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  1. Colts hired Eagles director of player personnel Ryan Grigson as their next GM.

    Grigson, an Indiana native who starred at Purdue before being drafted by the Bengals in 1995, had emerged as the front-runner among seven candidates for the job. Highly regarded in the scouting community, Grigson was the runner-up to Howie Roseman for the Eagles GM job in 2010. Owner Jim Irsay has said that he will make the call on Peyton Manning's future, so the 39-year-old Grigson will be off the hook on that franchise-defining decision.

    Source: Adam Schefter on Twitter

  2. ESPN Dallas' Todd Archer suggests that the Cowboys may make a run at free agent LG Carl Nicks this offseason.

    Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a history of spending big on guards (Leonard Davis, Kyle Kosier, Marco Rivera), and new Dallas OL coach Bill Callahan was Nebraska's head coach when Nicks was a Cornhusker. Nicks turns 27 in May. He was a second-team All-Pro selection in 2010 and first-team All-Pro in 2011.

    Source: ESPN Dallas

  3. That's what happens with all of his empty promises and guarantees...


    "We are going to the Super Bowl"


    and then miss the playoffs....


    The team has lost trust, and faith in their head coach. And it's not like they are wrong about Sanchez. The sooner Rex stops coddling Sanchez, the quicker they can begin to heal.




    I guess that loud-mouthed style of leadership doesn't work for an NFL head coach if you can't deliver on your promises.

  4. You create a board based on BPA, eliminating positions you absolutely don't need in that round. For example, the Steelers would create their board without QBs, TEs, DEs, or RBs and then draft the BPA at any of the other positions. If there is a huge need at one position over another and their positions on your board are close, then it becomes a decision of need vs. absolute BPA.


    This. You pick the best player available not counting positions where you absolutely do not need rookies.

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  5. If the Jaguars are committed to making Blaine Gabbert a franchise quarterback, Chudzinski has to be their guy, IMO. The man made Derek Anderson look like a Pro Bowler, for fuck's sake.

  6. I kinda like this scenario because no matter the outcome, you can make a legitimate stab at the BCS. If LSU wins, then the rematch seems pointless and everybody will be crying for LSU/Oklahoma State; if Alabama wins, then people will be wondering why LSU bothered to win the first game if "every game counts."


    BCS chaos theory aside, I'm just hoping for a good football game. I'll agree with Trident in that it won't be quite as low-scoring as round one, but still a defensive battle.


    LSU 20

    Alabama 16

  7. I know Tebow gets all the media hype but how about D-Thomas folks? 4 catches for 204 yards is ridiculous. Tebow made a good pass and took advantage of a terrible Steelers formation but the rest was on Thomas and his speed, determination and strength.


    I'm glad somebody else noticed. Though you could attribute his monster stats to Ike Taylor having a really bad night, Thomas is undeniably gifted physically. He'll be one to keep an eye on next year, and Broncos fans have to feel good about him right now.

  8. Certainly understandable. Being fired is a very humble experience. I'm guessing Spags still wants to be a successful head coach in this league, so maybe he thinks after a year off he'll get some interviews next offseason.


    No NO NO NO. He needs to join the Saints as a defensive line coach and teach our guys how to get after the QB instead of standing around.


    Keep dreaming. No way a guy like Spagnuolo is ever anything less than a defensive coordinator in the NFL.

  9. I was a bit iffy on Kuechly, but since you speak so highly of him, I'm all for it, DMac. Unfortunately (and as Sean mentioned), the Eagles don't draft linebackers in the first round very often. Though I'd say it's more likely this draft than any other in recent memory, so you never know.

  10. Which is why Ike Taylor is simply having an off game. I guess he's bad all of a sudden.


    Anybody's capable of having an off-day. It's just a much bigger deal when it happens in the playoffs, for obvious reasons.

  11. Very few players drafted in the top 3 ever do. Seriously, outside of Peyton Manning, can you any QB drafted that high has lived up to that billing?


    Michael Vick :troll:



    Okay seriously, John Elway? Or are you just talking about more recently, like the last 10-15 years or so?

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