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  1. I said nothing of "going to war" with Libya.
  2. War Eagle714

    USFL Poised to become NFL Minor League?

    You tore my post apart about as much as Cutler tore the Green Bay secondary apart the other night. You just have to be "that guy" who won't stop with the "Yeah but..."
  3. War Eagle714

    USFL Poised to become NFL Minor League?

    Okay, well clearly you're the one person in this thread who is over-analyzing. I'm sorry you cannot grasp the concept of what I feel would make an NFL minor league work....but it's not even worth arguing because the leagues hasn't kicked off yet, it's NOT an official NFL minor league, and yes, all the points I made were on behalf of a hypothetical situation.
  4. Spoken like a true John Kerry disciple. Gotta love men in uniform who argue against going to war. What'd you enlist for the college money? All that shit about getting shot or having to tell a buddies wife that her husband is dead, (which is untrue b/c the Army doesn't permit information like that to be put out in any other manner than officially), all shit that is know when you take the oath....so stop trying to act like it's such a travesty for Soldiers to have to leave Garrison and do what they are trained to do.
  5. War Eagle714

    USFL Poised to become NFL Minor League?

    There's plenty of talented young guys NFL teams would prefer to take starting reps in games for a season or 2, as opposed to riding the pine. That coupled with the veterans who find themselves out of favor and the college stars who may never see the NFL game b/c they are best suited for the style of play...and I think you've got enough talent.
  6. I could be military, I could not be military, I could be prior service for all you know. Regardless of what you think, the fact is I wouldn't claim either way. It is a direct conflict for military personnel to parade around the internet and argue politics. Not saying it's illegal but is conduct unbecoming of a Soldier. The job of any SM is to support and defend the Commander-In-Chief; anything opposite is considered insubordination and depending on the severity, is punishable by UCMJ. My advice to you, stop throwing the fact you wear the uniform in people's faces, posting all these fucking pictures from Iraq all over the place, and trying to paint yourself as "Joe Patriot" on a football forum. A lot of people wear/have worn the uniform...but not everyone advertises it on the world wide web. It's been my experiences that the people who have all the "war stories" and then act like everyone else isn't shit or hasn't done shit...are the one's who are truly full of shit. I'm guessing your facebook page is full of photos of you on the FOB, hugging Haji...probably a couple of really "badass" photos of you up in the turret. Just knock that shit off and stop allowing the world to profile your dumbass. I don't have an ego, I have an opinion. Don't like it? Tough shit. I admit Islam, in it's true intentions, is a genuine religion that emphasizes peace, not war. Unfortunately it has been given a bad name by the extremists and anti-American groups who seek blood at all costs. I believe we haven't put the cap on terrorism coming out of the Middle East that we initially intended to and the wrong decisions are being made on Capitol Hill to scale back and tone down. This isn't about slaughtering Libya, it's about holding down the damn fort and clearing the streets; take back control. Do you doubt that our Government aims for control over the Middle East? If you do, then I'm sorry you're so naive.
  7. Bacile's video needs to be taken down, it's a massive conflict of interest...period. The Arab spring turns into the Arab winter...further proof that the "Golden Triangle" and surrounding areas are out of control but no matter, the Obama-lead White House will continue to scale the US back from the Middle East, downsize the military, and cut the defense budget by more than $110 Million. Makes a ton of sense.
  8. War Eagle714

    USFL Poised to become NFL Minor League?

    Yeah, that's the point of a minor league.
  9. War Eagle714

    USFL Poised to become NFL Minor League?

    Let's assume for a second that the USFL is an NFL recognized minor league. Wouldn't it be wise, if he's to remain a quarterback, for Tebow to be sent to the USFL in order to get starts and develop? It would certainly be a better option than standing on the Jets sideline and waiting for those half-a-dozen wildcat or QB draw plays per game. There's plenty of talent who fall out of favor with the NFL or just don't make the cut because of a bad camp or perhaps they're unprepared. Shit, a lot of guys just don't mesh well with the pro game and others end up in bad situations for their first few seasons. You think Plax, T.O., and Chad would rather stay at home right now? What if they could be on the field, playing Friday night football, for a league that is under direct eye of the NFL?
  10. What difference does that make? I'm not complaining about the fact liberals are always the first to hide behind the Bill of Rights, completely ignoring the consequences of "free speech". And yes, in this situation, a video which is being allowed to stand is creating absolute chaos in the Middle East but can't take it down because that would be a violation of everything that is the American way of life............despite the fact this little, YouTube Muslim warcry is costing us American lives.
  11. Americans are losing their lives because a YouTube video [predictably] sparked an outrage but yet the liberals are going to sit here and preach free speech? How about we lift up our skirts, grab our balls, and go take back control of all the consulates and embassy's that are being stampeded by out of control, extremist groups?? Good God this country has gone so soft over the last 3 1/2 years. American pride my ass... SMFH
  12. War Eagle714

    Get rid of the reputation system.

    I laugh at reputation systems as it's usually the same 1 or 2 douches who troll around and neg rep every single post of the person they disagree with.
  13. War Eagle714

    Unemployment Falls Only to 8.1%

    Wow, this topic is still going strong? I have to admit the subject has just taken a back seat to the fact the Middle East remains out of fucking control and the President doesn't acknowledge the problem for what it really is.
  14. War Eagle714

    Gold Diggers.

    Blame the athlete more than anyone. There's plenty of pre-marrriage, legal protection from ending up in the situation you're talking about...but these idiots fall so head over heels for these chicks that they fail to take advantage.
  15. War Eagle714

    USFL Poised to become NFL Minor League?

    The CFL is a slightly differently game, no doubt these guys are out of their element being way the hell up in Saskatchewan...and I would also argue there's a motivation problem. These guys end up in the CFL and they know it's pretty much over; no more hopes and dreams for NFL stardom. In an NFL minor league...much different scenario.
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