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  1. SteVo

    Week 12

    Are the Saints more vulnerable than we think because of their defense? Is the Patriots offense good enough to win in January? Are there any good teams besides SF and BAL? Should we cancel the league?
  2. SteVo

    Week 9

    We got a firm answer to the "Can anyone challenge the Pats in the AFC?" question.
  3. Just happened to be pondering this with the Eagles, thought I'd throw it out there for everyone. It's fun to think about. Stone cold locks: Jason Peters, Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Fletcher Cox Looking good, but not a lock: Jason Kelce, Brandon Graham On track, but still young: Carson Wentz Possible, but probably not: Malcolm Jenkins
  4. SteVo

    Disney buys LucasFilm

    They didn't rush the final season--it took them two years to produce it. The rushed pace was just a bad decision. Bad writing. What a fall from grace for D&D. Has any show ever fallen so far in its final season?
  5. SteVo

    Trump Regime thread.

    Sanders/Gabbard would be unstoppable alright. For Trump.
  6. SteVo

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    Watched El Camino last night. As an epilogue to Breaking Bad, it was absolutely perfect. Loved it. MAJOR SPOILERS DO NOT CLICK
  7. SteVo

    17-Game schedule. Let's go.

    Odd-numbered games FTL.
  8. SteVo

    Trump Regime thread.

    They will impeach him, but McConnell probably won't even let it go to trial in the Senate. If he does, it'll be because there's zero chance they get a supermajority vote to remove from office, and he will try to market it as a defeat for Democrats before the general election. And re: the poll F4E posted, I'm really glad to see Yang surging. Need more discussion with him. Need more talk about UBI. Not saying I support it or don't, but we need to have conversations about it.
  9. SteVo

    Week 3

    Just way too many unforced errors was the issue with Detroit, but the roster has its share of problems. No WRs/TEs/ who can create separation outside of Ertz and Desean. DL has not gotten pressure on opposing QB Secondary is dreadful outside of Jenkins
  10. SteVo

    Week 3

    The problem is none of our (healthy) receivers can create separation. So that sounds like a good idea if the Packers are playing zone coverage. But if they're playing man, we are going to struggle. Plus, you've got the whole road game on a Thursday thing. Stars are not aligning for the Eagles.
  11. SteVo

    Week 3

    This Eagles season has fallen slightly short of my expectations, to this point.
  12. SteVo

    Week 2

    It's totally fair to be skeptical about the Eagles. If we avoid major injury I'm still confident they'll have a great year, but they have yet to hit their stride. Dallas has looked great, albeit against bad teams.
  13. SteVo

    Week 2

    Lamar Jackson is really good. Pat Mahomes is decent. The NFC South is a bit of a mess. With Brees hurt, it's a division full of mediocrity. Kyler Murray is fun to watch. Everyone who instantly labeled him a bust (myself included) is backing off, and rightfully so. The Patriots are going 16-0, aren't they? The Dolphins are going 0-16, aren't they? Eagles need to stop with the slow starts, but they also need to stop with the injuries. The Packers are an elite team again, I think.
  14. Another big wild card on the Eagles is Darren Sproles. He probably doesn't get in, I know, but his stats are crazy. He's about to pass fucking Tim Brown in all-purpose yards.
  15. SteVo

    Week 1

    After a bad first three quarters, Kyler Murray sure looked like the real deal. Man, the Dolphins are going to be bad this season, aren't they? I think 0-16 is plausible at this point. Chiefs and Patriots picking up where they left off. Feel so bad for Nick Foles. Dak Prescott contract in 3...2... Don't know what the Eagles were doing in the first half but they woke up and looked great in the second half. I think Dan Quinn is maybe on the hot seat. The Falcons have been an average team since losing SB51.
  16. I love the idea of building up the O-line first. But if the Dolphins love a QB in the draft and are in position to take one, you have to pull the trigger. You can always just start poor Rosen and save Tua/whoever until the OL is up to par.
  17. How could they not draft a QB in 2020? If it were a bad year I get it, but between Tua, Herbert, and Fromm, one of them has to be a Dolphin, no?
  18. SteVo

    Andrew Luck retires

    The damage was done, I think.
  19. SteVo

    Andrew Luck retires

    Warning to other teams: do not forsake offensive line when trying to build a championship franchise. Ryan Grigson is a fucking loser.
  20. SteVo

    The 18-Game Schedule

    WIth CBA negotiations supposedly underway, it seems like the idea of an 18-game schedule is gaining steam. So, what say you, TGP? Personally, I've had an idea in my head for a while that I think is a nice compromise that keeps everyone happy. It is: a 16-game, 18-week schedule where each team gets two bye weeks. Players win because the extra bye week gives added rest and should, in theory, help with injuries. Owners win because an extra weekend of football means more money (this is a win for players also). Fans win because it's an extra Sunday of football. Discuss!
  21. SteVo

    The 18-Game Schedule

    I respectfully disagree. It failed in 1993 for two main reasons: 1) bye weeks scheduled too closely together, and 2) more byes mean fewer games, so fans were getting stuck with bad games on TV. Problem #1 can be fixed by the schedule-makers, I have no doubt. Problem #2 is eased by fixing problem #1, but it's mostly solved by the huge wild card that wasn't available in 1993: RedZone. I don't think fans would be stuck in the same situation.
  22. MVP: Carson Wentz. Duh. OPOY: Carson Wentz. Duh. The Eagles have too many weapons on offense, so no one person (at a skill position) will have an astronomical year statistically. DPOY: Fletcher Cox. A few other options, but Cox is the clear favorite. CBPOY: Darren Sproles. Not really any contenders here. OROY: Miles Sanders. Duh. DROY: Shareef Miller. He was our only draft pick on defense.
  23. SteVo

    Historical QB Rankings

    It's pretty close to a 1a/1b situation, but honestly the main reason is my feelings toward Belichick. I love Bill Walsh, but Belichick is light years ahead of him in an era where it's so much harder to gain an edge. Montana would have 10 rings with Belichick. (That's an exaggeration to drive home my point; forgive the logical fallacy.)
  24. SteVo

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Warren or Harris will be the nominee for sure, and some of y'all are gonna be butthurt out the ass. Can either one beat Trump? I honestly don't know.
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