...and Gain Respect in ...

    Wishing Everyone Good Health and a Happy Holiday Season My record speaks for it self - I've never had a detrimental word for anyone during my tenure as TGP Global Moderator (I challenge anyone to prove differently). However, while I'm not surprised that this thread is still alive, there are far too many loose cannons, that need to re-read the contents of this thread (from post # 1 to the post I'm currently creating). There are really some pathetic posters that seem to build their dysfunctional reputations on insults (they seem to be crying-out to get on a "bucket" list); but no names, because trust me ...they know who they are. On the other there are some really classy Moderators here (certainly not all of them) who personify Respect and decent posting characteristics. I can accept any critiism for not using profane languages or trying to be one way today, and then morph into Mr. popular at someone eles's expense tomorrow. One poster specifically (no name - they know who it is), has multiple behavioral health personality issues (they believe they are popular and that they have a following, yet in reality they are being viewed as somemone who need serious help; and I hope they are either receiving medication or some other form of recovery assistance). Think about it, anyone that has been clinically trained can clearly singler out how they are compulsively trying to lower people while obviously using TGP as a means of compensating their own idiosyncrasies. I really like TGP otherwise, but you really have a couple of cancers that have destructive qualities. Cleanup time Gentlemen! Stay well - or get well. AE
  2. Very few here know anything about the concept of Respect. Some of you talk a good game, but you're fronting (meaning that you are not really walking the talk); don't act like you don't know what I'm saying! Your foul mouths are indicative of low self esteem and uncaring disply for those who do not need strong filthy language to communicate. You disrespect yourselves and all of your so called friends on the site by bringing down the integrity of TGP. People have been killed in the name of "disrespect." If disrespect can equal death; shouldn't Respect at least create an equal playing field for those who choose to follow its concepts? Respect can improve how you are viewed by others, both here and in life. That's part of the reason football 2011 is about to get rolling again!
  3. Armageddon Eagle

    Eagles first in line to sign Plaxico Burress?

    I'm totally buying into the notion that we acqiure Plaxico for several reasons. I think the Egles impressed NFL nation by giving Michael Vick another opportunity to demonstrate that he paid his dues to society and moved on with his NFL career. Acquiring Plaxico can only improve upon that reputation to give players another shot (no pun intended). Lock the deal!
  4. Armageddon Eagle

    Chuck Bednarik In Hospital

    Chuck is in his eighties by now, and what a humongous champion he has been for the Philadelphia Eagles, and the NFL! I'm sending some prayers upstairs for his recovery. Get well Mr. Bednarik.
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