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  1. Mathias

    Where Are We Now?

    Good lord, what the fuck is up guys? Like many of you all we grew up, I cant remember the last time I logged in here, I honestly and offer an apology to you guys, I forgot about this website. It doesnt cross my mind anymore but thats more to do with life catching up to me. Where is everyone at now? I failed my polygraph test for US Customs, too honest, I passed the initial test but after the hiring agency looked at my application and compared it to my poly, I admitted to using steroids in my poly but completely forgot to include it on my application. My fault, but life plays itself out, I got a barbacking job but in less than a year I am now the GM of 6 very successful bars in my hometown. We just opened up another bar, its a remodel and a collaboration with a very successful restauranter who owns the space. You guys might like it its called Dirty Sanchez (lol), its a hot dog joint during the day, night club at night, hot girls and all. I have every intention of investing within the company to become part owner, hopefully on our next project. So life is looking up! How are you guys?
  2. Mathias

    2016 Baseball Thread

    What kind of little bitch slides into second base late as fuck intentionally and tries to square up the second baseman and doesn't expect to get his clock straight cleaned the fuck out, little bitch? If that were boxing that motherfucker is going straight to the ropes and the fight is called off. Probably the cleanest punch ever landed in MLB history, btw. Bautista had it coming lmao
  3. Mathias

    Post a pic of yourself...

    Me and my lady last year vs. Atlanta..
  4. Mathias

    2016 NFL Draft Order

    Romo for all intensive purposes, is fucking old. He will be 36 next season, you draft Goff, sit his ass for a few years and let Romo pass the torch in 2-3 seasons. Terrance Williams is a big bag of meh, Dez at 50 percent was still being double teamed all game because of our outside options at WR, Treadwell could open it up more for him.
  5. Mathias

    2016 NFL Draft Order

    Goff is the pick for the Cowboys. I don't have any interest in PLynch. Assuming Goff isn't there, I entertain trading back a few spots and going WR Treadwell instead.
  6. Mathias

    Who Wins The East?

    Who is winning this hilariously terrible division?
  7. Mathias

    2015 MLB Season Thread

  8. Mathias

    Cowboys Replace Murray With McFadden

    McFadden is guaranteed $200K. Murray, about $20 million more than that. lolEagles
  9. Mathias

    Dallas Won't Sign Anybody!

    I think a Randle/Draft RB can be more than serviceable behind our line. Randle averaged 4.8 yards per carry and looked damn good every time he had the ball. I trust in Stephen.
  10. Coach of The Year. Don't care what anybody says.
  11. 49ers weren't and aren't ever winning SHIT with Colin Kaepernick under center. Or lack thereof. What does he do?
  12. Mathias

    The good news thread

    Passed my oral board for Border Patrol this morning!!! It was the most intense, emotional thing I've ever done in my life. Just feeling very blessed right now.
  13. Mathias

    2014-15 NBA Season

    If this is the Chandler Parsons Dallas got...
  14. Mathias

    2014-15 NHL Season Thread

    Tyler Seguin named first star of the week by the NHL
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