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  1. ...to make him the next HC via... @JeffDarlington: I'm told Jay Gruden & Redskins are currently working out the final details to make him team's new head coach. @RapSheet: If Jay Gruden finalizes a deal with the Redskins, a strong possibility is making Raheem Morris the DC. Kept on staff for a reason. @AlbertBreer: If Gruden does finalize a deal with the Redskins, I'm told there's a good chance Hue Jackson replaces him as Bengals offensive coordinator. EDIT: @JayGlazer: Jay Gruden has informed the Bengals that he has in fact been hired by the Redskins @AdamSchefter: Redskins will introduce Jay Gruden as their HC this afternoon, per sources. @JasonLaCanfora: Jim Haslett will remain the Redskins D coordinator in Washington, according to sources on Jay Gruden's new staff @AlbertBreer: With Jay Gruden in place, Hue Jackson will likely remain in Cincinnati as offensive coordinator. Won't go to Redskins, I'm told.
  2. BucD

    The bad news thread...

    Damn. So sorry, Vin. Losing a best friend is never easy. I have no doubt that you made his life that much better just being his buddy and he yours. Happy memories!
  3. BucD

    The Return of the Randomness Thread....

  4. BucD

    @BucD, Milla, and any other Bucs fans

    Hmmm... ...yep...still works...
  5. He and his "segments" or "bits" are completely cringeworthy. He'd be better off recording himself cupping O'Reilly's balls in the green room. I'd at least laugh at that for a brief second before throwing up my Chipotle.
  6. BucD

    Thanatos Safe Space

    Don't fret, Than. We can be shitty team buddies... STBs
  7. BucD

    Sueños y Aventuras en Colombia

    This is all awesome, Sarge. It sounds (and looks lol) like you're doing amazing down there. So happy for you!
  8. BucD

    Socal Walked From Mexico to Canada

    This is ridiculously awesome, Socal. Amazing pictures to boot. Any ideas or thoughts about doing something else along these lines?
  9. BucD

    What are you reading???

    A Confederacy of Dunces A comedy. The characters are utterly ridiculous especially the main character, Ignatius Reilly. Just over a hundred pages in so far, but it's pretty damn hysterical.
  10. BucD

    The Return of the Randomness Thread....

    lol uuhhh...what in the fuck? Weirdo old man Disturbing af imo irl
  11. https://twitter.com/filmthatdotcom/status/778628790192746498
  12. BucD

    I just realized...

    I have a TERRIBLE memory...especially when it comes to remembering names... I will definitely be checking this thread repeatedly to reminisce and laugh. Already laughing being reminded of FSU Blart...ty Razor...
  13. BucD

    The LmAoRams Thread

  14. BucD

    Post a pic of yourself...

    It's been awhile...not sure why it turned sideways...it was normal before uploading... Edit: nvm the sideways bit...when making the post, the preview had it sideway...
  15. lol - Him starting off as a healthy scratch and the "might not" part is a pretty big deal, no? Not starting him and having him sit could save his ass this year.
  16. I can't be bothered to find the tweet, but the person made a great point. Basically it was something along the lines of...we may not see Goff anytime soon, as it's Jeff Fisher's last card to play. Or, if things get worse, we could see Goff sooner rather than later.
  17. BucD

    Bucs lose Jacquies Smith for the season

    Hurts the rotation a bit, but Noah Spence has looks pretty good so far. He and Howard Jones are going to have to step it up that much more.
  18. It's pneumonia. A few days of antibiotics and she'll be fine. Media is being absolutely ridiculous as per the usual. Of course the crazies and conspiracy nuts are out in full force, too. I noticed today that HRC body double and doppelgänger have been trending at/near the top. I'm not much of a fan of hers, but this whole election keeps getting more and more ridiculous with every passing day. It's fucking sad.
  19. BucD

    The Return of the Randomness Thread....

  20. Is what is going in Aleppo, and the rest of Syria, a big deal? Oh, very much so. Daesh is a big deal, no doubt, but it unfortunately overshadows what is going on in Syria and leaves a large part of the general public ignorant on all of the terrible things that is/has been happening there for years now. I do feel that it is important for these people to be on top of things, but did he forget? Or did he truly not know? Not sure. That said, what official running for office doesn't have a couple gaffes throughout the process? For me, compared to all the straight up bullshit that we've heard from the other candidates (one in particular), it's a small blip in comparison. Should he be criticised for it? Yeah, a bit, but maybe after, we can use it as a stepping point to talk more about Aleppo and the shit going on there. We can also talk about Operation Inherent Resolve while we're at it which is another thing a large part of the public has no idea about. I could go on about other things a large part of the media loves to neglect, but that would probably be asking too much of them.
  21. BucD

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    Hmmm...so it ended well then...
  22. BucD

    Last TV Show You Watched?

    Almost halfway through season two of Penny Dreadful. Loving it.
  23. BucD

    Romo Out Indefinitely With Broken Bone in Back

    Depends on how well Dak is playing in that stretch. If Dak is playing phenomenally well, like he did in preseason, I'm rolling with him while lowkey celebrating in my office every damn day.
  24. BucD

    Minnesota trades for Sam Bradford.

    Wow. Pretty steep price for a temporary fix. Is a SB win the only thing that makes this worth it?
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