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  1. 13 minutes ago, Thanatos said:

    I do too, in a way. It was so much easier to just be the same as everyone around me, (my family is hardcore GOP and hardline religious). Pretend that everyone else was against us. 

    Honestly, kinda the dude's argument as well, lol. "It's not fair for us." 

    Just as an aside- not just liberals that think we pay way too much into the military. My dad thinks so, and so does my best friend. Both are conservatives in every way.

    Its not everyone. It liberals vs conservatives. So in reality it is conservatives versus conservatives.

    Youre just looking to shit on the guy and missing his point because of liberal biases. That is the old Thanatos I miss, he would have seen it, or at least attempted too. The guys argument is much broader. The argument isnt, shit on them too, or I did it so we all can. The idea behind it is that we should not be trying to legislate out poverty by killing incentives. What is the incentive for picking up that extra shift to help your kids out, when you can just let everyone else do it ? He was making her say that their will be no incentives to be had for people like him under Warren, and he is right.

    And liberals are the master of everyone is against us. they are always bitching about how they have been wronged and want the government to fix it. The GOP does it too, ALMOST as good as liberals.

    We do pay too much for the military, because the contracts go to people like Haliburton instead of letting the Army have its own R&D department. WE could have just as potent of a military without private citizens. The point was the military is what keeps the wolves outside the house. China and Russian know that combined they couldnt take the smoke. And its because of a military people want to downsize.

  2. 3 hours ago, seanbrock said:

     Here's my thing. Education is an investment in the future. It shouldn't be about fiscal responsibility.

    Also as far as the student loan bubble popping, the next economic collapse could be the straw the broke the camel's back for wwIII. What do ya'll think is going to happen when the US dollar starts to lose power to a country like say....China. My guess is nothing good.


    It should absolutely be about fiscal responsibility. Whose paying for it? Have they not done a cost benefit analysis of the benefits of doing it versus not? These are all things we should require adults to do. If it is not about fiscal responsibility why is it that high paying jobs are the most popular majors to go after ?

    Dude, Stop. Do you really live in that much fear that you think WW3 is right around the corner? Right now 1 Yuan is worth 14 cents. It would be an unparalleled economic collapse that would be roughly 2 times worse than the great depression. If that were to occur, China is our last problem. And all that military spending liberals bitch about is why you can rest easy Sean. Given the current state of china and Russian, Those 2 combined would not be enough to win. WW3 is not happening ANYTIME soon.

  3. 8 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    No its not. His argument is literally "I had to pay my kids way, so everyone else should always have to as well." In other words- diverting the trolley disrespects the people its already killed, to use the metaphor. What about parents who can't pay off their kids loans? What about kids who get suckered into loans they have no business going into? What about the fact that college is pushed a ridiculous deal in this country when it shouldn't be?

    That is not his argument. His argument is an EXTREMELY common one. The entire crux of it is why does the person who puts in work reap benefits that are equal to or less than someone who doesn’t.  

    He is asking why should he not get rewarded for doing the work but someone who doesn’t will get the same benefit (paid college) for none of the work.

    If parents can’t pay for the kids who are benefitting from the education the person who is benefitting from the education should. Are the kids getting suckered or being stupid? Again where are the parents to help them navigate these things? 

    Who are you to say how much college should be pushed? Do you not have a degree you are currently using? Or do they just let guys walk into a pharmacy and hand out scripts? I wish they would push trades more, I think it is every bit as valid a career path as anything. But to say college is over pushed is kind of dumb considering the benefits it can add to your life.


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  4. You missed what he is saying. There is no incentive to pay your own way or your kids if being fiscally irresponsible reaps more rewards.  That is the dude’s point. His argument is logically sound.

    colleges should be paid for by those who will benefit from it, not the taxpayers. now should the system be redone? sure. does that mean it should be free? No. 

    Warren is a Fucking idiot which is sad , because I used to be a fan.

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  5. This is who she really is. Not that I’m with her lady that people were saying if you didn’t vote for her it was only because you were a racist, misogynist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobe. This dumb, angry, bitter, cunt  is the real Hillary for those in the back.

  6. Dude that is fucking bomb. I’m super proud of you and I don’t even know you. This is the American dream. A young dumb kid with an obsession who is relentless. Look at you dude. So fucking stoked. This is why you NEVER listen when people say the American dream is dead. They are pathetic losers who try to keep others from realizing success. Good job dude. 

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  7. Not that you should trade long term mental health for a bronze bust, but does this hurt him for Canton? I have been wondering this lately about a lot of players, not specifically Luke.


