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  1. 56AceInDaPlace

    Crazy Off Season This Year

    Titans should resign Tanny. Henry and Conklin. They just released Dion Lewis clearing up 4 mill in cap. I'd release Delanie as well and clear up another 5 or 6 million. Those 2 cuts alone help us resign all 3 and still have money to sign free agents. Plus the draft.
  2. 56AceInDaPlace

    Super Bowl LIV Picks

  3. 56AceInDaPlace

    Calling all Big people.

    For people like that it comes down to mentality. People can do whatever they want if they trully WANT it. People want to progress in a job and work hard and grind? People want to save up and grab a 1k iPhone they been saving for?? It's the same with eating right and also working out. For me alot of people fall into the I like the idea of something but dont really want it THAT bad. For me I love food. I can eat all day everyday. I know gluttony would be the 1 of the 7 sins I'd probably fall under. However I adapted the mentality of reward vs excessive. Eat and workout well enough during a week and then having 2, 3 maybe 4 bad meals for reward. Don't completely cold turkey a habit but adjust accordingly. I got tired of feeling slow and out of shape that it pushed me to force change the habit of eating bad excessively. Some people need coaching and others can figure it out themselves I would ask you on a scale of 1 to 10 how impulsive is he with other habits? Spending, drinking, etc. Normally theres. A habitual relationship in between someones choices that make it harder to break vs making the change. For me my gym life effects into everything else. When I workout like scheduled, I do better in work. I'm motivated in other areas of my life. I'm more aggressive in taking down goals beyond the one habit of weakness.
  4. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 14

    Falcons Ravens Browns Packers Vikings Saints Jets Bucs Texans Chargers Titans Chiefs Cardinals Seahawks Eagles TB:43
  5. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 14

  6. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 13 , Thanksgiving

    Jets Titans Chiefs Eagles Packers Panthers Bucs Ravens Rams Chargers Browns Patriots Seahawks
  7. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 13 , Thanksgiving

    Bill's Saints Missed the first game I got it wrong anyways
  8. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 12

    Bucs Bill's Bears Steelers Browns Saints Raiders Seahawks Lions Titans Patriots 49ers Rams TB:45
  9. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 12

  10. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick'Em Week 11

    Jets Bucs Vikings Dolphins Colts Cowboys Panthers Ravens 49ers Eagles Raiders Rams Chiefs TB-59
  11. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick'Em Week 11

  12. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 10

    Bears Ravens Bill's Titans Saints Giants Bucs Dolphins Packers Rams Cowboys Seahawks TB:45
  13. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 10

  14. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 9

    Texans Bill's Titans Vikings Dolphins Eagles Colts Raiders Seahawks Browns Packers Ravens Cowboys TB-41
  15. 56AceInDaPlace

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 9

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