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    You a special
  2. Hey Sparty what where u saying again? Good seeing ya. See ya in another 5 years lmao

  3. We beat the Texans with no Mariota Lewan Walker or Conklin as well. Beat a divisional opponent missing That much playerd and we can talk then. Until then 26 Ls and got swept last yr Titans aint afraid or no pussycat lol

  4. Sparty works at a carwash. #PhilElliottBrainWASHEDHim

  5. 56AceInDaPlace

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    2-0 Lets go
  6. Dont listen to this guy below me.       V V V Titans coming from that Dub again kitties

  7. 56AceInDaPlace

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    What's up with the draft date for the league?
  8. 56AceInDaPlace

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Last 3 years has been good in ESPN id be in again
  9. 56AceInDaPlace

    Official 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Titans nailed it with this draft. Evans a day one starter and playmaker in the middle and then Landry?!? In the secound round. Had he not been hurt he would of been top 15 for sure. I liked the Safety in the 5th. He graded out alot higher than Fitzpatrick from Bama did but have the same make. Then we draft a good backup. Titans doing it big. Btw other picks I liked, DJ Clakr to the Jags, Griffin to the Seahawks as well. Kelly to the Rams. Underrated moves and I think those guys take the lg
  10. 56AceInDaPlace

    Best Player in the NFL: AFC South Wild Card

    +5 Marcus Mariota +4 Brandon Linder +3 Allen Robinson +2 Leonard Fournette +1 Brian Orakpo
  11. 56AceInDaPlace

    Best Player in the NFL: AFC South

    +6 Calais Campbell +5 Jalen Ramsey +4 Telvin Smith +3 AJ Bouye +2 Brandon Linder +1 Leonard Fournette +6 Marcus Mariota ( watch this yr ) +5 Delanie Walker +4 Taylor Lewan +3 Jack Conklin +2 Kevin Byard +1 Jurrell Casey +6 DeAndre Hopkins +5 JJ Watt +4 Jadaveon Clowney +3 Deshaun Watson +2 Mercilus +1 Lamar Miller +6 TY Hilton +5 Jabaal Sheard +4 Anthony Castonzo +3 Malik Hooker +2 Rashaan Melvin +1 Adam Viniteri
  12. 56AceInDaPlace

    Colts hire Frank Reich as HC

    Fuck. I was hoping they hired someone else. That's a great pickup. Too bad Luck is fucked.
  13. 56AceInDaPlace

    Best Player in the NFL: AFC North

    +6 Antonio Brown +5 Ben Roethlisberger +4 Le'Veon Bell +3 David DeCastro +2 Cam Heyward +1 Ryan Shazier +6 Justin Tucker +5 Terrell Suggs +4 Eric Weddle +3 Brandon Williams +2 Marshall Yanda +1 Marlon Humphrey +6 AJ Green +5 Geno Atkins +4 Carlos Dunlap +3 Tyler Eifert +2 Vontaze Burfict +1 Joe Mixon +6 Joe Thomas +5 Myles Garrett +4 Kevin Zeitler +3 Joel Bitonio +2 Jason McCourty +1 Josh Gordon
  14. 56AceInDaPlace

    Best Player in the NFL: AFC East

    +6 Tom Brady +5 Rob Gronkowski +4 Devin McCourty +3 Trey Flowers +2 Julian Edelman +1 Shaq Mason +6 Ndamukong Suh +5 Cameron Wake +4 Reshad Jones +3 Jarvis Landry +2 Mike Pouncey +1 Kiko Alonso +6 LeSean McCoy +5 Micah Hyde +4 Rich Incognito +3 Tre White (CB) +2 Kyle Williams +1 Preston Brown +6 Leonard Williams +5 Muhammad Wilkerson +4 Jamal Adams +3 Jermaine Kearse +2 Marcus Maye +1 Robby Anderson
  15. 56AceInDaPlace

    Cherry's 2018 Scouting Notebook: Nothing Stops This Train

    Idk if u have a profile on John Kelly but he Kamara 2.0 bet
  16. Butler should be a cheaper option for CB needy teams. Come to the Titans and reunite with Ryan Logan. We play the Patriots in Nashville next year too. Good time to get back at them.
  17. 56AceInDaPlace

    QB Chaos

    If Jackson played in a spread or West Coast scheme I think he could succeed. If he played in Jacksonville he would be pretty scary imo. Him and Fournette would be a deadly combo. Bortles is trash and he played decent this year. Jackson isn't a pure passer but he doesn't need to be. He just can't make bad throws all game or try to run every down. Even to this day Cam still has mechanical issues with footwork and ball placement but he succeeds still. If Cam can overcome not being a pure passer, Jackson can too imo. He's electric.
  18. 56AceInDaPlace

    QB Chaos

    Giants need to start my boy Webb. He could be a good qb if given the right scheme. Him and Goff are ballers.
  19. 56AceInDaPlace


    Than, how would u rate Steve Wilks as a HC? Do u feel he would be the best hire for us given his track record with your team?
  20. 56AceInDaPlace

    Favorite announcers?

    Gus Johnson and Tony Romo right now. When Gus was doing more NFL back when we had Chris Johnson, it was some of the best commentary I've heard. He's so hype and his "he's got get away from the cops speed" made me laugh about CJ. Tony Romo is so knowledgeable as well. He predicts what calls are made before they happen and he gives great insight on plays and players. Schemes and ideas. He made the right choice becoming a commentator. I see why they hired him. If both could call a game together it would just be entertaining in itself even if it was a boring game.
  21. 56AceInDaPlace

    2018 Coaching Carousel

    If he were to bring Flippo and Swartz with him that would be awesome. It's either Reich or Lafleur for me on whose left. I know we looking at Vrabel but honestly he doesn't have enough coaching experience yet IMO
  22. For me I would have to say Keith Bulluck. He was a star in primetime games and he was a great coverage linebacker. Having him cover Gronk this week would give us so much help on defense. If not him then Javon Kearse. Wouldn't care how they lined up just rush him Everytime and bring it at Brady
  23. 56AceInDaPlace

    Dear, Walrus Fuck

    It's because the Chiefs we're following the elite order of the NFL to blow the game they were up 21-3.. why else would the Chiefs do the dumbest thing ever? It was staged obviously. #PhilElliotToldMeSoFromMommiesBasementWithAWalkieTalkie
  24. 56AceInDaPlace

    Pentagon Footage of UFO Released

    Cats like bazooka Joe bubble gum. #PhilElliotToldMe
  25. 56AceInDaPlace

    Titans @ Chiefs

    Karma for the bullshit we had to go through the past couple of weeks. Some of the worst calls I've ever seen against us in that time frame. Chiefs will be aight lol We also had to come back down 21-3 so yes the Chiefs choked that game away. Up 18 no reason they should of lost
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