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  1. Kaep'tain

    Giants @ 49ers

    Time to trade CJ Beathard to the Browns for 5 first rounders.
  2. Kaep'tain

    Pats @ Broncos

  3. Kaep'tain

    Are Andrew Luck's days in Indy numbered?

    The only change that should be happening is ousting that druggie as the owner.
  4. Can I return livestrong stuff for him being a fraud? He should have to repay everyone who bought into his funding bullshit.
  5. Kaep'tain

    Police Question Crabtree

    I hope this isn't true. Doesn't seem like something Crabtree would do. Perhaps she confused him with Perrish Cox
  6. Kaep'tain

    Jags Hire Gus Bradley As New Head Coach

    A lot of teams run hybrid fronts in the NFL now. Should be interesting to see where they go with the #2 pick, they will have a choice of some great pass rushers.
  7. Kaep'tain

    Eagles hire Chip Kelly

    Why Do I have a feeling that comment was from LOLKiffin.
  8. Kaep'tain

    Cardinals hire Bruce Arians as HC

    as if the move wasn't bad enough already. Hire Arians and fire Horton. Good time for a NFC West fan
  9. Kaep'tain

    NHL off-season

    still kinda searching for to team
  10. Kaep'tain

    Browns Hire Michael Lombardi

    why? This seems like an awful hire. Lombardi got dirt on Banner?
  11. Kaep'tain

    NBA 2012 Regular Season Thread

    I don't know man its tough. The ownership is basically turning its back on the fans and its not like our players care what the record of the team is, as long as they look good.
  12. Kaep'tain

    Do you remember?

    HAHAHA @ Real Sex. I remember on a 8th grade field trip. We had like 3 people per hotel room and they teachers came busting into our rooms telling us not watch what was on (insert HBO channel) and sure enough it was real sex . I remember that black box too.
  13. Dang I hit neg on Packisback on accident, meant to hit + -_-
  14. Kaep'tain

    Eagles hire Chip Kelly

    Is he going to be calling the plays? If so that is already a major fail on his part. Maybe he can get Ray Horton, since for some retarded reason the Cardinals let him go for some awful DC.
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