    The Legends of the game have a long career. Its just how it has always been with few exceptions. Looking at the great linebackers in the hall like Ray, Bell, Lambert, Hamm, LT, Urlacher, and so on, they all had longevity. Although Bell only had 11 seasons, but it is still 3 more at just as high a level as Luke. The rest had longer careers.

    At his peak he was one of the best in the game, if not the best. You cant really deny that, but is it fair to wonder about his hall of fame credentials?

    Are we going to have to change the way we judge for the hall of fame and weight peak performance versus longevity? I think what made Ray Lewis as well as Urlacher (sort of) is that they were the best for a long time and Ray was a top 10 Linebacker for 2 decades, top 5 for half and probably number one for the other half. Urlacher fought injuries toward the end but he would have been the best int eh game if not for Ray.

    I know I would struggle giving him a hall of fame nod early. He certainly isnt first ballot, and I dont know if he would get in for a while. I can see the argument he shouldnt make it although Im not sure Im altogether with it.

    What do you guys think ?

  8. As to the climate change, I love how people act as though this is a surprise. I don’t know if anybody’s been paying attention to the climate but it has been changing severely over the last oh, I don’t know million or so years.

    Are humans contributing, absolutely. I’m all for green energy, for two reasons. One, it’s going to make me richer. Two , I think we should do it anyway on principle is to be better stewards of our environment. I’m not talking about writing bills in an office somewhere in Washington DC, I’m talking about highway cleanup crews, stricter regulations on drilling rigs, holding petroleum dealers to higher regulations, you know things that will actually make a difference. We live on this planet, and so far it is the only one we’ve got, we really need to start becoming better stewards of the planet.

    Humans as always find a way to screw things up and make them worse than when we started. The planet is no different. One of these days we’re actually going to be in a climate crisis where the next 10 years are looking even shakier than the 10 after, that’s the real tipping point. It’s going to be ugly, but we will deserve it. And if Cortes is the humanity’s one shot to fix it, we’re screwed already.

  9. 9 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    Uh, it was basically half and half. Because income inequality is also a big problem in the US. That was its stated goal: to address the twin issues of income inequality and climate change. Again, not saying she's perfect, but conservative news media scrutinizes every word out of her mouth in an attempt to paint her as dumb. Thus the constant snide references to her going back to bartending, as if she's incapable of doing anything else even were she to lose her seat somehow. 

    You can disagree with her policies all you like, I know I have a snowball's chance in hell of convincing you that the climate crisis is an emergency that has to be dealt with ASAP. I'm just saying she's most definitely not stupid.

    But she is dumb. So how does this sound to you, let’s hire displaced migrants to build the largest sweeping infrastructure change in a century? Whew, that’s awesome.

     Fuck the unions who are trained for this, or any sort of skilled labor, let’s go to tent city and hire our workforce. Yeah good plan, income inequality, those union guys sitting over there at the top of the heap of American society economically lol. Liberal sensibilities on business are pathetically stupid. 

    who does she think will build those? are those migrants going to get all the tools and capital necessary to go to the parts house to pick up your 100,000 dollar solar array? Of course not. Is the government going to turn into an electrical company, or will they contract it out?

     Of course they contract it out. so guys like me win big, I get the money to pay the union workers, or I hire these migrants who are untrained lol. I don’t  care I’ve got mine, it’s the union worker you screw.

     The fact she is of Latin  descent wouldn’t cloud that would it lol? she is a buffoon.

  10. 7 hours ago, Thanatos said:

    AOC is extremely sharp as a congresswoman, you're letting your hatred of the policies she espouses cloud your judgement of her IQ. Watch her questioning people in cross examination. The Green New Deal is a desperate attempt to stop climate change. It has to happen or something like it, or we are screwed six ways from Sunday.

    No she isn’t lol. Did you hear her butcher how unemployment is calculated? For someone who has an economics background she  sounded stupid as hell.

     As to the green new deal, you must not have read it. It was pathetic and pandering. I’m all for green energy because I own a company that would profit handsomely, but so little of it was about the actual environment. Most of it was about hiring displaced migrants or making sure whitey doesn’t get a bite of the apple, it was comical. 

    seriously, read it. it’s hilarious and horrifying. She is dumb.

  11. Dude AOC is so fucking stupid it’s mind Blowing. She literally knows absolutely nothing other than, “That’s Racist.” Her green new deal was a travesty of modern politics. I read the whole thing and came away with the impression she was the only politician stupider than Bush Jr. Talib Omar can get fucked too. 

    I don’t mind Pressley as much but she is still a tard sometimes.


  12. 3 hours ago, seanbrock said:


    I don't see her as being all that moderate to be honest. She's not as far left as Sanders but she's definitely one of his biggest allies if not his biggest ally in the Democratic party. I would actually go as far to say that Gabbard is by far the furthest left candidate aside from Sanders.

