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  1. Corner is definitely our biggest weakness, and honestly it's not a big one. As Williamson pointed out, Hanson is a good nickel corner and Lindley and Patterson provide depth (Lindley may become a starter someday). Adding a corner like Joseph through free agency would be ideal. It would really shore up the entire defense. Draft an O-linemen 23rd overall and we're set, really.


    I still don't want Mikell to leave, though. :(

  2. The decertified NFL Players Association is considering creating an alternative event in New York for top prospects to attend in lieu of the NFL Draft.

    Instead of shaking the hand of commissioner Roger Goodell on stage, the early first-round picks would greet their new teammates in a show of solidarity. Agent Drew Rosenhaus is already advising his top prospects not to attend the draft. Goodell has assured that the draft will go on without the presence of top draft picks.

    Source: SI.com


    And the hits just keep on coming.

  3. NFL considers kickoffs at 35-yard line, touchbacks to 25-yard line

    Posted by Michael David Smith on March 16, 2011, 10:59 AM EDT


    Significant changes on kickoffs are coming to the NFL in 2011 if the NFL’s Competition Committee gets its way.


    Falcons President and Competition Committee Chairman Rich McKay revealed on a conference call with the media today that the Competition Committee is proposing a major modification of kickoffs, moving the kickoff back to the 35-yard line instead of the 30, and giving the receiving team the ball at the 25-yard line, instead of the 20, if there’s a touchback.


    In other words, it will be easier for the kicker to boot the ball into the end zone, and there will be greater incentive for the return man to stay in the end zone instead of running it out.


    The Competition Committee is also proposing the elimination of all forms of the wedge block, including the two-man wedge, and requiring players on the kickoff team to line up between the 30-yard line and the 35-yard line. All of these changes, the Competition Committee believes, will cut down on injuries on kickoffs.


    “The injury rate on kickoffs remains a concern for us,†McKay said.


    One thing that will not change is what happens after a kickoff goes out of bounds: The Competition Committee’s proposal is still for the receiving team to get the ball on the 40-yard line.


    All Competition Committee proposals will be voted on by the owners at next week’s NFL Annual Meeting.





  4. Appearing on radio station KFAN 1130 in Minneapolis, free agent Randy Moss renewed his pitch to re-join the Patriots for the 2011 season.

    "If you ask me where my heart and where I'm happy is," said Moss. "I love Tom Brady and I love playing for coach Belichick." Moss also indicated that he "still has love" for Minnesota and "would love to come back" to the Vikings now that Brad Childress is gone. We can safely say that isn't happening, but it will be interesting to see if Belichick considers Moss at a bargain rate if the free agent fails to draw interest.

    Source: Mike Reiss on Twitter

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