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  1. BucD

    The bad news thread...

    Damn. So sorry, Vin. Losing a best friend is never easy. I have no doubt that you made his life that much better just being his buddy and he yours. Happy memories!
  2. BucD

    The Return of the Randomness Thread....

  3. BucD

    @BucD, Milla, and any other Bucs fans

    Hmmm... ...yep...still works...
  4. He and his "segments" or "bits" are completely cringeworthy. He'd be better off recording himself cupping O'Reilly's balls in the green room. I'd at least laugh at that for a brief second before throwing up my Chipotle.
  5. BucD

    Thanatos Safe Space

    Don't fret, Than. We can be shitty team buddies... STBs
  6. BucD

    Sueños y Aventuras en Colombia

    This is all awesome, Sarge. It sounds (and looks lol) like you're doing amazing down there. So happy for you!
  7. BucD

    Socal Walked From Mexico to Canada

    This is ridiculously awesome, Socal. Amazing pictures to boot. Any ideas or thoughts about doing something else along these lines?
  8. BucD

    What are you reading???

    A Confederacy of Dunces A comedy. The characters are utterly ridiculous especially the main character, Ignatius Reilly. Just over a hundred pages in so far, but it's pretty damn hysterical.
  9. BucD

    The Return of the Randomness Thread....

    lol uuhhh...what in the fuck? Weirdo old man Disturbing af imo irl
  10. https://twitter.com/filmthatdotcom/status/778628790192746498
  11. BucD

    I just realized...

    I have a TERRIBLE memory...especially when it comes to remembering names... I will definitely be checking this thread repeatedly to reminisce and laugh. Already laughing being reminded of FSU Blart...ty Razor...
  12. BucD

    The LmAoRams Thread

  13. BucD

    Post a pic of yourself...

    It's been awhile...not sure why it turned sideways...it was normal before uploading... Edit: nvm the sideways bit...when making the post, the preview had it sideway...
  14. lol - Him starting off as a healthy scratch and the "might not" part is a pretty big deal, no? Not starting him and having him sit could save his ass this year.
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