    Not to hear the left tell it. She is just another Republican. She is moderate though man. She has left views, but is not a PC, outrage culture pussy.

  13. Oh no, I’m not this man’s guru. I mean I wouldn’t mind getting a few more jogs in a week or what have you. He didn’t ask for help, and I have no intention of interjecting unsolicited help. 

    i was just wondering more about the psychology of overeating, and why people know better but can’t do better. Is it really as simple as they don’t want it? Is it laziness? I just dont understand it.

  14. So let me preface this with a few things. 

    1.) I honestly and truly mean no offense. 

    2.) I have never been more than 15% body fat and and am currently around 12, so I don't understand a great deal.

    3.) This is something that has become a hot button topic around our house and I feel as though I'm the one who is the dick (go figure, right?) That said I don't mean to be, and I want to know more.


    My family has a few big people which I never really paid attention to. I've just always known them for them and their weight has never really registered. I mean I knew, and I noticed it, but outside of that I never thought about it. Most of use are between 8 and 20% body fat, and always have been.

    Growing up I was always taught, "Food is fuel not fun." To me steak and asparagus or cauliflower is the shit. Easily my favorite and it is not terrible for you. My household eats pretty clean, and so does most of my family....exceeeept my brother. This is a recent thing, he has gotten obese and is becoming more and more depressed about it. 

    I have talked to him recently and it has struck me how bad it has gotten. Normally, my talks are more facts centered such as if your over 15% you're broaching that area of unhealthy and all the related diseases are going to take their toll left unchecked. Or everyday activities become harder on your body, why would you do that. Or the age ol' "It's as simple as a caloric deficit to lose it, and a balanced diet and exercise to maintain." 

    Then my son made friends with a kid whose a chunk, but is a cool kid. He spends a lot of time at our house. Well his parents came by as they have a couple times, and they are Biiiiiiiiig people. We are talking like 3 hundy big. Great, honest, hard working, salt of the earth people. We had a barbecue and some drinks. Now I'm not an Uber heavy drinker so I was having a few beers, and it was getting late. So we sent the boys to the home theatre and they watched some shit. 

    Me and my wife and this couple are out there talking and Jan makes a comment about my wife being able to shop anywhere for lingerie and clothes, and so on. Then it devolves into this reverse fat shaming shit where they're talking about how easy my wife and I got it. And it's all in jest, nothing personal, but then shit got weird. 

    He divulged he is a food addict, which I didn't really know what it was. I thought we all were food addicts since we needed it. That said, he knows his shit. He knows what to eat, when, how, recipes, I mean this dude knows his stuff. And we started talking about diet and it baffled him how easy it comes for me. I told him it was just a lifetime thing. I don't miss what I've never had.

    From the sounds he can't not eat shit food. He has alarms on his phone reminding him and things like that. Even with reminders he can't do it. I asked him why and shit got super weird. I mean this guy talks about food like people talk about sex. Talking about how the flavors meld and how food looks on the bread, or the steam off of it and just weird shit. 

    He has like a legitimate relationship with food. He knows how to eat but doesn't have the discipline for it. Has anyone had this problem? Did you beat it? If so, how? If not, does it matter to you?

  15. 21 minutes ago, PhilElliot said:

    you numbnuts, I was quoting what YOU  said, in bold. 

    I just explained how there is no o-fer. Say your SB match up now  and the score. I will beat you on both. 

    You have no knowledge. I am 20 years your senior and intellectually superior and wisdom filled in so many more ways. I picked the SB winner in august and will give exact score. Who gives a fuck about wildcard losers? Your Ravens will lose SB just like Thanos  Panthers  did. 


    Well obviously you don't care because you got them wrong lol. 

    You're Superbowl matchup is already fucked because of the Patriots. So no matter what you can't get it right.  I know, it sucks, but there is always therapy.

    How do you know you're 20 years my senior? From words written on a message board? Poppycock. It's all fake. You know nothing.

    Seriously, I can help you. Not on the therapy, or the having a micropenis in the transgender, gay unicorn dating pool, but with seeing the obvious signs that this is all fake, I can help you bro. Take my help you poor dolt, come get that education and wake up.

  16. 3 hours ago, PhilElliot said:

     I've called every game perfectly to this point.

    Ahhh no you haven't, we just went over this.

    You got every wildcard pick wrong, and you yourself admit you fucked up NE.

    I know it's fake. I'm just saying you suck at reading the signs. Like for the playoffs, you've got a big O'fer right now. You suck. I can help though, I've read the signs already, I just don't know if youre humble enough to accept the knowledge.

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